Bakers Inn sales up 20% on promo


Bakers Inn has experienced a 20% uptick in sales since the launch of its Stock Up and Win and Buy and Win promotions.


The bread company is seeking to reward its clientele for support given from traders and customers who helped increase its market share to 44% from June 2015.

Speaking to NewsDay yesterday, Baker’s Inn head of marketing, Douglas Magonya said the uptick was mainly attributed to the overwhelming response the company has received.


“Since the launch of our Stock Up and Win and Buy and Win promotions, volumes are up by 20% as the response from customers has been overwhelming. This is just after three days of launching and we are very hopeful with these two promotions this will help us reach our target of 500 000 sales a day,” he said.

“We have received tremendous support from our traders and consumers. We have the capacity to produce the bread and have the distribution capacity to take the bread to where our consumers are.”

Magonya said they are renewing their fleet of trucks to deliver their product to every corner of the country and that their sales teams are on the ground hoping to get new selling opportunities.

The two promotions dovetail with the company’s plan to grow sales to half a million per day on its way to attain a production target of 600 000 loaves. The two promotions were launched last week.

Bakers Inn wants to expand its business into Nigeria, Zambia and Mozambique.

Some of the prizes from the promotions will include nine Honda Fit vehicles, 19 2,5KVA generators, 19 laptops, 19 LED television sets, cash and monetary consolation prizes worth over $50 000. These prizes will be spread across the company’s nine regions.

“During the course of the promotions, we have a lot of consolation prizes that will be won during our in store and road show activations. So, with this promotion we are looking at rewarding our consumers nationwide, at least someone must get something out of this promotion,” Magonya said.

“As we speak our activations are already happening on the market so we call upon customers to buy more of our product.”

The Stock Up and Win promotion is for traders while Buy and Win is for consumers and are expected to run concurrently until April 2.


  1. “volumes are up by 20% as the response from customers has been overwhelming. This is just after three days of launching ……” Something is not adding up here. 20% volume growth within 2 days of promotion activation!!! There may be other factors at play otherwise it’s just a gimmick.

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