We need both prayers and good governance

Statements by MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu and MDC’s Kurauone Chihwayi’s that the rainmaking prayer sessions organised by government were inconsequential because the ruling Zanu PF party had not repented from its sinful ways made interesting reading.

While every Zimbabwean would concur with their reasoning in that the Zanu PF government is solely responsible for much of the myriad of problems besetting the country, it is appreciated that they have decided to look to the heavens for salvation.

Whether the drought is a result of President Robert Mugabe and the Zanu PF’s sinful ways is neither here nor there, the reality could the changing climatic conditions affecting the world. It is real! Perhaps Zanu PF’s unfortunate position is compounded by its failure to prepare enough to save the people while bickering over who should get what in the ruling party’s power matrix — itself an indictment of the country’s leaders.

Indeed, there is also much that still needs to be done on the ground especially human rights abuses by Mugabe’s party, for instance the disappearance of journalist-cum activist Itai Dzamara. There is no doubt that from that standpoint any Zimbabwean can be the regime’s victim and we have seen a recurrence of that tradition by Zanu PF of threatening journalists and many others that continue to call them to observe human rights.


Understandably, we had rains yesterday in some parts of the country, which does not exonerate the Zanu PF leadership. Yet this only shows God’s mercy over the rest of the population that could bear the brunt of starvation should the drought persist.

We agree with the MDCs that this country is in desperate need of political and economic turnaround and sincerely hope that those in government who have realised the need to bring God onto the picture will take their campaign to every sector and in their hearts too where great conviction is desperately needed.

Thousands of people are facing starvation in this country and due to the likely massive food shortages caused by both erratic rains this year and Zanu PF misgovervance over years, any efforts to seek divine intervention are welcome.

There is always a beginning and perhaps this may be it, even if Zanu PF has not in the past considered a divine hand in the various economic blueprints that it has crafted over the years. This may as well be their turning point. God is not necessarily moved by crowds, but even the sincere, heartfelt prayer of one man can bring a change. However, this should not be an excuse for Zanu PF.

The challenging times in the country call for everybody to bury their political orientations and work together for the common good of Zimbabwe.

Although the MDCs have chosen to describe Zanu PF as “essentially Satanic” and “Luciferan”, there is also need to appreciate that while Zanu PF has exhibited such tendencies, this is not about Zanu PF, although they may be the ones who called for the prayer. This is about every Zimbabwean.

If Zanu PF really believes that prayer can change everything, why do its top officials act as if God were a man? And that He does not see nor hear? Is it not the time for Mugabe to take leave and live in comfort in his retirement for the remainder of his life to save both the country and preserve his little legacy left?

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  1. You know what I don’t get, the idea that people in this modern age support that their problems can be solved by prayer when the people who command them to pray send that command as a message from a foreign country? You fail to question why they are not joining those prayers themselves? Leaders are meant to lead by example or at least try. Look I don’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings but sometimes being a die hard should not translate to being abused. Some people were abused and now are sleeping in the open, lucky for them there are no rains, when will the defenders of incompetence say enough is enough and see reason? Prayer will always and has always been there, everyone at one point prays but not for man-made calamities. You cannot pray to wake up tomorrow in a nice house or find a good road, you got to build one. If your leaders fail you, you got to change them and perhaps pray that they accept your decisions to get rid of them instead of them making you disappear.

  2. Mukoma we hear you, asika where Gutu and and company seem to be coming from is that Zanu as a Party must not be hypocritical to seek gods intervention on selected issues when they are perpetrating sins day in and day out on gods children.God is not an inanimate being to listen to a prayer by sinner who continues to sin in other areas.god does not forgive not only people who sin deliberately but also people who seek him as to launder their image in public which is what Zanu Pf is doing.

    Surely and in all honest must we now be panicking that there is a drought now when the government was made aware of that at the beginning of the season.Is this not a clear case of a governments clear case of failure to prioritize the interests of the people it is ruling.I dont think this is a case of just lack of strategic foresight but just simple case of people so engrossed with looting and pillaging the economy that they no longer care about the people.Its unbelievable that the so called government of the people plays around with the lives of the people like that.If you look at the Budget no provision was made for procurement of maize which then was very cheap from Zambia and other southern African countries.Now those countries are also facing drought which means we will have to import from Europe which is a lot more expensive.
    if u look at this years budget surely you see clear and unmitigated lack of interest in the issue affecting the poor.surely an allocation on government vehicles could have been slashed to raise money for maize imports.This goes along with other unnecessary spending s, like spending on accommodating officials in hotels, including, ironically the VP who is calling for these prayers.
    Again there is no long terms plans of mitigating and ameliorating the consequences of drought in Zimbabwe.A lot of countries experience droughts a lot more often than us and we have never heard people in those countries dying of hunger.we need to see strategies on harvesting water like sinking more dams , boreholes, etc.

    Overally I feel the government is entirely to blame for this current state.You dont pray to avert droughts but you come up with ADAPTIVE strategies chete.

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