‘African leaders will not heed Mugabe call’


AFRICAN leaders are unlikely to heed President Robert Mugabe’s planned pullout of the United Nations as that would spell doom to their fragile economies, local opposition parties and analysts have warned.


Addressing the 26th ordinary summit of the AU in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Saturday, Mugabe threatened to lobby African countries to pull out of the UN in protest over the continent’s lack of representation in the UN Security Council (UNSC).

But opposition parties described Mugabe’s proposal as ill-advised and likely to attract few takers on the continent.

Currently only Britain, China, France, Russia and the US were UNSC permanent members where Mugabe was demanding at least two permanent seats for Africa.

“That’s a completely absurd suggestion. President Mugabe pulled Zimbabwe out of the Commonwealth (in 2003), but what did we benefit from such an emotional, selfish and angry decision?” MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu queried.


Gutu added: “Of, course the UN Security Council must be reformed, but this can never be achieved by pulling out of this world body. Africa should simply ignore and laugh off Mugabe’s bizarre proposal of moving out of UN.”

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Mugabe’s proposal was laughable, while National Constitutional Assembly spokesperson Madock Chivasa argued pulling out of the UNSC would be disastrous as it would isolate Africa.

“This is a misguided position coming from someone who has isolated Zimbabwe from the international community and is now seeking to isolate the whole continent from the international community. Mugabe destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy and brought unprecedented misery and cannot claim what is good for the whole continent,” Chivasa said.

Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe spokesperson Pishai Muchauraya also said: “Zimbabwe needs UN more than UN needs Zimbabwe. It is foolish and nonsensical that the dictator cries about reforming UN security structures yet he has been turning a deaf ear to similar calls for our security sector reforms. Pulling out of UN would be tragic as it would further isolate our fragile country whose economy is in the intensive care unit.”

MDC’s Kurauone Chihwayi said the suggestion was meant to intimidate the UNSC and protect African dictators.

Political analyst Takura Zhangazha added: “It might bring greater attention to the matter of UN Security Council reform, albeit temporarily, but no one African country would ever actually say they are no longer part of the United Nations,” Zhangazha said.

Another analyst Eldred Masunungure described the threat as an empty, naive and unrealistic one which would never find any takers.


  1. the world can actually do without Africa but the continent can never do without the international community.im sure everyone knows this.cde bob just rest in peace and let the continent be.

  2. When he rants in front of despots,tyrants and leaders of Africa, the best to acknowledge his ill-thought ideas is to cheer him up and ignore his demented advice individually.

  3. They must have laughed their lungs out. He can take his Zimbabwe out of Un not Africa, and its too late because he has left the Chairmanship and forever anyway.

  4. the demand may be noble, but according to the bible it cannot happen. mugabe is fulfilling scripture in his own way. in GOD nothing happens for nothing.

  5. what i m surprised with you guys is that you don’t mind of continuing to be an inferior society, race and continent…..Gentlemen its time to stand up and get rid of this inferiority and establish equality if the international community is concerned….for how long shall we be under decisions of these few countries just because we are inferior…blacks …????

  6. Mugabe ignores the important problems that are besieging Africa and pursues a trivial issue to many of the African citizens. UN pours lots of money into Africa through its agencies like UNICEF, UNESCO etc and pulling out of it will leave many of African citizens disadvantaged.
    I am sure the leaders of the other African leaders will not heed this call but just laugh at Mugabe who very soon will be holding a begging bowl asking for food after his failed policies.
    Its unfortunate that Mugabe still thinks we are in the 60s where grandstanding without delivery was the order of the day. In today’s world leaders are judged by what they delivery and for Mugabe its zero.
    He should have looked at the Commonwealth and see that his pulling out has not affected the organisation.

  7. whats funny is some you busy saying you cant do with the powerful states which is very silly coz you looking down on yourselves shine your eyes wake up kwete kuswera muchiteedza zvinotaurwa nedofo rekwaTsvangirai iro rinonzi Gutu

  8. Funny that MDC has been boycotting elections which is similar to what Mugabe is proposing with regards to the UNSC. Confused or what!

  9. We never learn do we? We chase away the white farmers, all Africa ululates and salute us for boldness. Guess what, they accept the self same white farmers into their own countries and now we are importing maize from them. We introduce Indigenisation Laws demanding 51% shares as soon as an investor lands on our shores, again fellow African leaders ululate and when we frustrate the investors, they accept them with both arms. Now our dear Leader makes a mockery of himself by demanding the impossible, again Africa ululates and our Leader beams in satisfaction of a speech well said. But alas, after the meeting I’m sure most were laughing their lungs out. Why, because there is a competition for resources, investment etc., with Zimbabwe pushing herself out of the com[petition, its less competition for our fellow African. We loose once again.

  10. Anopururudzirawo zvakadai naiye anoda kurutsiswa.
    Mugabe is prestigous about his people being poor.
    Its time that he stop making public speeches.

  11. Africa is wiser than Mugabe thinks. His foolish, childish tantrums at all UN forums are hardly anything that even his fellow similarly deranged African dictators would dare contemplate.

  12. Its becoz of leaders like Mugabe, that Africa can not stand on its own . He’s simply incompetent , deranged and a rabble rouser . He knows that to appear strong he attacks the bigger countries just to get attention . He wants to reform the UN but can’t hold free elections in his own country . He’s a power drunk moron !!!

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