Woman charges hubby for sex


A HARARE woman demands payment from her husband each time they have sexual intercourse because the latter did not pay lobola for her, the Civil Court has heard.


This matter came to light yesterday when Nyaradzo Bibi approached magistrate Marehwanazwo Gofa seeking a peace order against Catherine Marwozvi, whom she said is her husband’s girlfriend.

Bibi made the application after she failed to get maintenance from her ex-husband, who is now staying with Marwozvi.

Bibi claimed that Marwozvi had told her that the husband does not have money because she (Marwozvi) charges him for sexual intercourse since he had not yet paid bride price for her.

However, Bibi’s application for a peace order was rejected and instead the magistrate advised her to seek a protection order after establishing that Marwozvi is now the current wife and Bibi is an ex-wife.

“She is your ex-husband’s wife and not girlfriend, so you can only be protected under a protection order,” Gofa said.

The court further heard that Marwozvi was in the habit of influencing Bibi’s children to turn against her while promising to buy them bicycles and taking them to boarding school.

“She says I do not have a marriage certificate with my husband and also that I am a pauper and, therefore, I do not have rights,” Bibi said.


  1. What kind of marriages are these? How was the first marriage between Bibi and the husband in question terminated? If it was not terminated properly then the husband is guilty of bigamy. Anywhere since the magistrate has concluded that the husband is now married to Marwozi, then we take that is the position at law. My take however is on the feminists who bastardize the institution of marriage for their selfish reasons. If marriage and lobola was not all important, as they want us to believe why would Marwozi go to this extend. A girl who can legally consent to sex and fall pregnant should be married off not to wait until 18 years as CC and NGOs are suggesting. She should just seek consent from her parents, guardians or the minister. The girl’s virginity is of great importance first and foremost to her for having successfully avoided premarital sex and all the attendant problems with such engagement and secondly to her marriage which will be secured from the respect she will get from her future husband. To put laws which promote prostitution of the girl child, in my view, is the worst feminists can do. They are destroying the next generation of girls, confining them to being single mothers and creating one of the most destabilizing force in any society – kids who grow up without fathers. Totemless generation who are violent, spiteful, disrespectful and generally criminal (single mothers as a result of death of their husbands or abandonment by their husbands are excluded in this category because we know the ancestral lineage of the kids) and its all the fault of feminists.

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  3. When will Zimbabwean women ever learn sex hainyimwe munhu mumba. Musi waunoona asisakunetse watozviruza. Dai usina kumbogara naye asina kuroora.

  4. Ndiko kuparara kwaita nyika ko ungati here mukadzi wangu kumunhu anoti muchingopedza kuita mutambo wekuwanana zvonzi ndibhadhare. Zvasiyana papi neanomira munzira achitengesa zvake asina kupfeka pernty kuti zvigomuitira nyore pakukhurura

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