€2,3 million boost for Marondera

The African Water Facility (AWF) has given government a €2 million ($2,25m) grant to develop an Integrated Urban Water Management Masterplan for Marondera which would result in universal access to drinking water and sanitation by 2025.


The project costs €2,3 million ($2,6m).

The Global Water Partnership and government will respectively finance 7% and 8% of the total project cost. The project duration is estimated at 30 months.


The approach would be applied to Marondera as a pilot project for future water management in other Zimbabwean municipalities, AWF said in a statement.

“The project will also address some of the city’s immediate water and sanitation infrastructure needs. It will also enhance the government and key stakeholders’ capacity to implement and sustainably maintain water and sanitation facilities,” AWF said.

The project is expected to increase access to improved water supply and sanitation services and would improve public health for the population of Marondera.

AWF said diarrhoea morbidity among under-five children was expected to drop to less than 5% in 2020 from 7,2% in 2010.

Access rate to drinking water and to sanitation would reach 100% by 2025 as against current respective rates of 77% and 63%.

Statistics showed that Zimbabwe’s drinking water indicators have declined over the past years to the current 77% from 79% in 1990.

Sanitation has declined to the current 63% from 67% during the same period.

It said that 97% of the properties in Marondera were directly connected to the municipal water supply network.

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  1. 97% are connected but what percentage actually get water? In Rusike people are having to resort to unprotected wells for water. 49% maybe.

  2. In Rusike we are connected but not water that comes out of the tape, the bills come every month with water charges, refuse collection, street lights,admin levy and u can name it but no services from the council. At the end of day the final demands come and debt collectors come to collect for non supply of services but instead to steal from residents in the guise of council is being owed for what, dd u supply such services.

  3. Marondera Resident

    Marondera has of late turned into a real ghost town. we pay for refuse collection, street lighting, water supply etc. but non is being done whatsoever. in 2013 one of the municipality worker who fits street lighting was caught saying ‘now the president has left Marondera we are now switching of every street light we lit for him, if you want lights put some on your houses’. seriously, people are paying for these and you can even empty the bins in the city center and no street light anywhere. that’s why people are being robbed and killed in the low density suburb of Winston Park and Paradise. please we need these street lights and refuse collection can it be a town without even water, sometimes water goes for as long as a week without anywhere to fetch some. Rusike, Elmswood, New Cherutombo have no water regardless of them being connected to municipal water. 2025 a lot of people would be dead of waterborne disease with the current situation in Marondera

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