Breaking: Mugabe blasts Mutsvangwa

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Friday evening blasted War veteran’s minister Christopher Mutsvangwa for organising a demonstration by hundreds of ex-freedom fighters which was brutally crushed by police on Thursday.

In a State of the National Address, which was more of a Zanu PF address, Mugabe said Mutsvangwa he will take action on Mutsvangwa, saying “action will be taken where action needs to be taken”.

“We take exception to that. This irresponsible manner brings the name of the party and head of government into disrepute. People are beginning to wonder whether in fact we are governing properly in accordance with the rules,” he said.

Mugabe said Mutsvangwa should explain his actions

Mugabe, flanked by his deputies, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko – said to be long to different factions – said G40 and Lacoste must “shut up”.

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  1. Mutsvangwa is the head of war veterans, an institution within the security sector, reporting to the Commander in Chief. It’s both a security breach and violation of protocol for him to organize meetings without consulting both the patron of the war veterans and the Commander in Chief. Deal with this loose canon, otherwise the country will soon be ungovernable.

    1. Tibvire apa. Did your Mandi, who is not even war ves minister, consult the “patron”. In any case patrons are not an organic part of any organisation

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  3. Willard Mubvumbi

    For long you have been mollycoddling and pampering these war vets. Now they have grown too big for their shoes. You gave them the farms with the intention that their lives would change but look now, they are doing nothing with the land that you gave them. You gave them those 50 000s, but they are not appreciating.
    Just give farms to those who are serious and capable. Those war vets were supposed to be on their farms busy doing farming business but they are cry babies. Every year they give excuses e.g, drought, lack of inputs etc
    If you spare a rod, you will spoil a child.

    1. They were not given anything on a platter, they demanded the gratuities and the farms. The sad part is they have been used for political gain.

  4. Hameno zvakaitwa naMutsvangwa. Asi musazouya nembwa kumusangano ndapota hangu. Vanhu vanongokurukurwa navo. Moudziwa nyunyuto imi movapangawo mazano kwavo. Musarova mawarvet please.

  5. Zezuru Unconquerable

    THE.Zezuru Unconquerable rally was not organised bu Mutsvangwa. It is the police that attacked a peaceful meeting

  6. Now I can see Mutsvangwa being expelled from the party. That will render himself useless. Why didn’t EDM defend him?

    1. Because Mugabe is in control. Say whatever you want to say about his age. But this guy is too smart. Flanked by his two VPs. And who dare to test him. Lacoste rubbish nonsense. Mnangagwa forced to lean back. Gushungo we love you. Gushungo we will go to war for you. Mutsvangwa watch out . Ngwena we will burn you. We will watch out. DON’T play with us. Nyika ndeyedu. Viva Gushungo

    2. EDM has a definite trait of doing things recall the Tsholotsho Debacle which is the bone of contention (EDM Vs Jonso)

  7. Mutsvangwa cannot be expelled without war vets trouble

    1. He is history…..Finished like the Zim dollar

    2. You still believe in war vets trouble? They can only be trouble with the support of the old man, otherwise, vanodashurwa. Vava zvuru zvakapinda nyoka.

  8. mutsvangwa proved to
    be be undeplomatic and is a foolish war vet.calling for such a meeting without the knowledge of the president hence putting war vets lives at risk since they were teargased by police.he has automatically EXPELLED himself from ZANU pf and ZLWVA..foolish man.

  9. ma war vets api I only saw less than 35 really war vets the rest were growth point thugs .kirisi ita ma serious .gushungo vati ndiwe minister Saka kuratidzira kwaizoitwa kuchiitirwa ani Saka hausikugona basa sure kunotora vanhu Ku gokwe kuti vazoudza vakuru kuti wafoira aiwa uku ndokutema bazi raukagarira .

  10. icho

  11. The veterans are right Mugabe should listen to the people, the likes mutsvangwa and those who have his mind set are really necessary so that we have checks and balances on this idiot known as mugabe

  12. Next thing tichanzwa kuti Chris Mutsvangwa awanikwa akafa akazvivharira mumota yerudzi rwe Ford Ranger ku purazi kwake uye kuti mumota macho manga mune gaba remapiritsi nemabhurugwa echikadzi.

  13. What a sad end of Mutsvangwa.This chap is overzealous.Testing own medicine now

  14. Pliz excuse my ignorance and my bad english everyone from the so called two factions G40 and Team Lacoste seems to be supportive to our dear leader president Mugabe listen very attentively when each side is speaking ehe they want to do this and that to our president my question is if these factions are saying the truth why are they fighting each other, when they have a same agenda. Kana kuti ese matsotsi hapana mutsvene . Mr. President kick both factions out


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