Zanu PF panics as PF makes inroads

ZANU PF officials in Manicaland and Mashonaland East provinces are reportedly quaking in their boots following reports that former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s People First (PF) movement has made significant inroads in the provinces.


The ruling party’s Manicaland acting provincial youth chairman, Mubuso Chinguno last Wednesday told fellow party members to be on high alert as PF foot soldiers were targeting Zanu PF structures and sitting MPs.

“Almost three weeks ago at Didymus Mutasa’s farm, almost 150 members from Manicaland were invited to a People First meeting, the meeting was attended by Rugare Gumbo and Dzikamai Mavhaire was the master of ceremony,’’ Chinguno said.

“James Kahuni from the province, who was also purged from Zanu PF, is one of the leading figures in the province for People First. It is those who were purged who are in the structures. While some are still within the Zanu PF structures, they are eager to destabilise the party from within and join Mujuru’s party later.’’

Chinguno claimed Chimanimani West MP, Munacho Mutezo (Zanu PF) was the point person for Mujuru’s party in the province.

“In Chimanimani West, they are distributing pamphlets. Those who were purged are working with councillors they used to work with in the party. They are being given money to campaign in their districts and they are being told that the party [PF] will be launched next year,” he said.

“I know what is happening, they are campaigning in bars, at funerals, and everywhere and as youths we are the vanguard of the party. I am urging the politburo to look at those who have double standards like Mutezo.’’

Mutezo was last year slapped with a three-year suspension from Zanu PF over his alleged links to the Mujuru camp.

“Mutezo should stand as People First, not what he is doing, he has been canvassing for support in Chimanimani West constituency for the past three days (this week), it’s my opinion, they are no longer doing their job,’’ Chinguno said.

“I am urging youths in the party to be on the watch in our districts and we should be alert. Let’s pass this message to our brothers, mothers, sisters and fathers and all other party members, that we should be on the alert.’’

Contacted for comment, Mutezo said: “Who said that and when did you last hear me comment over such issues? Okay, I do not have any comment.”

Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial leaders also issued similar warnings last week, urging party members to be vigilant and guard against infiltration.

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  1. Why did mai Mujuru not attend the meeting?

  2. “I am urging youths in the party to be on the watch in our districts and we should be alert……..” – what does this mean? In a democratic society, is it an issue if a party goes on mobilization drive? Why should that be met with violence which is the clear intention of the quoted statement? Thugs, thugs, thugs and fools, fools, fools – ZANU PF.

  3. Tauea zvako iwe @Jambanja. Munhu haarambidzwe kuita zvaanoda.

  4. Bob looks at this and laughs. Mai Mujuru may have all zanu pf mps defecting to her and the old man does not care as long as they do not cause parliament to collapse. These people actually do not have any supporters behind them. Fact is zanu pf has lost all elections since 2000 and bob through the rigging machinery has allocated supporters to each mp. He will simply allocate supporters to even donkeys if they are the only “beings” left to stand for zanu pf. This is what all forces fighting to remove zanu pf should deal with ans stop raising peoples hopes for 2018. Political analysts are misleading people into thinking a grand coalition will remove bob. He will only leave when he wants to go. notice how he is rigging processes in his own party. Hitherto feared people like ngwena are being hung out to dry in the open without even a word.

  5. Another dose of NEWSDAY fantasy.

  6. Phillip Kucherera

    Is she really infiltrating or what? Last time I remember zanu pf imploding on its own. Infiltrating a decaying party seems funny to me

  7. This youth is drunk, youth are not vanguards of the party, the vanguard of zanupf is Grace and her husband.

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