Did Dynamos employ rookie ?

PAULO Jorge Silva might have misrepresented his coaching credentials to get a job at Dynamos and probably to the authorities when applying for a work permit.


The Portuguese, who last week was exposed in NewsDay Weekender for his lack of coaching experience he claims to have, hit back the following day in our sister paper the Standard, claiming to have worked for numerous clubs around the world in different capacities.


His claims could have done more damage to his reputation, as further investigations into his coaching career have exposed some inconsistencies.

Silva, who arrived in the country in January, just three months after he had been unveiled as coach of Nigerian side COD United, claims to have worked with several high-profile teams, including German’s VfB Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Greuther Furth and Aalen.

He says he has also worked with Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon, Al-Sharjah FC in the United Arab Emirates, and an unnamed club in Albania as well as Austrian Bundesliga sides FC Admira and SV Grödig.

He also claims to have previously worked for African giants Esperance of Tunisia, Ghana’s Hearts of Oak and Nigeria’s Enyimba.

But after we published an email from Stuttgart on Saturday, who denied having ever worked with him, Silva insisted that he worked with the team’s Under-21 squad.

The Bundesliga does not have an Under-21 category.

Their most senior youth teams are the Under-19s, which participate in the Bundesliga Under-19 league.

Stuttgart wrote to NewsDay Sport again this week, trashing Silva’s claims.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything more about Jorge Paulo Silva. The persons in charge for our centre for junior players don’t know him and as you already know, there is no-Under 21 (team) at our club,” the club’s media and communications officer, Laura Steinacher wrote.

Silva told the Standard he started his coaching career at Sporting Lisbon, coaching the team’s Under-17 team in 2012, the same year he retired from playing professional football, before moving to Albania as an assistant coach.

He said he got his first job as a coach at Sharjah FC before moving to FC Admira and SV Grödig in the 2013/14 seasons in similar capacities.

But an online search on that coaching history only yields his short-lived stint with COD United.

Information from the Sporting Lisbon website suggests that their junior team was under Telmo Moura Costa in 2011, before he was replaced by Jose Lima the following year. The team is currently coached by Joao Couto.

Evidence also shows that Silva never coached at FC Admira and SV Grödig in the years 2013-2014.

FC Admira was under the tutelage of Toni Polster, who took over on June 2013 and was in charge of the team for just four games in a space of 54 days.

He was replaced by Waller Knaller, who was dismissed in April last year for Ernst Baumeister, who is currently in charge of the team.

Oliver Lederer was the assistant coach of the team from 2013 to 2015 when Michael Horvath took over.

The SV Grödig club website shows that the team was coached by Adi Hutler from 2012 to 2014, the time Silva claims was there, before Michael Bouer took over for one season and was also replaced by current manager Peter Schottel.

Silva might also have fibbed on his history with Al-Sharjah FC, as it was under Brazilian Jorvan Vieira in the 2011/12 season, before Romanian Valeviu Tija took over briefly and was replaced by another Brazilian, Paulo Bonamigo, who is still the club’s coach.

What is not questionable though is his playing career, as he featured for top Portuguese clubs FC Porto, Braga and Benfica, winning the league title with the latter in the 1993-4 season, although he played just one minute throughout the season, which came in the final game.

The 43-year-old former goalkeeper was called to the Portuguese national team once as a cover at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, but spent the whole tournament on the bench.

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  1. Matambo Muguwe Muzhandu

    CV falsification is grounds for dismissal and possibly prosecution. Its deception of the highest order. Why isn’t Dynamos and the league’s legal team turning over every rock to try to find the truth?

    1. next time you guys should be part of the interviewing panel siyai munhu ashande basa raakapinda munorwei dynamos head coach ndi SILVA!!!!!!!!

  2. there goes reclaiming the league title eish

  3. kuti akambokocha kupi zvine basa rei komupeinguva ka ataure nevakomana muground pachatanga league iwe Mhara kasi wakanga waita aplly basa racho ukanyimwa here?

  4. haiwa hapana nyaya apa someone who has played for porto and the portuguese national team,coaching dembare.its the best thing that can ever happen.dont fret about nothing.

  5. Hanya nani. Zvakambonzi ariku coacha Newsday here? Nxaa!!!

  6. Hey!!! Iri ndiro tsotsi chairo… His work permit should be cancelled because it was issued on the basis of false information.

    When he leaves Zimbabwe, and probably decides to enter a lier-friendly profession, politics, his CV might as well read, “2014-2016″, Was president of the Republic of Zimbabwe…”

    Imiwo DeMbare muchinyanya kungotora marara. Do you remember Zvalai, etc? HaaaHaaa!!!



    1. @choto you think dembare yakangotora isina kuita ma checks iweeeeeeeka

  8. I don’t see an issue here. Just let him do what he claimed to know, CV can not coach. Look at Van Gaal of Man United he has a very good traceable coaching history but results are not coming.

    Lets not be negative always, as far as the Dynamos coach, he is appearing to working well and the publishing his CV in these papers is a form of mocking him

  9. But did they not cross ref. before interviewing him. I am Bosso fan,but I want my team to bet a strong Dembare team

  10. ndokuti kenny mubaiwa and others vazive kuti not all foreign coaches are the best. they snub local talent because they are colonised in mind.

  11. well done Dynamos.You hve a good coach

    1. welldone dembare i understand kwaive nema cv jahwi i also failed to get that job the better coach got employed at the end hameno vakutaura zve colonised ava

  12. this coach will coz severe problems must be sacked if found that he lied

  13. Igora iri! However hazvina kutanga naye lets rate him from results then, he must now prove by results. Lets take him like those taxi drives driving with fake licence. He must be very careful he is playing with fire

  14. Anorohwa ne “Vhinyo” zvokuti Tya!!

  15. madofo ekumbare akavharwa

  16. Newsday people are being paid by Dynamos rivals so that they destabilise our camp. I suspect the Caps boss may be behind this because he has done it before when he snatched Archford Gutu and denied him to sign for Dynamos at the last handle. These guys are being threatened by the way the Dembare machine is gelling. why cant you leave our team alone and if there is an issue we will solve it at Dembare.

    Silver is an employee for only one company which is DYNAMOS FOOTBALL CLUB [PVT] LTD. Haazi coach weNewsday OR ani zvake but only Dynamos.

    Please leave us alone kana akanyepa hausi iwe wanyeperwa saka zvinokubata papi.


  17. uri munhu akaita sei iwe dynamos yacho yakanyarara iwe take take naSilva unowanei, uchidzingwa basa iye achingoriko ku dynamos

  18. saka zvine basa rei, asi pane hama yako here iri kuda basa , ndine kateam kemabuzzer , ngauye

  19. What is not questionable though is his playing career, as he featured for top Portuguese clubs FC Porto, Braga and Benfica, winning the league title with the latter in the 1993-4 season, although he played just one minute throughout the season, which came in the final game.

    The 43-year-old former goalkeeper was called to the Portuguese national team once as a cover at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, but spent the whole tournament on the bench.

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    —–—> A­l­p­h­a-C­a­r­e­e­r­s.c­o­m

  21. Makamboona kupi coach anemusoro achicoacha marara akaita se matapi utd. it was clear from the onset kuti hapana hapana. makaboshwa

  22. local is lekker!!

  23. Vaingudawo murunguka, anoti “Boss Ken . . . ” kikikiki

  24. Local-is-lekker. Ken said (on Gameplan), ” looked around and thought there are no good coaches locally”

    Tokubatai maoko manjeso.

    Antipas, Mapeza, Samaita, Chidzambwa, Mhlauri, Chitembwe, Rush, Mlauzi, etc I cream chaiyo.

    Pooh. Sorry MaDhinha dhinha!

  25. 0

    Sep 7, 2015 09:35:02

    His immediate task is to reorganize and optimize the club’s 7-team academy structure and lead the club’s charge in the league as well as the FA Cup next season

    New promoted NNL side C.O.D United Football Club has announced the appointment of Paulo Jorge Silva as its new Manager. Jorge joins C.O.D United on the back of a rich career having worked in various capacities with clubs like VfB Stuttgart, Greuther Furth, Nuremberg, Aalen in Germany, Sporting Lisbon in Portugal, Al Wasl and Sharjah FC in the United Arab Emirates. His immediate task is reorganize and optimize the club’s 7 team academy structure and lead the club’s charge in the league as well as the FA Cup next season.

    Speaking on Paulo Silva’s appointment, C.E.O of the club Shola Opaleye expressed optimism that Paulo will sustain the successes the club has achieved and bring even more success. “Paulo Silva’s appointment is yet another demonstration of our ambition as a club to keep progressing. Paulo joins us with a lot of experience and his knowledge of football is demonstrated by the rich array of top clubs he has worked with. We have been in discussions for a while now and we are delighted he was convinced to join us having seen our vision for the club. He is very excited about working in Africa and we are excited to have him join us as well. We expect him to sustain and improve on all that we have achieved as a football club on the pitch and help our players and young coaches become even better.”

    Paulo Silva also expressed his delight at joining C.O.D United. “I have joined a very ambitious and very organized club. Working in Africa is quite different from working in Europe and so I had to be careful in choosing a club that matches my ambitions and with the right structure. In C.O.D United, I believe I have found that club and cannot wait to start the job of improving the impressive structure they have built so far. The club wants to optimize its team structure, implement a clear playing philosophy across board and produce players with great qualities consistently and I share that ambition. I am here to succeed with the club.”

    Paulo Silva is the second European coach signed by C.O.D in recent years. Former Manchester United and Bolton coach, Mick Wild previously worked with the club before returning to England a few months ago.

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