How anti-Mugabe pastor was scandalised by ‘CIO’

REMNANT Church Pastor Philip Mugadza, famous for staging a one-man demonstration against President Robert Mugabe in Victoria Falls last December, claims to have fallen victim of an elaborate plan by suspected State security agents to scandalise him in the same manner they did to former Roman Catholic Bulawayo Archbishop Pius Ncube.


The Kariba pastor, who approached NewsDay Weekender through a lawyers grouping, claimed he was offered what turned out to be a fake scholarship and booked into a four-star hotel in Harare, where prostitutes were set on him.

Mugadza said he started receiving calls from people who claimed to have been funding missing activist Itai Dzamara’s campaign against Mugabe’s alleged misrule.

Kariba pastor Patrick Mugadza who was recently arrested for staging a one-man demonstration against president Robert Gabriel Mugabe during the Zanu Pf party conference in Victoria Falls last year.Pic By Tafadzwa Ufumeli
Pastor Patrick Mugadza

He said the people claimed to have been impressed by his courage in staging a one-man protest at the Zanu PF annual conference in Victoria Falls last year and wanted to organise a scholarship.

He said the caller later transferred $50 through a mobile money tranfer agent to enable him to travel to Harare for meetings claiming to be representing an organisation called International Research Agency, with its given address as University of Zimbabwe (UZ) department of political administration under a professor only identified as Abdul Mohammed.

“They called me and identified themselves as from the department of international relations and wanted to appreciate what I was doing. I said that could be a good opportunity for me to study law, as I have always wanted to study it. They sent me money and I came to Harare. I was sceptical because I thought it could be the CIO, but I said to myself I could not run away from, them forever,” he said.

“On Monday morning, I was in Harare, I went straight to the UZ, but I did not find them and those from the department said they did not know them.”

Mugadza said after waiting for long, he decided to leave for Kariba only to be invited back to meet a person only referred to as doctor.

“A call was made to one professor, who I could tell from the voice was an Indian. I thought this could be genuine, as I had not heard of a CIO of Indian origin.
They said they were the ones assisting Dzamara and wanted to assist me. They booked me into a hotel, as they waited for some guys from South Africa. I was taken to a hotel in town,” he claimed

“At the hotel, the doctor, who was drinking beer, started saying he wanted girls around him. They were drinking and I said well, they can do their stuff. Two girls were called in and we all went to what was supposed to be my room. We started talking and I thought they would leave together, but when the woman, who was the secretary, was about to leave, she said to the girls, since you still want to chat, you can remain and go later.

“I then asked myself what was really going on here. I knew it was a trap and their plan was to trap me, but I did not know what their reaction would be if I reacted angrily. There were two beds, so they slept together on one and when I woke up, I took my stuff, left the room and went to the reception. I spoke to the people on duty and said they should allow me to sleep on the couch, but they refused. I was given two security officials to take me to my room, but when we got there, the girls were gone.”

He said he got a call from the people he was supposed to meet and while rushing for the meeting, he met the two women, who started demanding money from him.

“This is what they did to that Ncube. Who can believe them for using such tactics? They think they can bring me down. If God doesn’t want me to die, I will not die,” he said.


  1. Inonzi Zanu iyoyo mfundisi.munenya

  2. Dai Pastor maita zvekunamata mwari mosiyana nezve matongerwe anyika. zvine makuva izvi asi vanhu havadzidze. Mune rombo rakanaka muri munhu wamwari, ana Dzamara varipi nhasi uno.

    1. Everyone is going to die. No one will leave for 200 years. Its painful to be killed but what maters is life after death because it is infinity. We are all fooled by this world because of lack of patience. Life is too short for everyone.

  3. muchinyanya kuda zvinhu zvemahara,pamakamboita demo yenyu makanga matumwa nevanhu ava here?inonzi Zimbabwe,hazvidi hope!

  4. zvamungayite mkoma mfundisi, torayi rozari munamate kwazvo, nguwa nemisi zvasvedera. ukuwo manje, zvamatongerwo enyika mosiyana nazvo, asi kana mada mungatosiya rozari kwazvo moti dza nezvematongerwo enyika, asi akuna kwazvinokusvitsayi, ropa rakateuka rakawandisa,


  6. mfundisi muru kureva nhema…maybe u were trapped ..but you slept with the ladies

  7. Pastor you were trapped and you fell into the trap you had sex with one of the girls you are lucky she did not claim you raped her otherwise your will be awaiting trial, just say sorry iwas tempted by zanu or whoever and i fell into the trap

  8. Pastor makabhaudha vakadzi ava mava kutinyepera. Dhangeni haidyi sadza ka iyo.

  9. Mufundisi vaienda nepi iwo vatumirwa chibhora.makarova zvinhu mudhara.kkkkkkkkk

  10. Mufundisi vaka catcher two zvimoko for a three some. Vakarara neone simba ndofunga rarapera aive makaro chete. Uya asina kurarwa demanded money ndopakaita nyaya manje achiti you wasted my whole night I need to be paid. Mfundisi vakajamuka ndokudeedza security for help. Iyi yave coverup see story in Iharare hapana kana C.I.O apa.

  11. Reading the comments above one can see that it is the same people commenting that are trying tricks on him. If he stops doing that who would do it, we are under oppression under Zanu PF and it is a fact because the charges brought up against him are so stupid and they go the same as most comments above. Mufundisi musarase gwara ramakapiwa naShe rekununura vanhu, dai vana Mugabe vacho vakadzokera sure pavakabuda mujeri munoti vangadayi vari panyanga pavari kurambidza vamwe here? Pamberi nemwi mufundisa, Ishe vakupeyi simba rakawedzerwa kasingaverengeki…

  12. Ndavaningi Sithole . Bishop Abel Muzorewa and Desmond Tutu fought for the liberation of people yes pastors are allowed to be involved in politics. Wlhch chapter in forbids a pastor from doing politics. DAVID was a msn of God but was also a ruler. Solomon ruler and a writer of the word of God.

  13. Revised #standard

    Politics and religion are intertwinned musanyeberane#elijah akaconfranta king ahab wani aftre vaita social injustice pavakatora munda wa naboth

  14. Remember the train incident deep in that province pastor, were it all started I mentioned about such tactics. I said I can help reach out

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