Grace guns for Mnangagwa


FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday set the ball rolling in what is seen as the final push to annihilate a Zanu PF faction reportedly linked to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, popularly known as “Team Lacoste”, as she declared she is firmly in charge of the ruling party.


Grace made the remarks while addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters in Mazowe South, where she urged people to “watch this space” for the unravelling of the Lacoste faction.

“Those engaging in factionalism should stop it forthwith. The time is nearing for telling each other the truth. I am not eyeing any post because I am in charge already.

Grace Mugabe listerning to resident Minister, Martin Dinha during a rally in Mazoe yesterday Pic Shepherd Tozvireva1 LET US SAY GRACE . . . Mashonaland Central Provincial minister Martin Dinha kneeling before First Lady Grace Mugabe with Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko to her right during the rally in Mazowe yesterday

“Could I be more in charge than this (current status as First Lady)? People say Amai Mugabe wants to rule yet I am ruling,” she said in reference to introductions made by Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko, who said Mugabe’s deputies were third in the pecking order, insinuating Grace was second.

Without mentioning names, Grace did not mince her words in declaring Mnangagwa’s days were numbered together with those of his allies, particularly war veterans’ chairman, Christopher Mutsvangwa, who has been in the firing line for some time now following clashes with the G40 faction.

In scenes reminiscent of the manner in which Joice Mujuru was axed as Vice-President, Grace said there were people consulting witchdoctors to kill President Robert Mugabe and were also going around demanding 30% from companies across the country.

“We want to respect each other,” she said.

“Personally, while addressing rallies, I have my own people who will be chanting Mazowe crush, Mazowe crush.

“When sitting at a round table and if (national commissar Saviour) Kasukuwere asks me what Mazowe crush means and I say don’t know, that will be madness. That is what is happening. People are now wearing T-shirts written Lacoste and then after being asked what that means, they say it’s a perfume.

“We are not children and please don’t abuse the President’s totem. We see them in the papers wearing T-shirts written Lacoste, with the Zimbabwe flag. We don’t want to abuse that flag, it has a meaning and let us not abuse it.”

Zanu PF is divided into two distinct factions, with one backing Mnangagwa and another ambitious Generation 40 (G40), which reportedly has the backing of the First Lady.

Grace also took the opportunity to defend Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo, the target of a State media onslaught and a rival group that wanted him expelled for allegedly abusing social media to attack Mnangagwa and his allies.

Grace insinuated that the foiled bombing at the First Family’s dairy concern was the work of people in the party opposed to her husband’s continued rule, warning a time would come when she named the instigators.

She admitted Zanu PF factionalism had reached alarming levels and it was now time to stem it.

“I said it myself, Mugabe’s wife, that if he faces challenges in walking, I will put him in a wheelbarrow and take him to work,” she said, adding those angling to usurp his power had no capacity.

The First Lady said those pushing for Mugabe’s ouster on account of his age were also themselves old and were not fit for leadership higher than their current posts.

Grace said those who thought they would succeed Mugabe had exposed themselves and she no longer had confidence in them.

Turning to war veterans, Grace said even those who did not go to the liberation war played a part and they deserved respect.

In apparent reference to Mutsvangwa, the First Lady said he should stop acting like a super war vet and allow himself to be counselled.

“We don’t want to be told senseless things because when you came back from the war, who prepared sadza for you? Was it not your mother? Today you are saying Grace Mugabe should not admonish you because you were in the liberation war,” she said.

“I warned him on Wednesday to stop what he is doing and if he did not, I would expose him.

“There are other people who think they are too clever, saying I was in the war and I did this and that, but if we give him a gun now to shoot me, you will be surprised he will shoot himself, yet he has been bragging about what he says he did in the liberation war.”

Grace defended Moyo, who was entangled in a bitter fight with Mutsvangwa, a known Mnangagwa ally.

“I said it on Wednesday that we should stop trading insults,” she continued.

“They said Amai Mugabe is defending Jonathan, but does Jonathan exchange those insults on his own? Is he insane? Can you say such an intelligent person is mad? He was exchanging insults with those who talk too much.”

In the unrestrained attack, Grace also berated State media for launching concerted attacks on Moyo, accusing them of being used.

Mutsvangwa and Moyo have been exchanging words, with the war veterans’ boss claiming the late nationalist Ndabaningi Sithole was the Higher Education minister’s father.

But Grace said it was not fair to insult others on paternity, before saying some were keeping other people’s children.

Not to be outdone Kasukuwere also warned: “Its a bareknuckle fight we are coming to the Midlands, Mash East and Masvingo. You stopped women from coming to welcome the President claiming it was a Kasukuwere plot. Now we are coming for you,”

Grace was accompanied by Mphoko and several ministers including Moyo, Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwao.

Mphoko also spoke strongly against those eyeing Mugabe’s position.


    • If you supported G40 you would know their ideology. And if you don’t support G40 as you do; you will remain a critic. Do you know the ideology of Team Lacoste?

  1. The G40 is right. its not the issue of Mnangagwas tribe that is making them uncomfortable, after he gets power. Mnangagwa is likely to bring total dictatorship eroding the little freedom that we have under Mugabe. Why cannt the team Lacoste choose somebody who is marketable like Mzembi if they think people are worried about Mnangagwas tribe. people of Zimbabwe have suffered for a long time. Besides the techniques of killing what else has Mnangagwa done to prove that he is good leader. Nothing.

    • The main problem with this Team Lacoste is that they have exposed themselves as a rabidly tribal and regional grouping. Their preferred candidate has no known national appeal like the person whose office he is gunning for. To make matters worse this preferred choice has used deceit and dirty tactics to remove a predecessor who was clearly a “people’s choice” for President Mugabe’s successor. Those few supporters for Team Lacoste, outside its traditional tribal breeding ground, are overtly people who have been bought out or promised big rewards when the aspiring mafiosi takes over. I have no tears to waste over these overzealous scumbags because they are merely getting their comeuppance. “Karma” as some people would prefer to describe it..

  2. Quite frankly both factions are just equally useless & Zimbabwe keeps falling deeper into a bottomless pit. So sad

    • @General. No coup anytime soon or ever. All state security institutions are firmly under Mugabe’s control. Thumps up to Mugabe, he made sure that he surrounds himself with close relatives even in cabinet. Did you ever imagine Kereke and Tomana being arrested.

      • A coup is not carried out by the army commanders my dear, they will be lampooned together in the same room with Mugabe just watch….

  3. where is Joc? Ndivo vamotaura zvestraight jacket. zvino G40 inopinda mustraight jacket here? Let’s wait and see. Pachawa mikono tikaseka manyawi ose akapera.

  4. Time will come its inevitable the President is a good leader but age is no longer at his side he has to be succeeded and the only man is from team Lactose his name is Emerson Mnangagwa no matter how much you put pressure on the President he knows it in his heart that his man is ED its unfortunate we have the likes of Kasukuwere,Moyo,Zhuwawo,who are misleading the First Lady that Mnangagwa wants to take over he has already taken over look at how Mnangagwa is respected by all sundries in Government.

  5. Mnangagwa is a fool he never learns he was told to change the ZANPF constitution and changed it without thinking forgetting Zvobgo was told by Mugabe to ammend the constitution when he did that he was appointed minister without potfolio and that was his last ministral post he died a very disappointed man people from Masvingo you are educated but too stupid you dont think at all Mnangagwa you will wish you were not used to push mai Mujuru out now you are own your own your days are numbered knowing people in z a n u p f no one no one will stand with you.poor you..

  6. Mr Dhina knees down as a sign of respect to the throne on earth.
    But he must not forget that there is the Most High who deserves this honour.

  7. This is getting interesting now. Ngwena is silent but not our trust me. Ngwena ingwena and he is not Mai Mujuru. Whats wrong with a Vice President aspiring to lead one day in a democratic Zimbabwe

  8. Politics is a dirty game. Let them fight each other, who knows? Maybe its God’s way of sorting out things. Majority of us ordinary povo, have suffered a lot. No industries, no jobs, nothing is happening on farms, no medicines in hospitals, roads are now resembling gullies and the rich politicians are busy fighting each other. The root cause of all this is, GREEDINESS. Just greediness, nothing else. Whoever shall succeed, will also emulate. Going back to 1930s, a prophecy by Johanne Masowe founder, said, there shall be a black man who shall rule the country(now Zimbabwe) for yrs and yrs and yrs. The prophecy, did not state who shall succeed. Meaning to say that, the current president will rule forever, until donkeys grow horns. These people who are waiting to succeed shall get fed up and quit, BUT, the incumbent will keep on ruling. If push comes to shove, am seeing either the first lady or the son succeeding. Even the nonegenarian is admitting that he is as fit as a fiddle.

  9. Once upon a time, there was a man called Hastings Kamuzu Banda, a very intelligent & astute statesman. A man who, in his prime, he was invincible, he ruled Malawi dilligently for decades on end! However, when the vagaries of age caught up with him, hangers-on & Johnny-come-latelies, including 1 young beautiful former secretary called Cecelia Kadzamira were there to disembowled his legacy. The rest they say is history. History does repeat itself.

  10. This can not be right ! How and why on earth is Dinha knelling for Mai Mugabe ? Mai Mugabe is only a mere secretary for the women’s league . Amai !! Why why why why do abuse people to such an extend ? A government minister knelling for the women’s league secretary ? Remember there is a stupid day coming when the power that you are leaning on and abusing will come to an end . What will become of you ? Think about it .

    • So you think she the secretary of the women’s league,no my friend she now the nominated successor. In meetings at the Shakeshake building where does she sit , doesn’t she sit at the highest table between Mugabe and Ngwena?

    • I don’t see a leach around his neck that suggests he is being forced. The fellow is grovelling out of own volition.

  11. When it comes to providing us with something to laugh about, Dinha beats them all. How could he mistake this lady for God?

  12. It looks like Mutsvangwa is finished now. The disciplinary will just announce that he is expelled or suspended and that will be the end of him and his wife.
    I think for now they will just leave EDM and just go for his lieutenants. Team Lacoste’s problem is that it doesn’t have anyone in the disciplinary committee and so the committee can come with any charges and any punishment they see fit.

    • Do you know that G40 created this Team Lacoste and pasted it on ED. Look they don’t complain of hats and t-shorts ‘saying munhu wese kuna amai’ so who is for the President?

  13. ndanyadziswa naDinha veduwee. i bet a million dollars if say lets pray, vaDinha vanonamata vakamira bt here he is kneeling before his junior, a mere women’s league secretary. hakuna zvinonyadzisa kudarika izvozvo kana vana nevazukuru vake vari kunyarawo pamwe neni

  14. anyway … how can anyone of SOUND MIND front Mnangagwa as a leader???? how TOTALLY INSANE is that???

    i can’t stand Mugabe as it is — no one in their right mind can — but placed against this murderous Zambian – Mnangagwa – Mugabe is a shining star!!!

    on this occasion …. go (dis)Grace go!!! baphushe oPhushekile weNtombizodwa!!!

  15. Ana Martin Dhinha an (advocate) vapfugama pamberi pa Grace chii chawonekwa chiri kuda kunhongwa kana chakanhongwa kare ari kuvarwa Grace vana Dhinha chitsotsi chakawanda mu z a n u p f

  16. Ini ndikaita baba vanenge benzi rakpfugama iro ndinovaramba chero zvazvo zvichinzi ‘honour your parents’ . Crazy Mugabe cannot be a shining star ask those in Matebeleland during those years will tell you how brutal the man can be. Such a choice will be not fair because its like what do you want to be eaten by lions or crocodiles, its the same.

  17. Dear Zanupf voters

    In Zanupf we now have these new parties we have the G40, this is a party that was formed in Mugabe,s house its actually called Zanupf G40 its leader is Grace Mugabe ,then Zanupf Lacoste its leader Emmerson Munangagwa ,then there is ZanuPF Gamatox its leader is Joyce Mujuru

    Vote wisely

    yours Voter

  18. Grace must know that, she does not own Zimbabwe and Mugabe will not leave for ever, God is all of us, and Grace you think you will rule Zimbabwe if Mugbe is gone. forget it nana Kasukuwere twako itwotwo

  19. Every1 knows you are in charge Grace because of the chaos in the country, Chaos in ZANU PF, chaos in the Gushungo dairy , now lying about bombings to get insurance money

  20. Are there no limits to your fakeness, Fake Pres, Fake PHD , fAKE SLOGAN FROM sHWEPPES , PLEASE b ORIGINAL

  21. Quite frankly it was more than a slap in the face for people of Matebeleland when Mugabe appointed Mnangangwa as VP, which was seen as his reward for Gugurahundi ; but thank God who knows every secret thing. PAmberi na Amai.

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