ZOL targets 100 000 customers, cries foul over red tape


Internet service provider ZOL Zimbabwe is targeting 100 000 clients for 2016, as it seeks to bolster its fibre products and offer customers improved Internet connectivity.


Speaking to NewsDay yesterday, ZOL chief executive officer, Denny Marandure said although they were targeting 100 000 new customers, the build costs had to make offering fibre feasible.

“We are targeting 100 000 customers and it also has to be congruent with our build costs [costs involved in setting up fibre system]. The challenge we are facing is that it is not a simple procedure, we would like to be everywhere providing Internet to as many homes as possible. The more clients we have, the better revenues, but the issue is for everything, we have to apply for permission,” he said.

ZOL, a subsidiary of Liquid Telecoms, which handles the retail side of operations, has been on a drive to lay fibre countrywide. Currently, ZOL has 210 wi-fi hotspots all over the country.


Marandure said the company had to pay levies for permission from city councils to dig up trenches and lay down the fibre optic cable.

He said the ICT ministry had been supporting the Internet service provider, and was hoping that the support would go towards a faster application process.

Marandure said getting permission from city councils to lay cables could take months, whereas in other countries, the procedure is a lot faster, sometimes even taking a week to seek the necessary approvals.

Upon applying, Internet service providers must pay levies in order to survey, dig and trench a fibre cable to provide Internet in a specific area.

“We have different products whereas fibre is the one offered in the city centre. It is the fastest and most reliable because it does not get affected by rain or thunder. Wimax customers are having a difficult period because of the challenges in power cuts, which affect our base stations,” Marandure said.

“If we can push fibre to the home, which is what we call ZOL Fibroniks, that would be excellent and get as many people as possible signed onto fibre.”

Fibre optic or optical fibre refers to the medium and the technology associated with the transmission of information as light impulses along a glass or plastic wire or fibre.

It is used as one of the most reliable sources of Internet and allows users to enjoy fast speeds.

Liquid Telecom’s terrestrial fibre network is the largest single, contiguous network that crosses many borders in Africa.


  1. Fastest most reliable my foot! I pay almost $300 for ZOL fibre and its my biggest regret for 2015. They lie about capping and speeds, they have NAZI level traffic shaping. And when u call customer service they tell you you have been blacklisted for using too much youtube. WTF is that, its an “unlimited, uncapped” package, and youtube IS my business u twats! I will be glad to move to another service provider. TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!

    • I agree with you on that they claim its shake down, WTF??? To make matters worse ZOL even bills their customers who own a modem INSURANCE money for a modem that you the customer own. Now imagine 1 million customers paying ZOL a $1.50 every month for a shaddy insurance scam which they force upon a customer to take that transends to $1.5 million dollars a month x 12 months yap they collecting a lot of “INSURANCE” money!! How often does a fiber modem get fried by lightning ZERO, exactly.

      Go to their T&C on the website clause #5 ” ZOL shall not be liable for any damage done to any equipment used by the Customer in
      connection with this contract, whether that be due to misuse by the Customer, power
      fluctuations, lightning strikes, flood or power fluctuations or any other cause whatsoever.”

      Yet ZOL customers are paying for the INSURANCE! Were is CCZ when we have such dubious fees!


    • Hi ZOL Customer

      Firsty, We are very sorry about your experience… We would like to know more though about the fibre package you are on that costs $300 and that limits you from doing what you need to do on youtube… If you are on Facebook, please could you inbox us or DM us on Twitter (get us to follow you if we do not already) and then we can look into this together…


    • Hi Word Of Warning

      May we ask that you do not get discouraged from an anonymous post from trying out our superfast internet and consider the actual testimonials from real people who use their real names to actually use our service and are actually enjoying it. The internet unfortunately is full of trolls and not all of them tell the truth. Give us a call on 08677 111 111 or contact us via Facebook or Twitter (@ZOLconnect) and let’s chat…

      • Econet companies are petty thieves, they will rob you blind. You now want to use this unhappy customer to clean up your mess?

  3. i have also had the same experience with zol, i was blacklisted. imagine i subscribed for an unlimited uncapped package, but now ahnzi i am using too much internet, imagine? apa customer service yavo is so rude. i would strongly discourage anyone from subscribing to zol

    • i concur with all of the above! But why does ZOL Bill Insurance for a gadget that you own!! NewsDay with drew my comments earlier but i will not be muzzled by the same people who advocate for freedom of speech.

      ZOL ARE SKATES they bill insurance for modems we own but in their T&C they indemnify themselves against the compensation of modem read para 5 of their T&C

      “ZOL shall not be liable for any damage done to any equipment used by the Customer in
      connection with this contract, whether that be due to misuse by the Customer, power
      fluctuations, lightning strikes, flood or power fluctuations or any other cause whatsoever”

      But they are collecting INSURANCE FEES OF $1.50 each * X number of subscribers * 12 months, why is the CCZ not looking into this. They force the customer to pay!!

  4. i would like to ask the ZOL chief executive officer Denny Marandure why he is stealing from his customers?

  5. I agree with all the comments above,what are the provisions and requirements from Potraz when it comes to service provision,surely ZOL comes short,their customer service is a nightmare.You pay for a service and then they limit you,and when they feel you are ready then then put you back on at their discretion which could be two or three months (,and meanwhile they continue to bill you as if you receive full service when you would have been capped,)its a pity Potraz seems not to check these ISPs esp ZOL which is reaping its clients.

  6. i agree with all above comments. ZOL are very happy to take your hard earned money but in terms of service they are the worst out there really. ZOL wants you to pay 100% of the monthly ammount but would prefer that you only use 10% of what you paid for. if you attempt to use 100% of what you paid for they will limit your internet speed. before i signed up a friend of mine who had signed up actually dissuaded me from signing up. i wish i had listened to him. i really hate ZOL.

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  8. EW owns Liquid which owns ZOL right? EW owns ConnectedCar right? Marandure has mentioned two metrics that ring bells, in my opinion.

    “We are targeting 100 000 customers….”

    Great, but are the current ones happy? Not from the comments above. Why? Poor, deceitful service is cited.

    Liquid Telecom’s terrestrial fibre network is the largest single, contiguous network that crosses many borders in Africa.

    Again, great boastful stuff here. So where is the challenge?

    I mentioned ConnectedCar, they rammed into the vehicle tracking market with great fanfare. They wanted 50% of all registered vehicles to have their tracking gadgets (500k or so), in 6 months – so the fable goes. They were the big guys, biggest network, biggest coverage biggest everything. Where is their challenge?

    They have NOT EXCELLED in service delivery and after-sales support.

    No amount of vapourware or “greatness” can ever make up for poor service delivery.

    • Hi Sagitarr

      I personally do not think that the comments above 100% reflect the views and opinions of all ZOL clients. The companies you have mentioned are making money and just talking about ZOL, they won plenty of awards last year including the CEO for the most Customer Service oriented CEO and their customer experience team also got something. Let’s look at the main problem here… they are still growing and expanding and there will always be problems and some people disgruntled here and there… I have had my issues with them in the past but I am content… then again some comments above seem to be generated by trolls though…

      Don’t trust everything you see on the internet.

      • Douglas, winning awards does not equate to good customer services.Even crappy parastatals are winning awards so it means nothing. The bottomline is that your service is overprices claptrap, and you treat customers like trash. We chased your guy from our office. And what’s worse, you don’t listen and have an overinflated ego. With your ego, maybe go and buy your service yourself and connect a 100 times to get 100 000 customers

      • You cant just MOVE to another service with fibre, u will experience downtime than can turn nightmarish. It too me a about a month to get my fibre link. And synchronizing switching one service on and another off can be expensive.

  9. Haiwawo. All these negative comments from ya’ll! I am one happy ZOL customer and I have used almost every other ISP in Zimbabwe zvekuti I now know staff from any of these ISPs. I can tell you with no doubts that ZOL is the best.
    Problem is some of you unoda kuita maInternet Cafe nemapackage e$49. It obviously won’t work!!! The call center, although busy, has professionals ready to assist. Visit any of their offices and you will see what I mean!!!

    If anything, all these other wannabe service providers should take a leaf from ZOL’s book. You have one happy customer in me,, and I know I’m not the only one!!! Keep up the good work Marandure and team!

  10. @ zolconnect, I AM NOT AN ANONYMOUS TROLL

    I made the comment as zol customer above. I have no reason to hide from you. Zol customer was used to show tht i am a customer and also protect my privacy. But well, there it goes. My name is there and i am still not happy. Only last week i had an outage and because i am in gweru i had to contend wt talkin to customer service on the phone who tell me to restart my modem when i had done than 40 tyms b4 i called. There are no tech support guys in my town and to my knowledge the nearest tech support guys r in byo. M in business and cant afford internet downtime. And businesses are different u cant ue universal rules to shape traffic. What may seem like odd traffic to you, is me doing my job. Anyway. All this is a waste. I posted more out of anger than expectation of positive feedback.

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