AMHVoices:Our traffic laws are a mockery

SO the Japanese are crazy and too risky? True or false? Over 90% of cars on our roads are imported from Japan. They come with a set of tools including a spare wheel which the manufacturer tested and tried and we have never heard them recalling the cars for defects, including the wrong spare wheel world over.

Lovemore Andrew Magaso,Our Reader


Surprisingly of all the countries which import Japanese cars the Zimbabwean government passed a law which makes carrying this type of spare wheel a traffic offence.

This makes one wonder when we became better than the Japanese when it comes to engineering, when we can not even manufacture a lawn mower!

It is a crazy piece of law! Makes one wonder the calibre of our lawmakers or the motives behind some of these laws. Insisting on put ting certain types of reflectors on all vehicles when the cars are manufactured fitted with them. This is another ridiculous piece of law.

Some of our laws need reviewing.

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  1. Its so supprising because some people only got to know when being fined at roadblocks for carrying the small spare wheel.If it is law then it must be published for everyone to know.The newspapers must do their bit not to wait for police to just pounce on unsuspecting motorists.Why are the police quie, we need an announcement from the respective office.Lets be fair.

  2. Its stranger than fiction .

  3. It’s called customizing auto engineering to local conditions! Very soon they will be ticketing for steering wheels of wrong diameter! Kkkkkkkkk.

  4. modern day vehicles have built in reflectors that are more reflective than the stick on type

  5. The law on reflectors just proves that our lawmakers are uneducated. even an infant can notice that the taillight on every car was engineered to reflect light at night. Makes u wonder if the zim education system teaches anything useful in life.We are a very ignorant nation.

  6. They almost fined me for having reflective triangles that reflect on one side only, despite the fact that I had two of them. I asked the police officer the logic, his answer was he does not make law. I refused to pay.

    1. We have got some of the most expensive number plates in the world,the number plates in the UK and most European countries have reflective material on and they cost a fraction of the number plates in Zimbabwe

  7. Kupedza nayaya jus chill turn on your aircon and listen to music with your feet on the dashboard and vigorously refuse to pay for such silly offences.

  8. Very good article, but needs more research so as to challenge such silly laws. In my case a policeman wanted to see the spare wheel and I showed him the one on the car different to the rest. I had to produce a receipt to show that the other wheel was being repaired after being damaged by pot holes. In that case should I be arrested or complimented for actually using the spare wheel not just as a decoration. Our ZRP should be renamed ”Zimbabwe Revenue Police” because all they do care about is fines and not actual service.

  9. The spare wheel is in the boot and i am not using it, shouldnt i be punished when i fit it, not when its tucked away somewhere. Its not like i am a danger to anyone when i do not have a spare wheel.Some vehicles are in a worse state than these reflectors and spare wheels, they should not be allowed on the road even when one has paid a fine. Just because i have paid a fine does not restore the treads on my banana tyres. Instead that vehicle should be impounded till it has been fitted with good tyres. Why should a ticket allow a person to flout the law for the whole day. Putting reflectors on a vehicle with fitted reflectors is really absurd.

  10. It is ridiculous 100%. you really wonder how it works. someone got a ticket for 20$ because those stick on reflectors are not the actual type required. surely what is the actual type. and how do you know the difference when not gazetted. at least the reflectors were there. disappointed


    There is no law that prohibits small spare wheel. They are just taking advantage of that most motorist do not know the traffic law.


  12. So what?

  13. Great piece..short though. Should have gone further and interviewed lawyers and lawmakers themselves, and the Police chief. The last one can be a bit challenging as the journo could be arrested for posing a threat to his territorial integrity or infringing on his rights to a fair sleep. Its like ZRP has a Thumb-sucking Law formulation dept where they cook up these laws. When are ever going to stand up against this…Oh yes like the other commentator said..switch on your aircon, put your feet up and give them the finger!

  14. am organising to have a forum for zim drivers and ultimately forming a drivers union to fight for motorists rights and legal represention throughout the country 24/7 contact me to findout more we need this now

  15. Mandlenkosi Ncube

    It’s sickness, they let the population to starve, let alone corruption. If someone told them that they are smart why don’t they fix the economy?

  16. Can someone explain to me, how the presence or absence of a spare wheel becomes a safety issue ? Why is ZRP interested in a spare wheel ? Asi vanopenga here ? Kushaya basa nhai ?

    The reason why ZRP get away with this nonsense is people let them. The people should demand a stop to this nonsense of police making laws

  17. Vari ryt vanhu Ava vanoziva kuti munyika hamuchina road saka kavhiri Kaye hakaiti mumazikomba seaye so vari kutoudza imi kuti kavhiri aka ndekejapan kwete mugomba plz some things don’t criticise the scope of policing vaneta nezvitunha zvinozotorwa after 2 days ivo vakarinda

  18. Imagine having four roadblocks in a 10km stretch. It appears there is a deliberate move to raise money for the fiscus. This is where corrupt police officers use fake receipt books so that they can eat from the same bowl with these thieves. The fines issued at these roadblocks continue to stiffle the ordinary citizen who either is not getting paid on time or is struggling to earn a decent living. To make matters worse , the police allow their unroadworthy vehicles to roam the streets and highways without raising spot fines to them. Tichasangana.

  19. its funny that when you refuse to pay and you want it to go to court that they want to take your car until the court out come. Ish Zim police marwadzo.

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