We don’t live on slogans

Events of the past few weeks, where the governing Zanu PF party has been embroiled in succession fights at the expense of the majority, point to a country that is in doldrums.


It is startling how Zimbabwe is now enveloped in the politics of hate. The amount of hate that is being preached today in this country is frightful. Yet what Zimbabwe fought for was peace, progress, love, respect, justice, equality and not the opposite.


Never in Zimbabwe’s history has the country gone through such a bad patch, where the party leadership, including President Robert Mugabe, seem clueless on how to deal with real issues affecting the nation.

Whether the plot is to divert the attention of the majority from Zanu PF’s failure to resuscitate the economy, it seems everything has gone haywire, and the country and the economy are on autopilot.

One wonders whether Mugabe, who seemed all-powerful, has the answers to the challenges the country is going through.

We have no doubt that with Zanu PF firmly consumed in succession fights between factions aligned to First Lady Grace Mugabe and Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the suffering of the majority of Zimbabweans will be exacerbated.

There is no reason whatsoever why Zanu PF politicians believe they have the sole mandate to decide who should be the next leader of this country. There is also no logic to claim all Mugabe’s deputies always plan to oust their leader.

Obviously something is wrong — Mugabe has overstayed, period. Why should Mugabe believe that he has the right to govern this country, as if he fought the liberation struggle all by himself?

Those embroiled in the succession fight led by Grace and other party hawks keen to block Mnangagwa from succeeding the President should look beyond their noses. Zimbabwe does not belong to Gushungo alone. There are other capable leaders out there able to turn around the economy.

Perhaps the only reason why internecine fights continue in Zanu PF is corruption, which is unfortunately bleeding the country today. During this confusion, the top dogs continue to loot yet claiming to protect Mugabe, who turned 92 last Sunday.

We agree that many of those who rule this country may have played a very big part in winning the liberation struggle — but their actions show that they no longer have the interests of the people they liberated at heart. Instead of working towards building the country’s economy, our leaders are busy plotting each other’s down fall — to whose benefit?

Truth is Mugabe’s human rights record is unenviable — Gukurahundi, for example — and yet Zanu PF still believes that he should continue, when it is clear the country is hurtling towards a cesspit. The leadership has destroyed the majority’s aspirations due to selfishness.

As former Vice-President Joshua Nkomo once remarked: “We cannot blame colonialism and imperialism for this (Zanu PF) tragedy. We, who fought against these things now practice them. Why? Why? Why?”

We believe that Zimbabwe cannot progress on fear and false accusations, which are founded simply on the love for power. This shows that there is something fundamentally wrong with Mugabe and his Zanu PF party leadership.

The party is destroying the country and for the sake of the country, Mugabe should stop the destruction. Mugabe has created fear in the minds of Zimbabweans to get his way, and the majority now feel unwanted and unsafe. Sad indeed!

We urge Mugabe to stop Zanu PF shenanigans and focus on development. Zimbabweans cannot live by slogans or threatening people. Mugabe and his party must refocus for the sake of the people.

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  1. We the Povo and the down trodden have been following this story of unsitting the President from his throne with keen interest. Zviri pachena kuti the faction shouting the most is cooking up a situation to confuse the nation. Can the Youth League and Political Commissar prove to us that Munangagwa made utterances or circulated a document declaring his love to un sit the President?
    Ndivo varikungotaura vega , vachitukirira mhomho ye Zimbabwe. Can someone tell those who are talking the most that mashoko ese ekutuka avarikuburitsa mumiromo yavo are directed to all inocent citizens listening and reading the their speeches.

    Stop abusing the nation by making accusations that you have so far not provided substantive evidence. Tipeiwo humbowo whacho . Munhu uyu anonzi Munangagwa hatisati takambomunzwa muromo wake kubva zvaakaitwa VP. Imwi munozviti ndimwi munoda President , munonongedza chigunwe kuti, ngana haadi President, ngana haadi First lady , on what solid proof are you basing these accusations.

    Please regai kushandisa VP to gain your ground to the state house . Ingoendai makanyarara tinokuvhoterai kana muchikodzera. Haikona kusvibisa mazita avamwe .

    Amai Mahoka makanongedza chigumwe kuna VP instead yokunongedza towards the people vanovenga president wacho nemhosva yei? Munotya vanhu ivavo monohwanda nezita ra VP kuti mugoita hero ??? Muri magwara mese imi vanodenha VP vakazvinyararira. Nangai munhu wacho ataura kuti anoda kubvisa President not to imagine kuti VP is talking through other people. VP is his own man and so is everyone else who has a right to speak on their own behalf.

    Please, the Commissariat must desist from causing divisions in the party . Commissar is the one going around making hate speeches instead of managing his portfolio. Garai mu office va Commissar , do not manage your office through rallies. How can you make announcements to suspend, fire and hire office bearers at rallies? Ha! ndizvo zvamakadzisiswa ku management school here izvozvo? Just do your work professionally.

    Now you are compromising the integrity of your office by making pronouncements before you carry out due diligence on matters impacting on the integrity of the party . Tichataurira First lady to remove you because you have demonstrated immaturity and indiscipline in managing your office.

  2. Povo : We do not adddress an Honourable Minister and the Ruling Party’s National Political Commissar in that manner…this is not the platform, who are you? you are very divisive in your approach…STOP IT !!!

  3. kiki ana Comrade humba. makazvarwa riiniko imi madzakutsaku

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  5. nehanda Nyakasikana

    gay40s are working frantically to build a prima facei case against edm at the behest of 1st family

  6. the truth is an offence but not a sin.

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