AMHVoices:Time Mliswa leaves politics

Temba Mliswa

A LEOPARD will never change its spots, so is a political reject. They say history repeats itself, thus if one is a failed politician today, it’s a true reflection of what their political life will be in future.

By Zano,Our Reader

Former Mashonaland West legislator Temba Mliswa, was recently in Mutare where he met a group of youths belonging to his Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (Yard). It is reported that Mliswa, the organiser of the consultative debate together with other youths present, advocated for a youth-led political party.

Mliswa never ceases to amaze. After he lost the Mashonaland West Parliamentary seat to Keith Guzah of Zanu PF in a by-election, he was quick to say he was quitting politics. That decision to give up on politics was the best decision that Mliswa would have ever made in his life. Life is about making the right decisions. To be honest, politics is not Mliswa’s game. There are other opportunities that he can focus on outside politics. Mliswa proved that politics is not his field after he was rejected by Zanu PF.

When Mliswa participated in the by-election last year, he thought he was more popular than Zanu PF. In actual fact, he wrongly thought that his personality would attract the Hurungwe West electorate to vote him back into Parliament. Mliswa’s loss to Guzah mirrored his future political life. His case must save as a lesson to everyone that no-one “possesses” supporters.

Mliswa will never be a proper leader who will rightly stand for the rights of the youths. Youths under Yard must not trust this man. He is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is looking for survival.

Intellectuals best describe Mliswa as a political turncoat. Could youths really be that blind as to believe in a reject like Mliswa? What is particularly astonishing is not the fact of forming a youth-led opposition party as this is a sign of democracy, but who exactly will lead that party? One would then wonder if that youth-led political party will be viable under the leadership of a political turncoat.

But then again, what would one expect from a person who once worked with the Americans? The point is Mliswa is being used to effect regime change by these westerners. It is a shame that he is now the target. At first it was Morgan Tsvangirai, who never achieved anything in the past three consecutive elections.

Mliswa purports to be the voice of the voiceless while in actual fact he is an aggrieved chap who has been expelled from the party, Zanu PF. The way Mliswa wants to play politics is somehow perplexing as he seems to be hallucinating each time he engages into these consultative debates, once given the podium and chance. Mliswa, therefore, should be advised that politics should make sense, rather than senselessly trying to seek relevance after having been booted from the ruling party.


  1. We know very well that ZANU PF used a lot of violence in the area. Even with such intimidation, the difference in votes was very small. add rigging into the equation, and you will realise Mliswa is the darling of the constituency. Having said that, I agree that the guy is a serial fliflopper like Jonathan Moyo.

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