Allied Timbers, Kanyekanye head for clash


Allied Timbers Zimbabwe (ATZ) and its former group chief executive officer, Joseph Kanyekanye, are headed for a clash as it emerged yesterday that the integrated timber concern was accused of violating a mutual separation agreement signed last year.


Kanyekanye left the integrated timber concern last year after 14 years at the helm.

At the centre of the dispute are allegations by Kanyekanye’s lawyers that some members within the current ATZ board or management seemed to be leaking information casting aspersions on the conduct of Kanyekanye during his tenure as group CEO of the parastatal notwithstanding the terms of the mutual termination of employment agreement of February 2015.

JOSEPH-KANYEKANYE-2 Joseph Kanyekanye.

The lawyers allege breach of the agreement and have warned that their client might be forced to weigh his options.

Kanyekanye refused to shed light on the contents of the agreement, saying it was a confidential document referring further questions to his lawyer, Alex Mambosasa.

Mambosasa told NewsDay: “When parties enter into an agreement, they become bound by terms, thereof, and naturally each party expects the other to act honourably. ATZ has in more than one instance violated the Mutual Termination Agreement it signed with my client. In the circumstances, client is left with no option, but to seek redress through the courts.”

The lawyers said the leaking of confidential information had the effect of undermining the mutual separation agreement the group entered into with Kanyekanye to bring finality to their labour dispute. The dispute has since spilled into the Labour Court after the current board reneged on earlier undertakings made by the Emmanuel Fundira-led board.

Fundira had in December 2014 suspended Kanyekanye to facilitate investigations into allegations of corruption, failure to observe operating procedures and gross insubordination. Both parties were to later hammer out a mutual settlement after the ATZ board could not sustain the allegations for lack of evidence.

A statement issued by Fundira last year said the parties had “amicably and mutually” resolved to terminate the contract of employment of Kanyekanye as group chief executive officer of Allied Timbers Zimbabwe effective February 16, 2015.

According to documents gleaned from ATZ insiders, both parties agreed to observe strict confidentiality on the matter and to release the employee from all manner of action which might arise after the signing of the pact.

“The parties consider the terms and conditions of this agreement and the basis for any claims, demands or negotiations giving rise to this agreement to be strictly confidential unless required by a subpoena, court order or other request for information to which a party is required to respond, but the parties may disclose this agreement to their attorney, tax accountants or Zimbabwe Revenue Authority,” the agreement read in part.

“The parties expressly agree that if anyone inquires about this agreement or the circumstances underlying it, the parties must respond by stating only in substance: ‘the matter has been resolved amicably’”.

But ATZ insiders accused Kanyekanye of taking the matter to the public by instituting a court application.

“Prior to the court application, no one from Allied Timbers had made reference to the matter. Who can be accused to have gone public in this circumstance?” an ATZ executive asked.

“I don’t think it’s fair for him or us, we have a new CEO.”

ATZ spokesperson Veronica Gutu told NewsDay: “No comment.”


  1. Why do you protect greedy and irresponsible CEOs? This guy used to loot & not pay his workers. Out of frustration his workers used to burn estates and the country lost out on valuable forests….
    prosecution is the way like we see happening at ZBC now on Muchechetere

  2. This guy is a shameless. thief.despite failing to pay me my salary at Ts Timbers for 17 months he went on again to steal $6250 from me his employee in december 2015.right now he is busy conniving with police so that the case is not heard in court.

  3. @ Gareth…that’s quite brave to mention here. takanzwa nekuona zvakawanda zvakaitwa numukomana uyu. In Allied and others Capital Bank. If it were not for corruption he would rot in jail for many corporate crimes

  4. Joseph Kanyekanye is a thief. He forgot to make a “mutual amicable seperation agreement” with all the people he actually stole from, i.e., the workers and the citizens of Zimbabwe so he must and he will for sure go to jail.

  5. (1) On 28 January 2014 Joseph Kanyekanye was caught transferring poles to a closed factory in Botswana at price of 300pula per cubic meter or $25/m3. Untreated poles sell at $177/m3 while treated poles retail at $363/m3. He restructured the company to appoint Chinyani, Marowa and Mlambo to cover up for those crimes. As we speak, there is Tadzingwa Sithole, his brother in law installed as Divisional Manager. Tadzingwa does not have any qualification in forestry or wood science. His job is to steal poles and cash from Mtao. Zimbabwe has many foresters. When a thief starts to make systems to destroy the country and personalise all state resources he may be charged with treason.

  6. (2) On 24 December 2013, Joseph Kanyekanye stole two sawmills from the state company in Chimanimani. Specifically, Kanyekanye lied that the sawmill belonged to his brother in law Desire Sithole, and stole $1million dollars throughout 2014. Any person can go to Chisengu Forest and witness all these crimes first hand. He is a thief. No agreement can protect that arrogant criminal from truth and justice. He must look for a little hole to hide now.

  7. He stole 40,000ha of timber. This amounts to 40,000ha x 250m3/ha log yield x 40% conversion to sawn timber x $250/m3 = $1 billion. He did not pay wages, pension nor remit taxes. He did not repair any road, building, factory or equipment. He looted it all. Any person, lawyer, police, judge, politician, friend or family who smpathises with this level of corruption will face treason and for sure get hanged in Zimbabwe. Joseph Kanyekanye must and will go to jail.

  8. It is false to allege that there was no evidence. Just walk into any ATZ office. Every thing they do is crime. Timber is scattered along the Mozambiquan border with roads smuggling it to Mozambique. Chimanimani Sawmill, Cashel Sawmills and Stapleford Sawmills were burnt down. All machinery were stollen and used to cur timber in the same companies using fake contracts. Today they have stolen the equipment to loot in Penhalonga, Nyanga and Vumba. Stop the madness and put him and his accomplices in remand prison.

  9. Veronica is an accomplice. In January 2016 Veronica Gutu embezzled cash from ATZ and gave it to Kanyekanye. Kanyekanye then supplied cheap T shirts to ATZ. Wilfred Chakwizira generated fradulent papers to cover up for the crime. @Veronica.gutu. Do not confuse yourself for Allied Timbers. You are not a forester so do not make any comment on forestry matters. Your job is not to stop people from getting there money. New CEO is Oppar’s business. Your business is tell the public where Kanyekanye put the money. Jail is on your way if you ever stop anyone from exposing what Joseph did to employees and the rest of Zimbabwe.

  10. No sane person will ever buy new equipment and hand it over to those theives. Wilfred Chakwizira is responsible for inflating prices and purchase from Kanyekanye. Talkmore Kanda and Daniel Rupiya are responsible for fradulently reducing prices and pretend to sell it to Kanyekanye. Dauglas Marowa, Kurai Kujinga, Aleck Mlambo and Francis Chinyani are responsible for stealing company equipment and give it to kanyekanye. All stations are manned by Kanyekanye’s thieves. Daniel Sithole cannot and must never complete his probation with the thieves. Otherwise is complete failure.

  11. @Justice: The Justice System is corrupted. Joseph Kanyekanye stole the whole of Allied using Lazarus Mungwari (populary known TENDA BUS SERVICE). Lazarous Mungwari’s wife is the provincial magestrate of Manicaland. That kills all cases. So, Lazarous and his wife are co-accused. Muvingi and Mugadza Legal Practitioners are the architects of the looting system. The Law Firm is co-accused . All Zimbabweans must unite and walk to Allied Timbers to demand Justice.

  12. As we speak Joseph Kanyekanye connived with Dauglas Marowa to burn out the few remaining trees in Chimanimani. Marowa made a point not to do fireguards. He sent people with candles to start multiple fires and then went on to torch the estates in front of everyone claiming it to be back burning. The majority of the area was burnt by Marowa. The objective is to reconcile fake harvesting and planting figures.

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