AMHVoices:‘Big Sister’ a dictator in the making

THE obscure People First (PF) leader, “Big Sister” Joice Mujuru, is headed for political doom with her counterparts in opposition politics crying foul as they are labelling her a dictator, before she has even started campaigning for her aspired political office.



Mujuru illustrated an arrogant streak of rigidity through PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, who sent tongues wagging when he was quoted as saying: “Yes, as PF, our candidate is Mujuru. Those who do not want her should bring their own alternative. We cannot go into negotiations without our own candidate.”

This was a show of false political muscle. If PF wants to dictate the standard operational procedures for the anticipated grand coalition, formalities are poised to collapse and crumble, considering that the contending parties are poles apart in terms of how they wish the talks to proceed.

PF is accused of boasting as “Big Sister” and/or “Big Brother” and taking other parties as junior partners that are supposed to take instructions from their elders, while, in actual fact, the negotiations are expected to treat all partners as equals.

This precedent set by PF is more than detrimental, and is aimed at throwing heavy spanners into the whole process. It is a pity that Mujuru has started too early to show some dictatorial tendencies. That level of political selfishness should be consigned to dustbins.

Besides, some political parties like MDC-T are equally reluctant to bow down to this buffoonery. MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai is equally bubbling, considering himself as the most indispensable opposition leader in this country. This is despite the fact that since the formation of the MDC in 1999, he has never won any election.

This defines the quality of opposition leaders that we have in Zimbabwe that are infamous for lack of vision.

Mujuru was sacked from Zanu PF for pursuing a selfish secessionist agenda which defied the set-out procedures on such matters. Her insatiable zeal and desire for political office cost her a fortune and destroyed all of her promising political prospects in the country. It is still clear that she holds the same idiosyncratic way of doing politics. Certainly how can someone be so full of own-self to the extent of perceiving herself as the prime opposition leader in this country?

This puts the grand coalition into doubt as Mujuru and Tsvangirai are like water and oil which do not mix.

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  1. Tsvangirai won the 2008 elections so don’t say that despite never winning any election since 1999

    1. Some readers like Mr Kajau never seize to amaze. Since when have elections ever been won in Zimbabwe. I am not political but we all know that Morgan Tsvangirai has been winning elections ever since the referendum of 1999/2000. Results are doctored my dear. Wake up and stop blaming MT, there is nothing he can do.

    2. Alheit-nemoyowese

      He did not win you fool considering more than 50% requirement and it is there in the election requirements.

    3. Thank you for clarifying that ko iwe on whose behalf are speaking nhai kajau mdc m, zanu pf and it’s opposition created parties that always pop up wen elections are around the corner u in panic mode hanti ever since 2000 tsvagson has and mdc and povo have won all major election inga sekuru admitted it last year wani

  2. @ mr kajau I like the man he is good at taking shots at those who a robbed of chances to prove themselves. What is you grand contribution that can help us?????????

  3. pandangoona panzi , “This is despite the fact that since the formation of the MDC in 1999, he has never won any election.” nxa ndabva ndatosiya kuverenga chinyaya chanyorwa nebenzi chairo ungati tsvangirai haana kumbohwina shuwa zvingataurwa nemunhu ane dzakati kwesere izvi. mupengo or imhondi yezanu chete mutakati nxaa

    1. Alheit-nemoyowese

      Thank you Kajau for the story with a proverbial approach of calling a spade by its name. This is good story in MUDHOSVO newspaper

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