Harare City sued over $29 000


Former Harare City FC player, Peter Ngwenya has approached the High Court seeking to compel his erstwhile paymasters to pay him $29 085.


Ngwenya approached the High Court and filed his application last August after the Premier Soccer League club had allegedly reneged on its earlier promise to settle the issue following an arbitral award on May 22 last year.

It was, however, not made clear in court papers as to what the nature of the debt between the parties was, save to indicate that it emanated from a contractual agreement.

According to the court papers under case number HC7436/15, Harare City Football Club consented to the registration of the arbitral award in Ngwenya’s favour last October.

harare city

In a document dated October 16, 2015, titled Consent to registration of award, signed by Ngwenya and Harare City’s lawyers, both parties agreed the arbitral award would stand.

“Take notice that the respondent [Harare City Football Club], hereby, consents to the registration of the arbitral award by N Mukwehwa in favour of the applicant [Ngwenya] with no order as to costs,” read the consent document.

In his founding affidavit, Ngwenya said he was applying for a provisional order following his successful registration of the arbitral award.

“The applicant obtained an arbitral award in its favour on May 22 2015, which award is as follows.The amount due to the claimant is $27 700 plus 5% interest per annum, $1 385 minus any statutory deductions,” Ngwenya’s lawyers said.

“The respondent has neglected and/or refused to pay the said amount having defaulted in paying the first two instalments.”