Harare defies minister on housing co-ops


HARARE City Council has said it will not reverse its ban on housing co-operatives despite pronouncements by Small-to-Medium Enterprises minister Sithembiso Nyoni, who last week said the co-operatives remained legal and should continue developing housing stands.


Mayor Benard Manyenyeni said Harare was an authority on its own and had powers to decide how to conduct its business.

“We are not banning co-operatives from existence. The minister can register as many as her ministry wants, but we are not going to allocate them land,” he said.

SMALL and Medium Enterprises Development minister Sithembiso Nyoni addresssing vendors gathered at the main post office yesterday SMEs minister Sithembiso Nyoni

“How we deal with our land is our business. We have an obligation to ensure that standards are maintained and people are protected from unscrupulous land dealers and her ministry has its own obligation.”

Nyoni last week told a Press conference, attended by housing co-operative representatives, that the co-operatives remained legal and would continue to be registered by her ministry because there was no change in policy.

“I am in charge of co-operatives . . . I administer the Act and at the end of the day, I am the one in charge and if I do not pronounce a change that comes either through Parliament or Government Gazette, any utterances on that matter are null and void,” she said.

Nyoni said co-operatives have made a significant contribution to the economy and should, therefore, be promoted and supported by all sectors of the economy.

She was responding to earlier claims by Local Government deputy minister Christopher Mungosho, who announced a blanket ban on all housing co-operatives.

Chingosho announced last month that his ministry had banned all housing co-operatives and was now using Udcorp, a parastatal, to service land for housing development in a bid to protect desperate homeseekers from being swindled of their cash in shady land deals.


  1. Stembiso I supprised by tour utterances thats the problem when post ar given to people by appointments rather thatn by merit where one is an MP do you know how much people have suffered since these cooperatives came to play Billions of dollars of unsuspecting poor maids and gardners has been been swindiled by people like Zvandasara and Sigareti these people were arrested but realeased only to see them being appointed into the politibro after swindling $4,000,000.00usd from these poorly paid maids and gardners.

    Please give us a break BAN THESE COOPERATIVES I support Mr Manyemnyeni and the deputy minister for banning these cooperatives it was long overdue .

    Stembiso can you elaborate how unsuspecting members of cooperatives wait for 20 years to own a stand in Harare its pathetic

  2. I think she is beniffiting from the corruption.Her officers are the most corrupt in government. The ministry of local government should stand their ground because the land belongs to them. Pasi ne corruption.

  3. Where have you been madam Sthembiso when people were losing millions of dollars to the same cooperatives that you preside upon? Now suddenly the minister of land barons has sprung to life in defense of a rotten system. You should be ashamed of yourself and the rot that you have created over the years.

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