Zimbabwe presidency dismisses Mugabe heart attack rumour

A rumour than Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has suffered a heart attack is a “grim lie”, his spokesman George Charamba said on Thursday.


The online news website Zim Eye (www.zimeye.net) published a letter on Tuesday saying the 91-year old leader Mugabe was “reported to have collapsed after suffering a heart attack while on holiday with his family”.


The letter, by an anonymous author who did not reveal the source of the information, said Mugabe was in a critical condition and his family had been told to expect the worst.

“This is the way the website seeks to improve its hits in order to get dirty money from Google. There is a financial incentive to the grim lie,” Charamba told Zimbabwe’s state-run newspaper The Herald.

“… You cannot doubt that there will be a story on the President’s alleged death every January.”

Reports about the declining health of Mugabe, the only leader Zimbabwe has known since independence in 1980, are relatively common, but Charamba normally declines to give an official response.

Mugabe likes to describe himself as “fit as a fiddle” but has shown signs of his advancing age in the last few years. He was caught on camera in 2015 tripping and falling down a short flight of stairs at Harare airport.

First vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, a powerful former security chief and for decades one of Mugabe’s closest aides, stands in line to succeed Mugabe in the event of his death.

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  1. Might be a ‘grim lie’ now, George… but how long before the dictator kicks the bucket? And people like you Charamba will be history. Just wait and see shasha. Just wait and see….

  2. “Dirty money from Google”??? If we had a Google office in Zim the rate of unemployment would be lower than what it is George. We’re using “filthy lucre” in Zim because you guys have failed us by promising what you can never deliver.

  3. it took the presidency say 36hrs to respond to the lie…….something might have happened kuFar East, food for thought……..jus saying.

  4. Charamba futi Charamba chiya. uchabvuma riini. God is for us all. We have suffered for a very long time. Ask yourself why people are so much interested in his death? We are now just like the isralites who were under slavery for ages but what happened at the end. Our Moses is on the way and Farao, basop. Are u charamba and company, fanai kutsvaga kwekuenda. Asjik

    1. as Phyllis replied I am in shock that any body able to make $4140 in a few weeks on the internet . try this website..

  5. Lol…….Zim stories nevger end..manje manje tikutoenda kunopfachura mari ku21st movement imi Makati vavava..nzara hatiizive isu and hatife soon

  6. Get well soon

  7. as Phyllis replied I am in shock that any body able to make $4140 in a few weeks on the internet . try this website..

  8. get well soon mdhara

  9. It is a huge shame some people certainly wish for the demise of others..mere mortals, as if they are immortals. Mugabe will die, but to publish grim lies will not make this natural maturation process unfold. It is God who gives, and he equally takes. Many of your here are in pathetic situations because of your sheer laziness, or that of your fathers and ancestors who did not work hard to lay a better foundation for your generation. Now is it a Mugabe or Zanu Pf problem? You need to wake up and come out these self imposed poverty. Scapegoating Mugabe and Zanu Pf will never take you out of your hopeless situations.

    1. many of us here are in pathetic situations because of sheerlaziness????????

      sadza mushumba! you seems to suffer from the fallacy of generalisation by attributing poverty to individual defficiency and kep a blind eye on the rigid structures that fails to offer opportunity for capacity growth and human development .policies which are not human centred are sufficient to warrant perptuation of poverty than individual’s inabality to work .if succes was a matter of working hard Africans would have be the richest apes on the universe ,so do you think africans we are poor because we are lazzy neither we lack the ability to work hard and chase poverty away from door step to adavnce the best for our families nor we lack the strength of a long distance runner and the wisdom of solom to invent new ideas for alliviation of poverty . What of 95% unemploment rate ,what of bonuses and more than 20 000 retrenched workers .

  10. Witchcraft is not just lacing our people’s food with poison; just wishing another person dead is. Rufu murairo wamwari and it comes when it should, not when the next person wishes another dead.

  11. Witchcraft is not just lacing other people’s food with poison; just wishing another person dead is. Rufu murairo wamwari and it comes when it should, not when the next person wishes another dead.

  12. Many of you foolishly believes Mugabe will wake up one day and throw money like confetti everywhere.The conditions are in abundance, those clever enough have graciously grabbed them and moved on. People think formal employment is the gate way to poverty reduction and eradication. It is only one of the many available sources of livelihoods. Smash and grab opportunities in the most difficult circumstances. Take risks. It is a measure of manhood. You think if you have big balls ndokuti unzi uri murume. You will die in poverty. And to make matters worse there politicians who preach grim lies, he he he a new Zimbabwe will bring milk and honey, he he he he there will be mana in heaven. That is rubbish and too simplistic. An idiot will listen and accept this. Be creative, be innovative and do something to sort out yourself out of poverty. I hope Mafirakureva will not die for telling lies.

  13. kkkk kufa kwemunhu hakujairike ,musashuvire vakuru rufu zvekudaro

  14. Awuu…,i don’t believe that there are some people who still defend this old Herodias,but one day is one day uzofa lo xamu okwangempela

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