AMHVoices:G40 is Mugabe’s creation

IN Zanu PF like in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, some members are more equal than others. Besides suggestions of leading a “kitchen Cabinet”, President Robert Mugabe preaches what he does not practice and because of this, with the assistance from those bent on destroying Zanu PF from within, the President has brought the party and country to the current situation.

By Gutu,Our Reader


The party and country are on shaky ground because Mugabe has failed to take charge of the situation by allowing an emotional, inexperienced and politically clueless First Lady Grace Mugabe to run things, as confirmed last week at a rally in Chiweshe.

Such lack of cohesion and unity does not bring the much-needed investors; if anything, it chases them away.This year’s first politburo meeting resolved that attacking members of the party publicly in any fora is prohibited.

Before the ink on the resolutions had dried, Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo was back on twitter telling his followers what transpired in the meeting. The next morning Sarah Mahoka, Saviour Kasukuwere, Moyo and Dickson Mafios led by Grace were in overdrive publicly denouncing and denigrating War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa at a rally in Chiweshe. This was done without following due process.

The violations of the party’s resolutions are taking place because the group, G40, is claiming to have the blessings of Mugabe. Shame on you, Gushungo, if that is the case, talking about African unity when at home you are causing such disharmony. Gushungo, if you are not the one speaking through your wife and the entire G40, call them to order before they cause irreparable damage to the party.

Better still, appoint a new chair and disciplinary committee to try these wayward members including your wife. At the moment I believe the marriage with the greater membership of the party can be salvaged, as chances of reconciliation still exist.

There should be no second round of the useless non-productive meet-the-people rallies by Grace before an urgent extraordinary politburo or central committee meeting for parties to agree to work together or amicably part ways. What these rallies only achieve like during the time of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru is to cause more disharmony and disunity in the party.

On this one, Moyo, I salute you, you are on the verge of managing to destroy Zanu PF from within.

This is, however, possible should Mugabe continue to lead the faction against himself. From what transpired because your wife is the leader of the women’s league, you were fully aware of the agenda of the gathering. Stop this madness in the party now.

Do not destroy your legacy, leave a united party and country, as at the moment the party is at war with itself.

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  1. How many times does ZANU PF gets destroyed from within by Professor Moyo.? With this type of shallow analysis from within opposition ranks , its no wonder Mzee declared that “ZANU ichatonga kusvikira madhongi amera nyanga”!. I just checked the donkeys in my neighborhood, and none of them have grown horns yet.

  2. kkkkkkkkk

  3. @tsvangson look closely my frnd its a plague ……isu toimba “kumagumo baba wangu, isu toenda kumagumo”

  4. This is now war within Syria. War within ZANU PF.

  5. I wouldn’t want to believe moyo is pure zanu pf. I also nid not be told zanu really got married to him for the love of him. that’s a big NO and NO NO NO… The other tym thingz got sour n they sent him packing. what about the tsholotsho declaration? they called him n gave him the press ministry n was later indirectly demoted to a less influential H&T Ed Ministry. for all these insults, if I were him, i’ll be sure to destroy this animal called zanu. yes it goes to say if yu cant beat them, join them… yes join them and beat them to their game… that’s JOONA for you

  6. Zvaipa nhasi bbecause it is the turn on the other faction? You looked away when similar lies were peddled against Joyce.Grace said these people have become a stronger faction after ousting Mujuru.They ululated when Mujuru was disgraced.Now it is the turn of the Weevils faction.They can go hang,Grace and Mugabe want one centre of power.Johno and Kasukuwere are doing a super job.

    1. Well said@ Kufandada. When the same was being done to Mujuru, they gave a name to the First Lady called “Cde Stop It”, as if it was good. Now it’s his turn Mnangagwa.

      1. You will realise very late that all Mugabe wants is a dynasty . There is nothing like one centre of power , that is archaic form of democracy in this century.

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