AMHVoices:Stop Grace’s divide-the-people rallies

Grace Mugabe

The decision by the Zanu PF Masvingo provincial executive to stand by their chairperson and defy his suspension by political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere marks the beginning of the end for the once mighty party. This defiance appears simple, but has complicated long-term effects and disastrous consenquences for this country. It is the start of a new sad era for Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe. Mugabe will find it difficult to discharge his national duties as his party continuous to burn. The tribal wars in Zanu PF must stop. Any challenge to Kasukuwere is also a challenge to Mugabe’s decisions as the national commissar works closely with the party president.

By Pardon Maguta,Our Reader


It is no secret that these tribal conflicts are an extension of the Zanu PF succession matrix and warfare. But the tribal element is going to be fatal and lethal for Mugabe’s party as he is likely to lose support from some of his traditional political strongholds.

There have been revolts in Zanu PF since its formation, but never of this magnitude. The fact that a whole province decided to challenge their national commissar and back or defend their provincial chairperson Ezra Chivamba shows there are serious problems within Zanu PF. Other provinces might also emulate the Masvingo way of putting out fire with fire and no one will listen to Kasukuwere and his master in the future. It’s like things are falling apart.

In fact, this is historic, but not surprising given the foolish statements uttered and peddled by some Zanu PF national leaders at First Lady Grace Mugabe’s Chiweshe rally in Mashonaland Central.

Such utterings indicating that a Karanga will never rule Zimbabwe, were a direct assault on the people of Masvingo and Midlands provinces. This attack on people in areas where Mugabe and Zanu PF have always enjoyed massive support is bound to backfire in the future.

This will destroy Zanu PF, whether Mugabe is still politically active or not. Karangas will remain suspicious of plots to use them by some in Zanu PF.

Already the Matabeleland regions are alienated by years of neglect, underdevelopment, poverty and now it’s the Karangas who are under siege.

There is no doubt that the conflict in Zanu PF is now pitched on tribal lines.

The statement that no Karanga will replace a Zezuru to them means there is a secret pact within some powerful elements in the party to block the ascendancy of anyone from that region to the highest office in the land. So why should they continue to support a party which sees their region and people as inferior or subjects of use and abuse to get power, but never for anyone from their region to exercise that power? It also partly explains why Mugabe has overstayed in power.

It’s high time action was taken to stop First Lady Grace Mugabe and her crew from lambasting fellow party members before the situation gets out of hand Already there are shortages of food, medicines, jobs, shelter and water. We cannot afford this eleventh problem being manufactured by power-hungry people in Zanu PF.

The crisis gripping the nation calls for unity and not these divide-the-people-and- nation rallies. People are fed up.


  1. These are not Divide the people Rallies, they are dividing Zanu PF. And writer, when you say people are fed up, which people are you referring to? This is a Zanu PF war and only the Zanu are fed up. Of which I think they are actually enjoying the show.

    • Moreover the end of Zanu Mr editor is not sad for the country but is a cause for celebration. Zanu is not Zimbabwe. This is the point. Zimbabwe will be there long after the parties that we know are gone. Fight for Zimbabwe not individuals.

  2. I blame VP Mphoko for this tribal mess. He was utterly irresponsible and reckless to venture into this minefield. He intimated at a rally at Kanyemba Secondary School in Chiweshe that it was not written that after a Zezuru president, then the turn will be for a Karanga president. However, no one has ever suggested that. If it’s beer hall talk or gossip then he should not have responded to that, because how will he defend himself in a court of law on charges of inciting violence and civil strife resulting in despondency, and break down of law and order . So, if a Zezuru is the only one to rule, why was Mphoko and Jonathan Moyo grinning from ear to ear? How come they think they will also rule, when you are told in your face that you shall never rule, even if your legitimate chance has arrived? Going forward the First Lady should take control of the audience and ensure that such dangerous songs and statements are STOPPED, STOP IT! VP Mphoko should preach unity, and should refrain from using sensitive words, statements and insinuations which can result in pandemonium. In fact, going forward the word tribe should never be uttered, in whatever context, and Zimbabwean should be the rallying call.

  3. Women’s League program-me going around the country meeting the ordinary Zimbabweans in your expensive cars,helicopters,showing off your designer Zanu pf regalia what has this got to do for the ordinary rural Zimbabweans who survive on $0.25 cents a day shame on you Women’s league Chairwoman.

  4. Grace is the best gift to ever fall into our hands. The way she has helped destroy Mugabe’s legacy and reduce Zanupf to rubble is just too good to be true. To imagine how many years opposition leaders battled & lives lost trying to accomplish the same result is unbelievable

  5. Mphoko is the one who is tasked with national peace and reconciliation initiatives yet he spits venom like that..eeeish

  6. VP Mphoko is the one who is tasked with national peace and reconciliation initiatives yet he spits venom like that..eeeish

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  8. Leave Mboko alone. Its not his falt. That guy is naturally dumb…and has no undestanding of whats going on. He is just being dragged along. Just looking at him, you can see a guy who is really mentally challenged, and has no apprciation of the happenings which is why Grace chose him. He is just a ready to use condom.

  9. It has now become a national crisis, no progress at all in the country because of a greedy selfish lady who wants to remain in power for ever . Its up to Zimbos to stand and watch this national crisis or defend your birth right.Since last year what progress has been made besides broadcasting Grace’s rallies , and watching er divide and rule antics

  10. What VP Mpoko said has been deliberately distorted. All what he meant was that Zimbabwe will not be ruled by means of tribal rotation. The president is not elected because of his tribe but on merit.
    The press are now twisting the statement to sell papers.

    • How about the tribal band which played right before him their hit song “mazezuru unconquerable” ? Wake up and smell the coffee before the country goes the rwanda way.

  11. it’s high time people fro Masvingo,Midlands,Manicaland and Matebeleland stand up and fight this regime. kusvika riini shuwa. how can a presidential figure like Mphoko utter that nonsense in front of that huge audience. we know he is singing for his last supper but anofanirwa kuziva kuti ane vana vaachasiya, ticharova vana nekuda kwemhosva dzemadzibaba

  12. If you’re a “war vet” and a policeman, what do you do now, fire the tear gas at your comrades or work mates? Take it up another notch, you’re a war vet and a ZNA captain….are you eventually be cornered to shoot a fellow soldier or “war vet”?

    Exciting times for the country and a very suitable time for very personal introspection before making any decision. We needed this, thanks Grace Marufu. After this the majority, especially in ZPF will understand the difference between life and death – it has been a game for the past 35 years but now, game over!!

  13. You can’t win elections by dividing the people. regai dzitungane dzemudanga rimwe dzipoye .matakanana mu ZANU pf agar a arimo nakare saka kwa kuputika kwe mota riri muhapwa

  14. Viva Masvingo people!!! The other provinces should follow suit. Hapana chekunyengerera apa! The Karangas are the majority group in the country and its very good that they’re grouping together to say NO to Grace and her husband. Without the Karanga vote Zanu pf is finished.
    Every Zimbabwean must condemn tribalism and anyone that celebrates it saka pasi naGrace nemurume wake! Mugabe must go, he has overstayed.

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  16. As a Karanga I condemn with utmost unrestrained anger the grouping of opportunist rouble rousers like Jonso and Tyson plus their illiterate leaders Gire and Mboko. Playing the tribal card is the end of your G40 project manyangira yona . So all along you been persiuing tribalistic agenda! Zvino mantas zvirere totodevo usher ihwohwo militia babysat pachena Kuti January maNationalists Asi tuvanhu twenhando. Musatijairira, unconcourable Chii you are history.

  17. In a game of chess the most important piece is the king. But he is lame and sick. Capable of moving just one step at a time. His capture spells the defeat of the Kingdom. Game over. The Queen is the most powerful piece. She must be stopped

  18. Thank you Newsday. Grace must stop her stupid rallies. They help no one. People must just boycott these silly rallies that waste resources and time. As 1st lady she should be a mother figure that gets the respect and adoration of a nation much like Sally Mugabe or Graca Machel. Grace is the complete opposite, a total disgrace, she’s very insecure and empty headed. Mliswa was right kuti she must have mental problems. She’s a polarising figure that is being used by her husband to fan tribal, regional and ethnic division in Zimbabwe. All Zimbabweans regardless of region, colour, religion or tribe cannot be disqualified to be the next leaders. What has Mugabe achieved for us that makes him so special anyway? People need jobs kwete zvima rally zvenhando. What 1st lady dances to Zezuru unconquerable?! Sad.

  19. Zva Grace zveudofo chete chete. Anoziveiko? Ndizvozvinoita vanemaPhd here izvozvi ? Vangu vana havangakuindi ku Uni kwacho. Unonyadzisa madzimai eZimbabwe neudofo hako kudai. Wakawana nyika ya kanaka ukakoromora hufumi hwese, ikozvino unotatarika uchitaura zvekushandira nyika ipiko? Kwana iwe. Hauzivi kuti upenyu chii idiot!
    Ndinodada ne Masvingo yangu. Ndiri Masvingo yacho. Zimbabwe yakanyarara ichikupa respect nekuda kwamudhara asi zvino kana woruma munwe uno ku kika bota aah wapress wrong kkkkkk.

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