2 Chiadzwa workers electrocuted

TWO Mbada Diamonds technicians are lucky to be alive after they were electrocuted when they were allegedly forcibly ordered to switch on power at Chiadzwa Mine on Tuesday night after government took over all the mining firms in the area.


The two — Wadzanayi Nicasio Musemburi, an electrician, and Simango Mutape, a mechanic assistant — were extensively burnt and are in a serious condition in hospital.

Reports coming from the diamond-rich area indicate that the two were tasked to power the workshop by Ministry of Mines and Zimbabwe Republic Police officials at midnight on the fateful day.

Wadzanai Msemburi Wadzanayi Musemburi [/Caption]

Sources at the mine accused both the Ministry of Mines and police of lacking concern for human life as the two victims had to wait for six hours before they were taken to Mutare for medical attention.

Reports also said two Ministry of Mines officials (names withheld) unprocedurally shut down machinery and equipment in a move that would make it difficult to resume operations in the near future.

Surrounded by shocked relatives Musemburi (47) was writhing in pain when NewsDay Weekender visited him at Mutare General Hospital on Thursday night where he is currently admitted.

Despite at first feeling uneasy to grant an interview to this publication, Musemburi finally opened up confirming that he had to wait for almost six hours to be admitted at Mutare General Hospital after the incident as there was reportedly a shortage of staff.

“I was called by a female police boss on Tuesday at midnight who said that they were afraid of staying in the dark in the workshop. The generator was failing to start, but they ordered that we should make it work. I took with me two mechanics to assist me,” he said.

“I was injured in the XRT red zone department together with one assistant mechanic. But I got injured worse because I was so close. We were trying to operate a generator which was failing to start as there was no electricity. But it then returned and everything went horribly wrong when we tried to change over,’’ he said.

“There were sparks and the flashes burnt my face, chest and hands. I had to lie in agony for almost six hours as there was no one to help me. I had left my phone in my car and the assistant mechanic was in a similar predicament.’’

Officials who talked to this publication said under normal circumstances first aid should have been administered to the injured soon after the accident and immediately rushed to the nearest clinic or hospital.

Musemburi, who was in severe pain, could not go further with the interview, but thanked Mbada Diamonds management for coming to his rescue.

“I am very thankful to the Mbada Diamonds management for helping me in this time of need,’’ he said.

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  1. But munhu akanzi aitwa electrocute hanti anenge atourayiwa here nemagetsi acho??

  2. electrocution?, mr journo do you have the death certificate

  3. Shut up u muppets.To be electrocuted is to be injured or killed by electric shock

    1. gamatoxweevils

      Simply means to suffer an electric shock and one can die or survive the experience.Its a verb formed from the noun electricity and from the adverb eletric

  4. Kill by electric shock • She dropped the hair dryer into the bathtub and was instantly electrocuted
    Kill by electrocution, as in the electric chair • The serial killer was electrocuted
    = fry

  5. You can be electrocuted and still survive,people often mistaken the word in a similar with drowning,when someone drowns that person dies,because the word means killing through submersion in water on the other hand, electrocution means being killed or injured by electric shock.Get well soon Wadzanayi and your colleagues.

  6. Wapinda mu mari albeit thru brushing with death

  7. shame wish you speed recovery

  8. l feel sorry for these guys.

  9. I know that no amount of money will bring back the skin and healing from the trauma but I somehow hope that these two will receive good compensation. I wish speed recovery.

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    1. hey godriprabe is the site thing a real

  11. injure or kill (someone) by electric shock is the definition of electrocution

  12. if we are to ask those pple who did e evil they will reject e case as nt true. Thank God m brothers Hi loves u all. Getwell soon

  13. The female babylon officer was supposed to fix it herself since she ddint like di dark bomboclat babylon ting..get well soon God is watching

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