G40 out to destroy Mugabe: Msipa

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has flushed his rich political legacy down the cesspit by aligning himself with “a cabal of selfish self-centred crooks” hell-bent on elbowing out Zanu PF’s founding members and presenting themselves as bona fide party members, former politburo member Cephas Msipa has lamented.

by XOLISANI NCUBE/ jairos saunyama

The former Midlands provincial governor and stalwart of the liberation struggle, who quit active politics in 2014, told NewsDay yesterday that the current wave of infighting in Zanu PF was being propagated by “people with no history of the armed struggle”.

The development came after Zanu PF Women’s League secretary First Lady Grace Mugabe and party political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere effectively accused Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa of plotting a coup against President Robert Mugabe.

CEPHAS-MSIPA-1 Cephas Msipa

Mnangagwa has not responded to the allegations, first raised against him last Wednesday by Hurungwe East legislator Sarah Mahoka, who also warned the VP risked “dying” if he does not keep his presidential ambitions in check by reining in party officials abusing his name and campaigning for him to succeed Mugabe.

“What the people surrounding the President have done is to destroy his legacy . . . my heart bleeds when I look at what is happening now. The most unfortunate part in this is that I can’t help looking at my age and I don’t even think the President himself would listen to me,” Msipa said, his voice choking with anger.

“I have no relations with the people who have power today and I can’t even talk to them because we don’t share a similar ideology. They have no history of the liberation struggle and what they are doing is really worrisome.

“It’s a very painful and disturbing moment for people like me who sacrificed a lot for this country. We have been made spectators to this drama unfolding while the country is burning. People are dying of hunger, but leaders are busy fighting for power, and protecting their selfish interests. It’s very painful.”

The latest wave of Zanu PF internal fights climaxed on Friday when Grace dressed down Mnangagwa and top security chiefs, accusing them of plotting to oust her husband, who turns 92 on Sunday.

This was followed by Kasukuwere’s reported purging of three provincial chairpersons believed to be Mnangagwa’s allies — party Midlands provincial chair Kizito Chivamba, Masvingo’s Ezra Chadzamira and Mashonaland East’s Joel Biggie Matiza on Saturday for alleged indiscipline.

Kasukuwere and Grace were believed to be members of an ambitious Generation-40 (G40) group fighting to block Mnangagwa’s bid to succeed Mugabe.

Msipa added: “For a person like me, who went to war and suffered immensely for this country, what is happening now is traumatising. I know that most of the people who went to war like me are disappointed with the way Zanu PF is handling itself. We are disappointed and asking ourselves real questions. Is this what we fought for? Is this what thousands of our colleagues died for in the liberation struggle? What is really happening and why are we allowing the party to take this trajectory? I think it is time as a country we ask ourselves real questions . . . for how long shall we watch this drama unfold yet our future is neglected?”

Msipa also said: “I have not been sleeping well over the past two days, reflecting on what is happening in the party. I really feel something should happen now, or else we are going to take this country to the dustbin.

“I tried to talk to President Mugabe over this issue in 2014, but he said he was going to deal with it. But it seems he is not attending to it and I don’t think he is interested in discussing this matter with me. This is one of the matters we need to seriously deal with once and for all and start to focus on development.
The most painful part is that we have leaders who are wasting all their time fighting for power when people are dying of hunger. They want to act when their relatives start to die. It’s very painful.”

Government officials and donor agencies have put the number of food-insecure people at three million, while over 16 000 cattle have reportedly succumbed to drought.

Political analyst Ibbo Mandaza also accused Mugabe of causing the current political crisis by failing to properly manage his succession plans.

“This is a sad reality. There is no legacy to talk about. Mugabe has really failed to deal with the succession issue and it could degenerate into anything, unless something happens,” Mandaza said.

“Mugabe has mishandled the succession issue and really it will haunt Zanu PF. I hope the fights will not degenerate into any civil war. We are now waiting to see how the other group will respond following the events of last week and that will guide what happens in the near future.”

Another political analyst Alexander Rusero said the developments in Zanu PF showed that Mugabe wanted to die with his party.

“It’s unfortunate that Mugabe has decided to watch the disintegration of a party he built and won elections that got him into office in 1980. It is his Zanu PF that brought Independence and he wants to leave it in tatters. There will be no Zanu PF to talk about post-Mugabe, but splinter groups of ex-Zanu PF members.
There is no legacy to talk about because all he is doing is to kill and destroy what he built,” he said.

Kasukuwere declined to comment on Msipa’s remarks, referring all questions to party spokesperson Simon Khaya-Moyo, who was reportedly out of the country until today.

“Talk to the secretary for information,” was all Kasukuwere could say.

Opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Tendai Biti warned that the current fights within Zanu PF could trigger civil unrest.

“I smell blood in this country. I smell war. I smell disaster. I am not a prophet, but I see dark clouds, I see a hurricane, a tsunami. If one plants a whirlwind, he will reap a tsunami. This country will go the Rwanda way,” Biti told PDP members at a campaign rally at Sadza Growth Point in Chivhu over the weekend.

He added: “All that caused the 1994 Rwanda genocide is already being experienced in the country. There is leadership crisis, economic crisis and breakdown of the social contract. This all happened in Rwanda and the spark was ignited when a plane with the country’s President and his counterpart fell down. In Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe will ignite the spark and I tell you in two weeks’ time, something will happen.”

Biti also said: “In Germany, there was a mad man by the name (Adolf) Hitler. He bulldozed his way to the top while people were relaxed. Grace is like Hitler, she will go all the way to the State house, and she must be stopped. The First Lady has crossed the path of war veterans, the paths of the securocrats.”

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  1. This week from today until Friday will be very interesting events will change the political landscape of this country.EDM will not response but the roots from the ground will come out.


  3. The current crisis didn’t just arise recently. It has been developing over the years. Now that you have left politics, Mr. Msipa you want to sound alarm! You had a hand in this and I am glad you will have a chance to see what will happen to what you had a hand in. This is the result of poor governance that has been there since the formation of ZANU-PF. I am glad it has come to this because the same tools used to gain power are now going to be used on their own. Heaven only knows what awaits! God for us all.

    1. @Nyasha spot on

  4. Mugabe is tired finished, Grace Mugabe is a non- starter, Mnangagwa is useless, Tsvangirai is fast asleep somewhere, Biti is a confused coackroch, Welshman Ncube zero zero, Mujuru is a scaredy cat…., eish, poor Zim hameno

    1. Kutsamwa ka uku? Unlike alarmist Biti..I dont see any civil war or disasters. I see his party disappearing into the vapour..and this can not be too much of a disaster to Zimbabweans.It is our politics self correcting itself..And why should it not do this?

  5. Jamengweni Godonga

    Poor Zim fir sure, eish.

    Msipa tshiyana lakho lokhu, kwehlula uNkomo.. Let them chop each other up. Genocide, no; it won’t happen. We are too smart to go down that route. Only Bob did that, this tine around it is a few in their party who will kill each other.

    The opposition is our only disaster as they are copying Zanupf every step when they should be taking advantage. Eish, kunzima

  6. Where were you when the same thing happened to Joyce Mujuru

  7. “…..who also warned the VP risked “dying” if he does not keep his presidential …..”Terrible reporting, very pathetic piece of journalism…Mahoka was referring to Mugabe when she said “munofira mumba baba, munourawa nechekuchera”

    1. I think the game is now approaching the end of extra time, its now going into penalty shootouts, but the team ZANU(PF) is playing against itself. after the cowards ran into the terraces its ZANU(PF) vs itself and the ref is yours truly Mudhara (Bob). ana Tsvangson, Welshman, Tindo nerimwe gen’a rese they are listening commentary vari kudzimba dzavo. they are busy hoping that they may share the spoils after ZANU (PF) defeats itself.

      Tsvangirai wake up hona mukana mface wangu eish, chibatanai ma suscum anozviti opposition lets see what you are made off.

  8. “…I really feel something should happen now, or else we are going to take this country to the dustbin”…Cde Msipa wake up! The country is already in the DUSTBIN!

  9. @Jamengweni Godonga – at Independence in 1980, most people also thought we were “too smart” to ruin the economy. Its clear now we are not that smart.

    I think the smartest thing is to be very open-minded. Right now we seem to be on the edge of a cliff. The question is whether the cliff is limited to ZPF or engulfs the whole country.

  10. So who is breaking into VP’s offices. Remember Sara Mahoka’s words.
    President Mugabe is dying with the Party. His wife the First lady is creating more enemies for herself and Prof Moyo is succeeding in destroying ZANU PF.


    Kikikikikiki blaz Biti, dont make me laugh. You smell blood, war, tsunami, hurricane etc. Its high time you halt causing unnecessary alarm and despondency. Its greediness that is causing this, and you are also greedy thats why you formed your party. Instead of getting together with Tsvangirai you moved away and formed your little known party. People in this country are peace loving and they hate war. Even under very harsh economic conditions they keep on going. Who knows, maybe its a ruling party’s strategy of diverting opposition leaders and Povo attention from current economic challenges. Remember its politics, strategies and tactics are used. After 2018 you are gonna see these Zanu factions uniting.

  12. Its game on!!! after extra time with no officiating officials, how are we to authenticate the results?

  13. Who will fight the civil war? For what cause. Let us remember that this party called zanu pf actually does not have supporters. Will the chiefs and headmen head people to war like they mobilise them for elections. Musatisetse vana Biti. I issue is Bob has realised he has messed up for 36 years and there is no future for his children if he leaves the country in the hands of people with an entitlement mentality like war vets and zanu pf big wigs. He has therefore decided to destroy that legacy so that after him politics in Zim is about issues of the day not about some war which ended almost 4 decades ago. Does anyone really believe he is so stupid as not to realise that there will be no zanu pf after him with what is happening. HE KNOWS. There is a method in this madness. Jonso knows this and will lay out his strategy for all to peruse when the job is done.

    1. Magame you nailed it. I totally agree with you that there is a method in all this hullaballoo. Gire is articulating Bob’s mind, albeit somewhat recklessly. FOR Ngwena the BEWARE, IDES OF MARCH……

  14. Mr Msipa what so special about being war vet .are u saying the qualification of president’s post is being a war vet .

  15. Msipa shut up this country dies not belong to those who went to war only. These so called liberation stalwarts have natured the madness we currently find our country plunged into. Thats why I hate Mutsvangwa,too much sense of entitilement when discussing Zim politics, you think its only liberation war heros who have got the right to rule this country. For the past 36 years the country has been under the rule of liberation war veterans and now its time up. The country needs fresh mind, we are nolonger at war with anyone we will call you when other war arises.

  16. msipa just sore his provincial tribesmen at the recieving end,is the president better off surrounding himself with ghukurahundi architects?is that your idea of a legacy?

  17. We are watching from the terrace hedu. Yozvikanga nemafuta ayo. Ndimi makazvida, chitongaika tione. Hanti ndimi maimhanya navo pamaidzinga Mai Mujuru….

  18. There is no chaos in the ruling party.Its all what i would like to call `Controlled Chaos/Confusion`.
    The `Ayatollah` has not lost control as most people would want to suggest,he is very much still in total control and he knows exactly what he is doing.The problem is that people are only looking at the surface.Beyond all this dust is a grand plan in motion.You should listen very carefully when the First Lady is speaking at her rallies.The following are points that she has raised repeatedly but people seem to miss them:

    1) That she will buy a special wheelchair/wheelburrow for the `Ayatollah` to rule until amen.
    2) That the `Stick`/Mugoti` will be given to the quiet ones.
    3) That those that were being trusted to take over from the `Ayatollah` have now been seen to be not capable.
    4) Even the `Ayatollah` himself said it at the AU summit in Ethiopia that he will be aound until when God says come.

    So what this means is that people in the ruling party are being taken on a merry go round wild goose chase because the `Ayatollah` is here to stay until forever.

  19. stop it

  20. the current wave of infighting in Zanu PF was being propagated by “people with no history of the armed struggle”- i may have time for a different set of reasons why G40 should not be gravitating towards the centre of power,but this business of drumming on one’s role in the war should be flushed out. you fought the war, and thank you, but do not think that should still be relevant today going forward.

  21. Silly old man.How many are these War veterans ? They must be equal citizens like the other 14 million people.Grace may have overstepped her authority but it is good zvibvondoke nyika igadzirisike once and for all.It is this war vet mentality yauraya nyika.Well done Johno and Grace.ZanuPF will survive without Mnangagwa and Mugabe.There are very able but oppressed peop.Zimbabwe can be rebuilt without ZanuPF.Unfortunately it is Msipa and Mnangagwa who allowed Grace to abuse Joyce Mujuru.Now it is Mnangagwa’s turn.Let him go.

  22. The people will defend Grace Mugabe and our President.In terms of the Constitution nothing can happen to ex Chair of African Union,friends with Dos Santos,Zuma and China.Any hint of treason,vanochekwa musoro masikati machena.

    1. Maybe you have been sleeping all along when all these events have been unfolding. Which people are you referring to? It’s clear that you still love this dictator despite destroying Zimbabwe. Talking about being dull – you mean to tell me that after 36 years you still expecting Bob to do miracles. Good luck my brother, keep waiting.

  23. Maybe you have been sleeping all along when all these events have been unfolding. Which people are you referring to? It’s clear that you still love this dictator despite destroying Zimbabwe. Talking about being dull – you mean to tell me that after 36 years you still expecting Bob to do miracles. Good luck my brother, keep waiting.

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