AMHVoices:Mujuru, stop cheap politicking

FOR the past 35 years, the proponents of the People First (PF) project, led by Joice Mujuru, the former Vice-President of Zimbabwe, were in government enjoying the benefits that come with one being in top echelons of the ruling elite. They enjoyed their stay in government without problems.



They saw nothing wrong with anything that the government in general and Zanu PF in particular was doing. From their point of view, being in government was the best chance ever that had happened in their lives. Enjoying government perks and driving state-of-the-art vehicles made the Mujuru cabal see nothing sinister about anything in government until the December 2014 Zanu PF congress that resulted in the cabal being thrown out of Zanu PF and government altogether.

Surprisingly, the same individuals, especially Mujuru, want to make people believe that her PF project will be a blessing to the relatives and friends of those who perished during the Gukurahundi era. She wants to seek political relevance by bringing the issue of the Gukurahundi atrocities to the people as a campaign tool. Her thrust that the Gukurahundi era should be revisited and solutions sought is an expedient effort by her to seek the Matabeleland and Midlands regions’ votes.

Mujuru wants the public to take her as a saint yet everything happened in her full view doing nothing to avert that. She was there enjoying herself in government and also celebrating during that unfortunate era of Gukurahundi.

Addressing some alleged PF leadership from Matabeleland North in Harare recently, Mujuru told them that the Gukurahundi victims should be compensated and those who lost their parents should be assisted to get identity documents. Mujuru sought again to put herself in good standing with the Matabeleland regions by going against President Robert Mugabe’s assertion in 1999 that the Gukurahundi era was “a moment of madness”, saying that it was wrong to refer to that period as such. Mujuru wanted to appear good to her Matabeleland North audience by disowning what she actually supported during her time in government that Gukurahundi was “a moment of madness” as espoused by Mugabe.

In fact, Mujuru needs to realise that the issue of Gukurahundi is something which cannot bring her votes as she failed to denounce that when she was still in government.

Mujuru is not qualified to tell the nation that Gukurahundi can only be solved by letting people talk about it nearly more than three decades of her silence over that calamity. The PF leadership should be aware that cheap politicking has no room in modern-day Zimbabwe and people want bread and butter issues that can sustain their livelihood.

People should not be misled by mischievous politicians who always want to gain political mileage by abusing the status of other people. The reality is that Mujuru does not have people at heart, but she is now trying to come back into the political limelight by bringing into the agenda the Gukurahundi issue. She knows quite well that for her to get sympathy from people in the Matabeleland region, she must bring forward the issue of Gukurahundi into the political agenda.

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  1. …and what is wrong in correcting your mistakes. THE WRITER lacks leadership dynamics and exposure. When Chelsea was failing to win matches the blame was shouldered by one man, the ultimate leader, the manager Jose. Jose was not working alone his immediate manager Steve Holland was not sucked he is still there simply because he was working at the instruction of the manager during the failing times. So to blame Mujuru about Mugabe mistakes yet she was working at Mugabe’s instruction its pretty wrong. the time she tried to voice herself out against bad governance we all saw what happened. The big man felt threatened and chucked her out. How honestly would you want someone to formulate new policies and strategies of an organization while you’re only a line manager not the CEO?

  2. mukachani u got it all wrong on this one .Mujuru is no longer in Zanupf precisely because she doesnt belong to the zanupf line of thinking…Its true that she was in government for 35 yrs and who doesnt kno that the President is the alpha and wife the omega of what ever is decided in government .But is that not true that the people of matebeleland wants this issue discussed and not wished away as if nothing happened . Whether mujuru will or will not benefit her politically is subjective. Tell us what u wish will be a better way to heal the people of Matebelaland and dont just tell us it was a moment of madness

  3. Everyone makes mistakes in life and deserves a second chance. It doesn’t matter the means by which one is brought to repentance, as long as its genuine then there’s forgiveness

  4. Mukachana is a supporter of MDC Welshaman. He is frustrated about Ncuibe’s glaring lack of leadership and political acumen. He is now pouring his frustrationon Mujuru.Lets not take him serious.

  5. Mukachana haunyari..
    Newsday why publish a dump story like this surely is this story going to sell your paper?

  6. The writer is an amateur in Zimbabwes politics. Because of his mindset Mugabe is going to rule forever.

    1. Alheit-nemoyowese

      Chambati are the resurrect Arriston who foolishly attack our good Daily News. WELL DONE FOR THESE REPORTS!

  7. i totally agree with the writer, let us not play dump to the fact that Mujuru is just seeking relevence and gain political milage from the people in matebeleland and part of midlands. how can she propose that the matter be revisited more than two decades after the atrocities.Lets just be honest, if Mujuru was still in Zanu Pf now she will be still boot-licking Mugabe but now because she was booted out..all of a sudden Zanu yashata.imimi ka..any supporter of Mujuru is a supporter of Zanu

  8. The writer has limited thinking as puported by other commentators. People change ,people reform as a result of meeting new experiences. What on is now should be what he/she will be tomorrow and at times you suffer in a system and continue to try to
    34 years in Government does change it with pains. Having spent not mean she was in agreement and in full support of what was happening there. At times the environment is so threatening that you cannot raise your head and running away would be suicidal.

  9. Self rightiousness is affecting our dear writer he i seen him self above all politics and knows it all . Can he tell us why Mai Mujuru was booted and when she agreed or was consulted on gukura hundi

  10. Writer don’t let us hate daily news. I am a follower of Newsday but you force me to abandon it. Stop that stupid analysis that lacks maturity.

  11. They saw something wrong about the regime thus leading them into planning to topple Mugabe from within which resultantly led to their firing when things went wrong.
    Wake up Author and be critical at high level and not mere primary level analysis.

  12. management should fire this amateur reporter. in fact the reporter and the editor should be fired. actually, they should all resign (including management) for letting such a dumb article go to print.

  13. its true,she cannot separet her self from that era.she must actualy apologies&tel us wat she has to offer in her new project.bread&butter isues wil make it it for her not anything else.

  14. almost all the political leaders were once in zanupf but some how things change and once that happens we will analyse a person in his or her merit as a political leader and the truth about Mujuru is she want the issue be revisited and y not

  15. Mr writer I disagree with your sentiments and views. First & foremost who is qualified to say gugurahundi can be resolved by letting people talk, is it those who are lying in rest at Heroes acker? For your information every concerned citizen is qualified to push for talks on this matter. Who does not want cheap politicing, in which country are u staying in? There are so many people who are ferried by savior Kasusukuwere to go and fight his stupid battles so that he pushes his and ZANU of agenda, is that not the love of cheap politics. Please do more research before you bombard us with a barrage of useless stories

  16. Prosper Tangenhamo

    The only Question to ask is, who was the commander of The Zimbabwe National Army then: Solomon Mujuru and what is the Mujuru Cabal now say?

  17. Its called politics man. You tell people what they want to hear and u become very popular. It does not matter whether its true or false as long as people are happy they will vote for you. Unfortunately politicians have mastered the game and people will never realise it. Zanu PF has mastered the art and that’s why they are still in power. They have been telling people the same thing for the past three decades and people keep on clapping their hands not realising that its still the same message in a different format. This Mujuru character was once a very senior member of Zanu PF (and government) and she never talked about Gukurahunda and all of a sudden she realises that the issue needs to be addressed because she sees potential votes – cheap politics at its best. Good luck for those who have fallen for her trap!!!!

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  19. Mujuru is a thief. She connived with Joseph Kanyekanye to steal 65% of ALLIED TIMBERS through a briefcase company called Nyika. The timber was sold mostly through TS TIMBER. Joice Mujuru made Joseph Kanyekanye in charge of all industries in Zimbabwe through CZI and looted the country’s industries to ground zero. She went ahead to destroy NSA, CAPITAL BANK, RTG AND FBC using the same thief Joseph Kanyekanye. Today she is conniving with the Kanyekanye Executive to burn down all commercial forests in Manicaland to cover up for the crimes. Of treasonus concern is the fact that proceeds of the loot are being used to undermine and overthrow a government and replace it with her mosy corrupt cabal. Any supporter of Mujuru is a criminal or a total idiot.

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