Zinasu resists 2 UZ intakes per year


THE Zimbabwe National Students’ Union (Zinasu) yesterday expressed displeasure at the University of Zimbabwe’s (UZ)decision to introduce two intakes per year, saying this will only pile pressure on scarce facilities at the State university.


Although the demonstration, organised by Zinasu at the UZ campus, flopped yesterday, reportedly due to heavy police presence, the student representative body said they would continue pushing to have the decision rescinded.

“We are defending the quality of education and reputation of our institution. As students, we can’t allow a situation where we will be at the receiving end,” Zinasu spokesperson, Zivai Mhetu said.

“We say no to the introduction of two intakes unless the university does infrastructure development first on key areas such as lecture rooms, hostels and the library.

“Any hurried decision will leave students in a sorry state, where they will be pushed to exchange accommodation for sex with gardeners and maids and other inhumane living conditions that will affect learning.”


But in an interview with NewsDay on Friday, UZ director of information, Daniel Chihombori dismissed claims that the introduction of two intakes was a move by the university to raise funds and fight competition from other universities like Midlands State University.

Chihombori defended the move, saying it was made to reduce the waiting period for university aspirants, as well as giving an opportunity to deserving candidates.

Asked if the university, which has about 4 000 carrying capacity in hostels, will be able to house the students, Chihombori said they would need support from the local communities to arrest the accommodation crisis.

Already surrounding neighbourhoods in Avondale, Mt Pleasant, Pomona and Vainona among others are making a killing renting out accommodation to students and might get more if demand increases.

However, Zinasu said it would continue mobilising it members until the university rectifies the matter.

“The heavy presence of police will not deter us as students and we will continue demonstrating until our plight is heard,” Mhetu said.


  1. Well done ZINASU you shouldnt allow that prestigious institution being turned into a grinding mill of half barked graduates.
    Even the staff who already are not motivated to do their best will need to rest and have time to research to provide quality education.
    Dont compromise quality in pursuit of quantity.

  2. Who will listen to you when you decided to go to bed with the MDC…and I thought the biggest issue is that of staff shortage not tumwe tunonsense twamuri kutaura

  3. Tengenenge , use your brain not your shit. Going to bed with the MDC meaning what? What about Zicosu that is strongly aligned to ZANU. And obviously you dont have problems with that. Where does politics come here? even IF IT COMES IN, WE ARE A DEMOCRACY MY FRIEND. There is no way to separate socio economic issues from politics of the day. The same is with the MDC aligned ZCTU versus ZANU PF aligned ZFTU. The point under discussion is lack of resources , simple. There is no accommodation, library, lecturers and other related facilities. There is no point rushing to make our prestigious institution a study group. Maintain standards even if it means churning out 800 graduants who are well equipped to transform our society. After all where are you going to place all the thousands of fake graduates you intent to church out, ? in Government, Private sector, NGOs, Export them, or in the streets of epworth as educated vendors? Food for thought from Mazhara Wezhira ane zhara.

  4. Hayas, what prestige are you still talking of? It has been of late churning out those incompetent and useles graduates who know absolutely nothing. Nothing new. UZ yasara zita and now way behind MSU in terms of organisation and all. vakarohwa ne first movers advantage and they are now reacting. Tz late

  5. Talk of a vanguard student movement! Hats off to you Zinasu for taking the bold step to defend academic integrity. Look at what is happening at MSU 23 000 student all learning in one Multi-Purpose-Hall and living in substandard dormitories using infrastructure meant for a teachers’ college…a small chunk now being moved to a disused mine in Zvishavane while money is siphoned by corrupt officials every month. Staff is demotivated and overworked…many dont report for work. Students are shortchanged and remain quiet…parents dont know what their students are going through in this country where higher education has gone to the dogs. Students stand up and be counted…its your future being jeopardised by a broke state while you stand arms akimbo receiving worthless certificates. UZ should not look up to the very bad example set by MSU.

  6. UZ cant follow the example of the fraud at MSU where students are cheated in broad day light and remain silent….all 23 000 of them learn in one hall…lecturers outshouting each other….bursars stealing money, all infrastructure is made of prefabricated temporary material…sis

  7. No two semesters at UZ please!!! Let those who want to study there wait. Shuwa shuwa mungaite a single graduation ine more than 4000 graduands??? Musachipisa dzidzo kudai.

  8. its not valid for such a big institution to have two intakes while the economy is further down turning into economic doll-drums. where does the top brass of the institution think the whole pact of students will go after completing their courses in a hopeless economy like Zimbabwe. Uz wants to be a photocopy of MSU a university which needs money but doesnt care about future of students.

  9. Maybe UZ should change their intake from August to February but maintain 1 intake though. I guess they are running out of students as other universities are opening in February. A level results have just come out and some students may not be patient enough to wait until August

  10. why strain already stressed resources for nothing. its not as if there is a lot of demand for graduates anyway. where has the law of Supply and Demand gone or do these institutions teach what they don’t practice?????

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