Zim artiste makes it big in Zambia

Mathias Kushe, a local musician now based in Zambia, has launched an album in Lusaka titled The Kush of Zimbabwe With Zambian Musicians which includes a hit titled Ba Lungu waMulungu.

BY Ropafadzo Mapimhidze

Kushe, who is affectionately known as Kush Kushe, said in an interview in Lusaka this week that he had transformed to gospel music explaining that he was inspired by Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu as the driving force.

Edgar Lungu

“I was deeply humbled to see a President kneel down and pray last year during the National Day of Prayer and that is how I quickly changed from secular music to gospel” he said.

Some of the songs on the eight-track DVD include Chalo Chawma by Zani B ft Robby G, Lesa by Smoke, Zambia Mother of the Nations by Kush and Zambia at 50 Jubilee Band, Africa for Africa by Chris Chilenga, Aiming Higher by Quincy Wizzy; an instrumental tune titled National Day of Fasting and Prayer by Kush, BaLungu KwaMulungu by Kush and Xenenophobia by Abel Qmandoza.

Kushe, who is known for belting out rock, music and has received favourable coverage in Zambia’s newspapers, said he was planning to make a date with Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe so that he can sing for him at his birthday.

“I have made enquiries through our embassy here in Lusaka, but I am not sure whether this request has reached the President’s Office,” Kushe said.

Kushe, in collaboration with Christopher Chilenga, also performed for the late Zambian President Michael Sata and his administration praising him for turning around that country’s economy.

The two have performed at various places that include SOS Village in Lusaka, University Teaching Hospital, Chawama Market, Kafue Roundabout and Mandevu in Lusaka.

“I like that Zambia and Zambians have embraced my music so much. I have also had the opportunity to play music with some renowned Zambian musicians and really this experience has given me the strength and confidence to excel in my music career,” he said.

He also noted that Zambia was truly a Christian and hospitable country which is host to thousands of refugees from different African countries who live in peace and harmony with locals.

“This country is truly blessed because it has embraced Christianity and practices the gospel in truth. Zambians are warm people and very easy to get along with,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Zambian musician known as Chester has a released a DVD which has a song titled KwaShonongo that has become an instant hit which is receiving lots of airplay on both radio and television.

“No party or wedding is complete without playing this song. It is a danceable and beautiful musical DVD that has taken Zambians by storm,” Kushe said.

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  1. What is wrong with Zimbabwe? A few years ago we looked at Zambians as way below us economically but now it is the new diaspora!! Let us look at what all these nations around us have done which we have not. We we realise it and do it then everything will change!!!

    1. So you are saying Zambia is not good for you? When you needed independence, that’s where you flocked to.

  2. It is Zim artiste makes it big in Zambia. Makes, and not make.

  3. eish pakaipa. vanhu vakuto tizira Zambia

    1. And what is wrong with that?

  4. So Zambia is now not good for you Zimbabweans? But when you were choking under colonialism, you ran to Zambia for assistance to fight for freedom. After attaining that you now think Zambians are “below your warped standards”.

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