ZSE CEO in court for domestic violence

ZIMBABWE Stock Exchange (ZSE) chief executive officer, Alban Dhladla Chirume (52) appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts yesterday on charges of physically abusing his live-in girlfriend at their shared residence in Borrowdale.


Magistrate Arnold Maburo remanded Chirume to Monday next week for trial on free bail coupled with conditions. Chirume was ordered not to interfere with the State witnesses.

According to State papers, Chirume locked out his live-in girlfriend, Susan Mutangadura (44), on Sunday evening. It is alleged that when Mutangadura returned to their shared residence, she found the gate locked and the guard refused to open it. In turn, she tried to climb over the security wall, but Chirume allegedly pulled her by the legs, resulting in a scuffle.

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange chief executive officer  Alban Chirume

The State has lined up two witnesses to testify in the trial, Mutangadura and Walter Chigodora.

It is further alleged that Chirume used open hands to assault Mutangadura and pushing her out of the property. A report was made to the police, who then arrested Chirume.

Earlier, Chirume’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa had told the court that her client had complaints against the police after his arrest.

Mtetwa said Chirume wanted to make a counter report to the police on domestic violence, but the police did not allow it.

She said the police also denied Chirume medical attention, as is allowed under the Domestic Violence Act for victims.

Mtetwa said the officers at Borrowdale Police Station only acceded to the two requests after she intervened.

She further told the court that they may challenge the placement on remand at the next hearing.

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