Breaking: Gushungo bomber gets eleven years


Little-known Zimbabwe People Front party president Owen Kuchata has been slapped with an 11-year jail term after pleading guilty to charges of attempting to bomb Gushungo Dairy processing plant two weeks ago.

Charles Laiton


However, Kuchata will spend a nine-year effective jail term after two years were suspended by regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya on condition of good behaviour.

Initially, Kuchata was jointly charged with military intelligence officers Borman Ngwenya, Solomon Makombe and Silas Pfupa, on insurgency, sabotage, banditry or terrorism and money-laundering charges.

But in a sudden turn of events, last Friday, he pleaded guilty to the charge prompting a separation of trial with his colleagues who are set to appear in court for routine remand on February 16.


  1. owen kuchata wanya dai wangonzi life in jail mfana kana une mkadz kumba akutosara achirohwa zvinhu haahaaahaaa.Dai usiri kuchikurubhi maximum ndakubvunza a simple question kuti so this is what gives meaning to your life?

  2. Anybody who believes this was a true trial had better get their heads examined. This was about rescuing the credibility of Mugabe after he arrested Tomana and everybody cried foul. This man had to be found guilty so Mugabe would walk away clean. Those self incriminating claims of attacking Gushungo daily are just a show. We want to see him spend that time in jail. Ndo Nhema. Mugabe is full of shit.

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