AMHVoices:Mugabe has totally failed


It’s time for all patriotic children of the soil to stand up and tell President Robert Mugabe to step down as his continued stay at State House is plunging the country deeper and deeper into economic chaos.

By Sir African,Our Reader

His greatest mistake was that he did not consult Ian Smith on how he managed to successfully run a country that was was under debilitating United Nations sanctions for more than 10 years. His second mistake is that he is scared of his people to the extent that he is surrounded by a wall of security personnel so much that he cannot see beyond his nose.

I do agree with a certain pastor, who said the country fell under a witchcraft spell, but he was short of saying the country is cursed.

I do not even believe people will miss Mugabe if he goes away. He is in the same league with Idi Dada Amin, Jean Claude Bokassa, Haile Mariam Mengistu, Mobutu Sese Seko, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi,Kim il-Sung and Hissene Habre.

Just like Kwame Nkrumah, Mugabe started well, but power corrupted him to the extent that he is now considering himself a demigod. This misconception that people ought to die in office must be condemned by all sane people.

We cannot have such an old tired man dice with our lives while we have young energetic people who can perform better than him being relegated to spectators in their own country.

This country has been on auto-pilot since the rigged 2013 elections, that is why the economy is on a free fall. It’s unfortunate that no one in the world has ever managed to rig the economy and Mugabe is getting his just desserts, but unfortunately the innocent people are suffering too.

If I were asked to make a wish, I would wish he stayed forever in the East, where he was on holiday.


  1. Kana mumba yaunogara iri yebasa iwe une maskeletons imomo there is no way you will leave. He is right by clinging on because he fears for his life and muri kuda kumusunga kkkkk.

  2. Insulting Mugabe will not change your status or put him out of power.Unto him its only useless noise.Opposition always decampaighns itself by saying they are rigged several times .The truth is MDC has supporters not voters.ZIMBABWE has done better compared to the position it was when the recession began.The people will not vote again with the mind that elections are always in favour of ZANU PF but the revolutionary cadres will vote and win with their numbers.

  3. I e­­­arn 2­­­5 do­­­llars e­­­very 3­­­0 mi­­­nut­­­es. Wo­­­rk f­­­or fe­­­w ho­­­urs a­­­nd ha­­­ve l­­­ong­­­er ti­­­me wi­­­th fr­­­iend­­­s an­­­d f­­­ami­­­ly. ­­­ch­­­eck it o­­­ut th­­­is li­­­nk fo­­­r de­­­tails.­­­


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