AMHVoices:Spare the rod and spoil the child

There was always that eye that you knew as a child meant trouble and a lashing so painful it was almost like our parents committed crimes against our small bodies. Our mothers never said much when my generation grew up but we knew what certain gestures meant. Today’s children have it a bit easy.

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If only they knew you could be beaten for any of the following reasons:

1. Crying after being beaten.

2. Not crying after being beaten

3. Crying without being beaten

4. Standing while the elders are seated

5. Sitting while the elders stand

6. Walking around aimlessly where the elders are seated.

7. Replying back to an elder

8. Not replying back to an elder

9. Spending too much time without being beaten.

10. Singing after being admonished

11. Not greeting visitors

12. Eating food prepared for the visitors.

13. Crying to go with the visitors when the visitors are leaving.

14. Refusing to eat.

15. Coming back home after sunset

16. Eating at the neighbour’s home

17. Generally being moody.

18. Generally being too excited.

19. Fighting with your age mate and losing.

20. Fighting with your age mate and winning.

21. Eating too slowly

22. Eating too quickly

23. Eating too much

24. Sleeping while the elders had already woken up

25. Looking at the visitors while they are eating

26. Stumbling and falling when walking…

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  1. oooooh. thank you l had laughed so much for the first time this yr. Thank you once again.
    its very true. thats why past generation was well disciplined; there was no teen pregnancy, teenage boys being robbers, there was no guys and lesbians. sure it was good time….

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