Dhazimeta takes comedy to social media


ACTOR Charles Jackson — popularly known as Dhazimeta (a Shona bastardisation of the phrase “does it matter”) in comedy circles – has taken to social media, where he is using the platform to post short comic video clips that have subsequently gone viral on WhatsApp.


Jackson, who featured on the Timmy NaBhonzo drama series, follows in the footsteps of Uncle Ritchie – as top local comedian Richard Matimba is known – and Prosper Ngomashi (The Comic Pastor), who have taken to social media to showcase their comic skills and reach a wider audience.

One of Jackson’s comic videos titled Nzvimbo, tells the story high density areas of Harare and Chitungwiza in relation to what they are stereotypically known for, such as witchcraft in Tafara, burst sewers in St Mary’s and abject poverty in Mbare.


Jackson told NewsDay that social media is the best tool to use, given that artistes are not benefiting much from releasing videos due to piracy.

“People need something to smile about, especially during the early months of the year, life is hard and I had to use social media to make people at least relax and smile. It is better to make people stress-free on social media than to do productions which will benefit the guys in piracy,” he said.

“It is time for local artistes to be technologically advanced. Look at Nigeria, they have a lot of comedians on YouTube, even in Uganda, the comedians and actors are rocking on social media.”

Jackson was spotted by veteran actor, Lawrence “Bhonzo Simbarashe” while at Zengeza 4 High School and he subsequently introduced him to professional acting. In 2002, he was called by ZBC for his first drama Hupenyu Mutoro.

His latest drama production, titled Timmy NaDhazimeta, was done in 2014 when he teamed up with veteran actor Timothy Tapfumanei.