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AMHVoices:Stop Grace’s divide-the-people rallies

AMH Voices
It is no secret that these tribal conflicts are an extension of the Zanu PF succession matrix and warfare.

The decision by the Zanu PF Masvingo provincial executive to stand by their chairperson and defy his suspension by political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere marks the beginning of the end for the once mighty party. This defiance appears simple, but has complicated long-term effects and disastrous consenquences for this country. It is the start of a new sad era for Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe. Mugabe will find it difficult to discharge his national duties as his party continuous to burn. The tribal wars in Zanu PF must stop. Any challenge to Kasukuwere is also a challenge to Mugabe’s decisions as the national commissar works closely with the party president.

By Pardon Maguta,Our Reader


It is no secret that these tribal conflicts are an extension of the Zanu PF succession matrix and warfare. But the tribal element is going to be fatal and lethal for Mugabe’s party as he is likely to lose support from some of his traditional political strongholds.

There have been revolts in Zanu PF since its formation, but never of this magnitude. The fact that a whole province decided to challenge their national commissar and back or defend their provincial chairperson Ezra Chivamba shows there are serious problems within Zanu PF. Other provinces might also emulate the Masvingo way of putting out fire with fire and no one will listen to Kasukuwere and his master in the future. It’s like things are falling apart.

In fact, this is historic, but not surprising given the foolish statements uttered and peddled by some Zanu PF national leaders at First Lady Grace Mugabe’s Chiweshe rally in Mashonaland Central.

Such utterings indicating that a Karanga will never rule Zimbabwe, were a direct assault on the people of Masvingo and Midlands provinces. This attack on people in areas where Mugabe and Zanu PF have always enjoyed massive support is bound to backfire in the future.

This will destroy Zanu PF, whether Mugabe is still politically active or not. Karangas will remain suspicious of plots to use them by some in Zanu PF.

Already the Matabeleland regions are alienated by years of neglect, underdevelopment, poverty and now it’s the Karangas who are under siege.

There is no doubt that the conflict in Zanu PF is now pitched on tribal lines.

The statement that no Karanga will replace a Zezuru to them means there is a secret pact within some powerful elements in the party to block the ascendancy of anyone from that region to the highest office in the land. So why should they continue to support a party which sees their region and people as inferior or subjects of use and abuse to get power, but never for anyone from their region to exercise that power? It also partly explains why Mugabe has overstayed in power.

It’s high time action was taken to stop First Lady Grace Mugabe and her crew from lambasting fellow party members before the situation gets out of hand Already there are shortages of food, medicines, jobs, shelter and water. We cannot afford this eleventh problem being manufactured by power-hungry people in Zanu PF.

The crisis gripping the nation calls for unity and not these divide-the-people-and- nation rallies. People are fed up.