AMHVoices:Opposition failing to capitalise on Zanu PF fights

War veterans' leader Chris Mutsvangwa reacts to President Mugabe's attack on war veterans. Mugabe accused war vets of using their war credentials to jostle for positions in Zanu PF . Pic Shepherd Tozvireva

Zimbabwe’s opposition political parties are at their weakest and are actually clueless on how they can change the dire political situation in the country.

Leonard Koni,Our Reader

The so-called coalition talks are only emanating from the electorate, as pressure from the citizens. In reality, there is no unity among the opposition parties, except leaders fighting for positions in their respective parties. They are failing to come up with a strong team which should be in a position to mount a formidable challenge against President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party come 2018.

The media is awash with succession stories within the ruling party, Zanu PF — a time the opposition was supposed to be making inroads on the ground and embarking on a massive recruitment drive with a view to gaining more votes.

The major opposition parties have dismally failed to strike the right chord and time is fast running out for the opposition as the 2018 polls draw close.

With claims during the recent African Union Summit held in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa that Mugabe would remain in politics until God calls him, it is now clear that he will not move an inch and will remain in the corridors of power as he wants to die in office.

Opposition political parties have failed to take advantage of the internal rifts in the ruling party and, rather, have been found discussing other issues.

They are really missing the point. Factionalism in Zanu PF has reached boiling point and all the attention has been diverted to their petty political issues.

The fighting between Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and Presidential spokesperson George Charamba on social networking sites has been the order of the day and this clearly shows that there is factionalism within the ruling party which the opposition political parties should capitalise on.


  1. Wabaya gudo muromo apa! Unbelievable the opposition are not taking full advantage of a chaotic Zanupf.They are presented with an open goal yet failing to score anything to capture the electorate.And yeah 2018 is ound the corner hey.

  2. but u also seem to miss the point in your collective wisdom, trying to capitalise on what is happening in Zanu PF might help to unite them. this has happened before. Baboons may fight amongst themselves bt once a perceived enemy appears, they unite into a solid. so at times its prudent to wait until they finish themselves and then strike when they can nolonger do anything. food for thought.

  3. What opposition; they are all ZANU PF stooges on payroll. How does Morgan nor Welshman take advantage if their boss’ demise?

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