Breaking: Hungwe upgraded to full cabinet minister

Josiah Hungwe

President Robert Mugabe today upgraded Psychomotor Minister Josiah Hungwe to a full Cabinet minister bringing to two the number of cabinet ministers from Masvingo.

Everson Mushava

Hungwe was sworn in at State House together with commissioners for the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and National Peace and Reconciliation Commission.

Josiah Hungwe

Job Whabira was sworn in as the new chairperson of ZACC while Cyril Enock Ndebele was sworn in as the NPRC boss.


  1. since been sworn in what has he changed so much so that he needs to be elevated to a full cabinet minister. Just on an administrative side, this kind of news is heartbreaking, government is broke and these measures defy logic. Apa Harare executives are part of a delegation accompanying a football team, who no value to add to the team. then the mayor says its too late to cancel, were was he when the residents first complained. decisions made at all levels of government rre appalling. zvimwe hazvisi ma sanctions but just a lack of will

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  3. To appease the people of Masvingo ahead of the birthday bash. These spurious decisions are part of the reasons the country has gone down the drain. There is no value addition to the economy let alone alleviating pepople’s problems.

  4. Or maybe Grace needs further reinforcements since Masvingo is becoming difficult to manage and Mahofa being on sick leave

  5. Am i missing a point??? Only two cabinet ministers from whole of big province of Masvingo!! So the rest of them idiitic misters are from where? Mugabeland I suppose

  6. The scandal from the Anti Corruption Commission is the appointment of Chombo wife,Nannette Silukhuni as a commissioner.Why does she not use that name since Chombo divorced publicly from Marian?

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