‘Zanu PF MP raises hell over mine’

Dexter Nduna

CHEGUTU West MP Dexter Nduna (Zanu PF) has been accused of mobilising illegal gold miners to invade Pickstone Peerless Gold Mine, disrupting its operations and repealing police officers deployed to restore order at the mine.


The mine owners, Breckrigdge Investments (Pvt) Ltd, have filed a court application seeking an order barring Nduna from entering the mine or inciting people to sabotage and illegally carry out mining activities at the mine.

Filed under case number BO04/16, Breckridge Investments (Pvt) Ltd alleged Nduna, whose address of service is Zanu PF offices, Chegutu, held a rally with illegal gold miners on May 14 last year and incited them to invade the mine.

“On May 14, Nduna organised and convened a rally at the mine, wherein he incited artisanal miners to disrupt operations of the applicant by barricading roads to stop machinery and motor vehicles from accessing areas within the mine, where the illegal miners were conducting illegal mining,” the court papers read.

Dexter Nduna Chegutu West MP

The Zanu PF legislator is alleged to have told the illegal miners during another meeting to disregard police orders and fight back if ordered to vacate the mine.

“On November 20, 2015, Nduna organised another meeting at the mine, particularly at PEO3 pit. At the meeting, he again addressed illegal miners and informed them to continue mining as no one could stop them,” the application further reads.

“He further allegedly advised the illegal miners to resist eviction with whatever means necessary.”

Breckridge Investments (Pvt) Ltd said due to Nduna’s actions, they have now cut down on operations and employees at the mine, especially security personel, who are living in constant fear of being attacked.

The company, through its lawyer Caroline Mugabe, further submitted that due to the illegal and unstructured mining activities, three people had already lost their lives in mine accidents.

“So far, three deaths have been recorded at the mine. Despite the clear risk of injury and death the artisanal miners face, they remain adamant due to the confidence instilled by Nduna,” the application reads.

The mine claimed that it had video and pictorial evidence of Nduna’s actions and could place them before the courts if the need arises. Nduna is yet to file a response to the application.


  1. Sad, if this story is true,then this honourable legislator is destroying his political career at its infancy.This does indicate that for him to enter politics he was simply motivated by selfish personal considerations.How can a legislator incite people to disrupt formal mining operations,operations that can guarantee the national coffers of revenue.Sad,the country is getting nowhere with this type of political behaviour.

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  3. Sad indeed how our so called leaders are undeveloping our local communities in the name of indigenisation. Coincidentaly by virtue of the fact that I personally grew up in Chegutu I am deeply puzzled by Dexter’s behaviour both as an MP and as a “citizen” of Chegutu. He is busy chasing away investors for his personal political mileage and to cover up for his misdeeds & allegiance to the so called Mujuru faction- by the way he was Mujuru’s appendage and Shamu’s blue-eyed boy. Nduna, may you please stop the madness , instead bring more investors not this thievery distructive escapade.

  4. The owners of Breckridge Investments should sue that stupid Nduna for the loss of production if they have any records to show .If that happens and the courts take a position to say Nduna pays the loss that will end lawlessness in Mugabe s government because I can not imagine a member of parliament sabotaging what makes Zimbabwe he is a fool

  5. This is the same method that Amos Midzi used to deploy diamond panners in Chiyadzwa. They were later on removed violently and in the process ACR lost their claim. Mark my words this compnany will lose its claim to the mine and some Zanu-PF linked operation will take over.

  6. who are the owners of breckridge investment???
    who are the owners of ACR???
    then you’ll understand…its not about indigenization

  7. Who is surprised? They all do it, so many people have been victimised by the name of Zanupf, Grace or RGM and I wish one day these people will clean the act and remove things which make their names disgusting.

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