Zanu PF youths torch TZ activist’s house

Fire burns inside the school hall.

SUSPECTED Zanu PF youths allegedly torched a house belonging to a Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) activist Kudzanai Gondo, who stood and lost in Mbire by-elections in September last year.


Gondo told NewsDay yesterday that his house in Hambe village in Mbire was razed down last Saturday and he had temporarily moved his family to Mt Darwin as he seeks alternative shelter.

The TZ activist claimed Zanu PF militias have been sending threatening messages to him for standing against the Zanu PF candidate in the by-election. Mbire constituency was left vacant following the expulsion of David Butau from Zanu PF for allegedly working with ousted former Vice-President Joice Mujuru in trying to topple President Robert Mugabe.

The elections were won by Zanu PF’s Douglas Karoro.

“I was being threatened by the militias who did not want me to contest in the by-elections. After the polls they continued with the threats until I decided to briefly seek refuge in Harare,” Gondo said.

“I returned home in December and on January 16 as I was away, I received a call that my house was on fire while my wife and five children were in the fields. I made a police report, but nothing was done.”

Gondo condemned politically-motivated violence.

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said she had not yet received such a report.

While addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters in Rushinga in October last year, First Lady Grace Mugabe declared Mashonaland Central a no-go area for opposition parties. TZ said it investigated the recent violence against its losing Mbire candidate.

“We will stand firm as a party on the ground and we denounce such violent acts. It’s very barbaric on the part of Zanu PF. Today’s politics calls for reasoning, interaction with the people, peace and principle and not violence,” acting party spokesperson Tangai Roddy Takaruza said.

“It’s not the time for people to be forced into things they do not subscribe to. People should be free to choose a party of their choice. However, we will not be intimidated by such issues. We will continue mobilising and fighting to bring perpetrators of violence to book.”


  1. What does this mean? No wonder why 30 year old corpses are discovered fresh in Zimbabwe. God less Zimbabwe.

  2. is it not you who said you will field candidates when the likes of Tsvangison said the playing field is uneven. Transform Zimbabwe, wake up. You thought you are untouchable ne Zanu. Zanu chiororo. Enjoy it, you deserve it. They should bring more terror upon you. Pretenders.

  3. @tongesai, actualy its you who are being led by pretenders, since 1999 what tangibles did they do. murikutambiswa risina mweya hama yangu.
    open your eyes my dear.

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  5. Thank you TZ for standing for the people. We are tired and you may be the new hope for the nation. Keep going, you are our hope

  6. Is this the party led by one Ngarivhume. I listened to him speak at a meeting one day, I think he is really good…though he looks quiet young! Vakasamuuraya achaenda kure mufana uyu

  7. @Tongesai
    Shamwari nyika ino is bigger than Tsvangirai and Mugabe. We can do without them, allow new blood to come through and we recycle the politicians, otherwise they stink!

  8. The future is in the hands with those with courage and vision. I once heard Ngarivhume speaking for sure he is the future of Zimbabwe. @Tongesai you are such cowards who also follow a coward in 2008 MDC won elections was the playing field even, people of Zim won the liberation struggle was the ground level. Get into the ring and win whilst the ring is not even thats what winners do. Wake up my dear.
    Come 2018 i will vote for TZ

  9. Yes thats the party led by Jacob Ngarivhume. Thats what i’ve been advocating. Zimbabwe needs a new political dispensation and vanhu vanotya Mwari. Not these recycled nondescripts who have clearly failed us in all the time that we have claimed to be an independent nation. Go TZ go.

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