Time Mugabe ends this madness

The past two weeks have seen an unprecedented upscale in Zanu PF infighting and have provided titillating information on the factionalism in the governing party.

The media, no doubt, lapped on this and gossip mongers are having a field day reading and spreading information on the goings-on in the ruling party, but a time has come for this to end.

President Robert Mugabe has in the past spoken out on party unity, but we feel if he really wanted to stem factionalism, he would have done so long back.

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It increasingly looks beyond doubt that the biggest beneficiary of this factionalism is Mugabe, himself, as the party factions seem to be slugging it out to ensure that he remains in power and unchallenged.

None of the factions are interested in removing Mugabe and that consolidates his stranglehold on power, while his followers tear each other apart — divide and rule tactics if you like.

However, we feel this has gone on far too long and now Mugabe should rein-in his feuding party members.

Zimbabwe, surely, has far too many issues to worry about than who was stealing underwear during the war and who sired which politician.

Instead of directing their energies to solving the country’s problems, Zanu PF politicians seem hell-bent on tearing each other apart and with it drag the country down an abyss.

We appreciate that in any group of people there are bound to be differences, but it becomes worrying when the contradictions begin to dominate everything else and the party cannot seem to do anything else.

Thus, as Zanu PF prepares to hold its politburo meeting on Wednesday, we pray that Mugabe takes charge and calls his warring troops to order.

But we are not holding our breath. Factionalism has long been a byword in Zanu PF and each time the President has called for unity, his party has responded by being more vicious in its fights.

Zanu PF members celebrated the ouster of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru on accusations of factionalism and their response to that was to make their internal wars even more brutal.

We will not play peace broker between Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and his War Vets counterpart Christopher Mutsvangwa, but their fights are increasingly becoming infantile and the sooner they remove them from the public domain the better.

We also urge Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba to stay out of party and factional politics.

He is a civil servant, after all, and should be able to serve everyone equally regardless of party or factional affiliation.

Zimbabwe finds itself in this mess because our politicians have mastered the art of fighting amongst themselves instead of serving the country.

We hope Mugabe calls his party members to order and that energies must be spent on serving Zimbabwe rather than individual agendas.

8 Responses to Time Mugabe ends this madness

  1. Wang Long February 8, 2016 at 8:10 am #

    Jonathan Moyo have his own war to fight which is totally different front Zane Pf’s. Its going well for him because that is exactly what he wants to happen, he wants to provoke Mnangagwa ao that he fights back and brings back the image that He (Mnangagwa) wants the Zimbabweans to erase about him. Once Moyo succeeds he will no longer have a challenger that he alone can’t deal with. But for now the fight was too big for him to face alone, so come up with a plan to create division and ride on those as a tool to achieve his personal agenda. He used Mnangagwa and Grace against Mujuru now he is on his last and fanal attack before his himself starts knocking in the statehouse.He is playing a smart and calculated game that blinded them all to see what is really happening and at the end he will emerge the biro because people will praise him for his tactic to fight Zane Pf from within. But is Mugabe blind enough to see this?? That’s a big no, because he is smart in his domain, so the question is why he(Mugabe ) is letting this happen?? The answer is simple, they arte same and they read from the same book.The same tactics which were used by Mugabe to seize power from his fellow comrades are the same strategies which are being applied by Prof though in a blinding way( play the good boy role). And also as Mugabe believe in the survival of the wettest and smartest, he is enjoying the game sitting in the grandstand watching who is going to rule after him and not worried and putting in place a succession plan, let nature choose that is his stance. I will rule till I die because he believe in the theory of nature gives power and its only nature that can take it away from him. And thankfully, this is happening because the Zimbabweans are very patient to the point of loosing life waiting for nature to take its course. We are educated, we reason too much and we are very ignorant to facts, that’s what Mugabe and Moto knows and they will continue to manipulate that till we see the light if we areeveto see one. M fellow Zimbabweans, lets come out of the comfort zone that we are hiding in, lets put aside that fear which stricken into our hearts by them that call themselves intelligent and fight this battle together. Like great Tongogara said ”victory is certain ” and victory is certain when we work together as one and as a people.

  2. Mukanya February 8, 2016 at 9:15 am #

    “.The same tactics which were used by Mugabe to seize power from his fellow comrades are the same strategies which are being applied by Prof though in a blinding way( play the good boy role). And also as Mugabe believe in the survival of the wettest and smartest.”


  3. maita February 8, 2016 at 9:48 am #

    Mugabe is busy fighting pink noses and has no time for Zimbabwe. I wonder what Xi feels because I can see he has a pink nose too.

  4. Musona February 8, 2016 at 1:51 pm #

    Is Newsday seriously suggesting mad Mugabe should stop the madness? How can a mad man stop the madness when he is mad himself? Mugabe is a nutcase. Ordinary folk should stop Mugabe first.

  5. susan.moyo February 8, 2016 at 2:38 pm #

    The situation within Zimbabwe is now so serious that regardless of what the constitution might say about anything the time has come to replace Mr Mugabe urgently. The ZANu MP’s and Ministers should now act responsibly and for the betterment of the people. Mr. Mugabe must stand down and an election called for the people to fairly decide who should govern the country.
    The continuation of this show must end and responsible government installed. Its long past time that the people in government should act for the people and not for themselves.

  6. susan.moyo February 8, 2016 at 2:42 pm #

    There is a situation of serious food shortage. Mugabe has said a lot against the west and the UN of late but with all his craving for looking East who will help Zimbabwe?
    It surely wont be China sending in food urgently!

  7. Mbareboy February 8, 2016 at 4:47 pm #

    @ Wang Long, I agree with you. RG Mugabe created a mafia monster to which he is the godfather and the monster’s master. The writer’s observation: “None of the factions are interested in removing Mugabe and that consolidates his stranglehold on power, while his followers tear each other apart — divide and rule tactics if you like.” True! The only reason Mujuru was taken out, she became a threat. The country has been crumbling ever since. What is there in for the Zimbabwean populace. Zero! Zanu PF leadership could not care for as long as we they are in power. There is a cooperation experiment with chimpanzees. It has been found that chimps cooperate with each other for as long as the individuals benefit only, no sharing. Where sharing is involved, fight breaks out. this is exactly what were have in Zanu PF leadership, chimp level of leadership for our country. God help us. We have chimpanzees running our country! I am afraid. We have to force these primates out one way or the other. How do you reason with a gang of unaccountable gang of primates who lose an election, and release the results after 7 weeks tempering with results in their favor. God bless Zimbabwe!

  8. Biggie Taapatsi February 9, 2016 at 12:13 am #

    Have been trying for some time to decipher when Mujuru became a darling of the independent press. I am not sure if I should feel sorry for Sir Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube; it’s like they no longer exist yet they carried the banner of opposition politics for a very long time.

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