Grace resumes rallies amid tension

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe today resumes her rallies to mobilise support for the heavily-divided Zanu PF, serving up the latest chapter in the party’s intriguing factional battles, with speculation she will push for the return of the women’s quota, which should see a woman being appointed Vice-President.


Thousands of Zanu PF supporters are expected to attend the Mazowe South rally today, local legislator Fortune Chasi confirmed yesterday.

“It’s just the First Lady coming to meet the people in Mazowe South constituency,” he said.

Firts-lady-Grace-Mugabe-greets-the-crowd-as-she-arrives-at--Mutambara-Mission-yesterday-1 FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe

“She is in my constituency. She will be coming to understand the issues affecting the community at Kanyemba Secondary School.”

Hurungwe East MP and Women’s League finance secretary Sarah Mahoka, who is believed to be organising the function, declined to give details of the rally.

But sources, who declined to be named, said Grace would try to pacify the rival party factions.

“A lot of things are happening now and seeing that this is her first rally, a lot is expected, particularly on the deep-rooted factionalism that is threatening to tear the party apart,” a senior member of the Women’s League said.

Zanu PF is now divided into two distinct factions, with one of them, dubbed Generation-40 (G40), reportedly aligned to Grace, and the other one linked to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

But both the First Lady and Mnangagwa have denied any links to any factions.

The Women’s League has been vocal in campaigning that at least one VP post be reserved for them and speculation is rife they are gunning for Mnangagwa’s post.

The rally follows the public undressing of Mnangagwa by Mahoka, who demanded he be open about his presidential ambitions, which his supporters were flaunting, yet he remained quiet.

Mnangagwa’s allies have reacted angrily to the jibe, demanding Mahoka be dragged to a disciplinary committee and this backdrop heightens tensions ahead of today’s meeting.

Suspended Mashonaland Central Zanu PF youth league boss Godfrey Tsenengamu said Mahoka violated the party’s constitution by issuing threats against the VP.

“It is our strongest view that Mahoka ought to be brought before the disciplinary processes of the party for insulting, disrespecting and undermining senior party leadership and fanning divisions and factionalism in the party by chanting a mythical and factional slogan,” Tsenengamu, who is the national co-ordinator of the little-known Save Zanu PF Campaign, said.

He and many others have been suspended from the party for fanning factionalism, a byword for backing Mnangagwa.

After a spirited push in the politburo by the VP’s backers, the Wednesday meeting resolved to invite those facing the party chop for hearings, so their side of the story could be heard.

Several officials, including Women’s League spokesperson Monica Mutsvangwa and the league’s secretary for administration, Espinah Nhari, were purged in the build-up to the party’s annual conference last year.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo confirmed that the pending cases would be treated differently.

“The national disciplinary committee report is not yet completed and the cases before it will be heard by the said committee through some hearings from those affected,” he said.

“In other words, those affected will be called before the national disciplinary committee for presentation before the next politburo meeting.”

Previously, those accused of factionalism were axed without as much as a hearing.



  2. Kare Kwaiva Nani

    JF basa ra amai harisi rokugadzirisa, asi rokunyonganisa.

    1. Mudzimai akasikirwa kudzikamisa dzvimbo yaanogara. Akapiwa inzwi rakadzikamira . Kwete kuita senyere. Matauriro anoratidza nyika zviri moto.Mai dofo vanoonekwa nechimiro chemusha wave. MUSHA MUKADZI. MUKADZI NDIMAI.

    2. Mudzimai akasikirwa kudzikamisa dzvimbo yaanogara. Akapiwa inzwi rakadzikamira . Kwete kuita senyere. Matauriro anoratidza nyika zviri mumoyo neudzamu hwenjere.Mai dofo vanoonekwa nechimiro chemusha wavo. MUSHA MUKADZI. MUKADZI NDIMAI.

  3. Atidi animal farm, have Zanu Pf forgotten kuti they did the same to former VP Mujuru when she was still 2nd in command both in Government and Party and noone went to displinary hearing. Why now. Noone said anything then why now. Let it be so. You keep quiet uchiti hameno ndinhingi urikuzviitirwa, mangwana its you. So displinary hearing yechii?

  4. zanoids are all desperate for their political lives after “Mugabe” and unfortunately his own family is just as desperate…..that explains all that is happening now. And for the nation to look up to these pipo to fix our economic prroblems would be like living in fantasy land

  5. You are right Susan after a very senior party/government official like Joyce Mujuru was savaged like a rabbit by rabid party hounds last year and finally chased out of the cult every other official now except the President and First Lady are now free fodder. The reality in Zanu (PF) now is that you can be a VP today but tomorrow you could wake up a commoner with all your powers and prestige stripped bare from you.

  6. @SUSAN, well said. Last time these very same people who are crying foul were demonising and denigrating Mrs Mujuru, but now becoz their ‘boss’ is receiving punches left, right and centre they are calling for a disciplinary hearing, disciplinary hearing for what? Did mai Mujuru call for a disciplinary hearing when some in your midst labelled her, ‘zimuroyi re Dande?’ oh, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

  7. G-40 or Grace’s-40 on the move. Rest of you crocodiles, move out of the way and STOP IT

  8. KARE KWAIVE NANI uri mboma chaiyo KKKKKK. Ndiye mukadzi auraya ZANU nekuda kupinda panyanga but publicly achiramba. Ndiye mukuru weG-40 that’s why vana Jonathan vachi tyityidzira vana Khaya Moyo kuti unoinda saRugare Gumbo. New name ava kunzi Grace “Manyonganise” Mugabe. But my family and I will vote for any other party if Grace leads ZANU.

  9. It’s hypocritical of Tsenengamu to talk about disciplinary hearing when the likes of Gumbo were expelled from the party in a politburo meeting.
    Mujuru was just expelled and none of the charges were proven and there was no disciplinary hearing.
    So Zanu PF is just a lawless party where Mugabe just does whatever he wants and suits him knowing that no one will challenge him.


    @Wezhira Wezhara, thats not it Wezhy, when you are voting, you will be alone, so, how are you gonna know that, your family members, will NOT vote for cde Stop It? NB: THERE ARE NO CAMERAS IN VOTING PLACES, LIKE WHAT SOME RURAL FOLKS ARE MADE TO BELIEVE. So, i, reiterate my question, Wezhira, unoziva sei, kuti wife yako ne vana vachavhotera nanga na nanga?

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  12. Grace is just unstoppable, so you will not beat her, rather join her. hokoyo chitima chaGrace chabuda munjanji.

    Don’t worry about these guys don’t even sympathise with anyone of them, mind you they once led you before and they brought no good at all so what hope and guarantee do you have that these guys if succeed Mugabe will do better. So none

    of the above I can trust I will rather campaign for presidency because these guys have taken us where we are. Unfortunately Morgan WO atadza kutaura zvino builder confidence besides he also looks and sound dictator, let him hand over party leadership to young generation like vana Guru. He is also a failure if he failed to mentor someone to take over leadership

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