Zambia planning to import maize from South America: media

Zambia plans to import maize from South America as drought is expected to cut the 2015/2016 maize crop by a third, local media reported on Wednesday.


“The government is looking for possibilities of importing maize from South America as the entire region does not have enough maize stocks,” President Edgar Lungu is quoted as saying in the Zambia Daily Mail.

Zambia’s maize stocks would only last until June, Lungu told the newspaper. Lungu’s spokesman Amos Chanda was not immediately available to comment.

The southern African nation harvested 2.6 million tonnes of the staple in the 2014/2015 season and drought could slash this year’s output by 30 percent.

Millions of people in southern Africa face hunger because of a drought that has been exacerbated by an El Nino weather pattern.

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  1. So its true that the whole region is experiencing drought. There are a lot of people who thought that Zimbabwe’s situation is man-made and I have always asked why would we have shortages of maize if the very same people who made the country the breadbasket were farming. The answer to that lies in drought as a result of El Nino effect and also the fact that most farms switched to cash crops to earn more money. Tobacco is a case in point, where most farmers grow maize for their own consumption only and dedicate a bigger to the golden leaf. Its simple economics. I can hear someone saying but why now? Because the land reform presented farming to the majority as a business whereas before zvainzi ndezvavarungu. Indeed the land reform is a success. Thank you very much to the political party that brought that. Ndatenda

    1. Indeed some of the problems are not made! I thought you will add also that whilst our neighbors are mobilizing resources to import maize for its people, Zimbabwe is busy mobilizing resources for a birthday party!!!!!!

  2. yes true. i dont know why people think that way. its because of elnino. its affecting the whole world. some places have over flooding like califonia and kenya. it will go until maybe April this year. After that it might be normal or it may turn to la nina. the problem is that our Zimbabwe whether expects dont tell us such things.

  3. Thanx for notifying us, ko edu ma reserve akamirawo sei tosvikawo June here or march or October. Coz chembere dzatirikuchengetawo kumamisha hadzina chekubata even today.

  4. We were told last year in October 2015 that Zimbabwe was importing maize from Zambia and some people are still importing maize from Zambia to-date. Does this mean that Zambia has exported its strategic maize stocks? We thought strategic stocks are kept in case u have drought or other calamaties affecting maize crop outturn during the next farming season. This kind of planning on the part of Zambia is strange indeed. Zimbabwe should learn from this.

  5. This is an announcement made by a pragmatic government. When is the Zimbabwe government going say the same. We hear that they are still processing permits for private millers to import grain from SA or Zambia. Are they aware that the drought is regional? Do they w3ant to import from a country that is also importing, at what cost? I thought by now the Government of Zimbabwe would have started to make contacts with Brazil and other South American countries for grain imports. Instead they are bringing in farming equipment for Dr Grace to distribute at rallies. Is this a circus or what?

  6. Brazil’s GMO

    At least lets make contingent plans to import Brazil’s Maize never mind we all know its GMO and besides specifically grown for animals.

    Its better than dying from hunger.

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  9. The media should do their homework before publishing utter rubbish. South America only grow Yellow maize and Zambia only use white maize. Secondly the Yellow maize can be used in the feed industry of which Zambia only use 250’000MT of maize. Thirdly Zambia don’t accept GMO maize, South America is only GMO maize. Fourthly as it stands Zambia will be self sufficient for the next year.

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