‘Criminal cases involving ZNA members worrisome’

A worker at the Gushungo dairy busy at work during Malawian President Joyce Banda's visit yesterday

THE Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) says the increase in criminal cases involving its members was cause for concern and warned that it does not condone criminality within its ranks.


ZNA public relations director Colonel Alphios Makotore yesterday said the army was a professional organisation that does not condone acts of indiscipline and criminality by its members.

This comes amid reports of a spate of criminal activities involving soldiers, the latest being last week’s arrest of two armed soldiers after they were found in possession of poached game meat in Kariba.

A worker at the Gushungo dairy busy at work during Malawian President Joyce Banda's visit yesterday

“Any of its members caught on the wrong side of the law are subject to the country’s laws. Furthermore, internal disciplinary measures are also applied,” Makorore said in a statement.

Might Nyoni (30) and Stephen Jim (38) appeared before Kariba magistrate Felix Chaoromwe last week. They were facing charges of poaching

The other soldier fled, but left behind FN and AK47 rifles that were later traced to the Zimbabwe Army Parachute Regiment based at Inkomo Barracks in Darwendale.
The value of the hunted zebra is $3 000 and the value of the meat recovered is $166.

“The above case is before the courts, hence the ZNA will respect the court’s verdict,” Makotore said.

Last month, two soldiers were also arrested alongside two civilians after they were linked to a plot to bomb President Robert Mugabe’s Gushungo Dairy plant in Mazowe.
The matter is still before the courts.


  1. Maybe its to do with the salaries you are giving them. Some of your members vanotonzwisa tsitsi pama kombi ranks imploring the hwindis to sit on gearboxes(pakadoma) for free rides becoz they can not afford the 50 cents bus fare. At least you should supply them with buses. Its pity that you the Army bosses you seem not to care about the welfare of your lower ranked guys.

  2. Also worrying are rising criminal trends involving violent conduct against members of the civil populace.Military authorities must take upon themselves to educate the members of the military to shun such anti social behaviour and abide by the laws of the land,just like any other ordinary citizen of the country.The Defence Act is quite uncharitable to those members of the military who stray into the criminal world instead of sticking to their constitutional mandate of defending the country.

  3. Foot soldeirs are taking que from the above. Their bosses are Mega thieves. They own everything diamonds gold farms latest top range vehicles at least every year.
    While the real gunners wallow in porverty.
    Soon they will turn those guns against the chefs.
    That will be a blessing to the general citizenry and indeed a new era for Zimbabwe.

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