Warriors of shame

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THE Warriors’ bid for a flourishing finish in their otherwise disappointing African Nations Championship (Chan) football journey was blown away after they conceded an injury time goal to draw the final Group D game against Uganda.


With that result yesterday, Zimbabwe finished bottom of their pool with just one point from three matches, while Uganda ended with two as Mali joined Zambia in the quarter-finals from the group.


The Warriors, who are expected back in the country from Kigali this afternoon, went into the match already eliminated from the tournament, but a win was important for their pride.

Zimbabwe thought they had bagged maximum points after leading until the last of three added minutes only for Geofrey Serenkuma to pounce with a headed goal to cancel out William Manondo’s 48th minute strike. The Harare City forward was voted man of the match.

Coach Kalisto Pasuwa could not mask his disappointment with the result after the match.

“It was the same story for us. We missed many chances and at the end there was a lapse in concentration for us to concede that goal. I am so disappointed,” he said.

The Uganda equaliser broke the Zimbabweans’ hearts, as they would have at least finished third in the group, but the Warriors only have themselves to blame after missing a catalogue of chances in the second half.

Goalscorer Manondo, who got his first start in the tournament alongside Joel Ngodzo, Raphael Manuvire and Bruce Kangwa, was guilty of squandering good opportunities, which if taken, would have given Pasuwa’s men a comfortable win and at least something to show for their efforts here.

Zimbabwe’s performance was not particularly assured, but they still fashioned a hatful of opportunities and could have won the match by a wide margin.

Uganda’s goal undid an otherwise brilliant performance by Warriors goalkeeper Tatenda Mukuruva, who denied The Cranes with good goalkeeping in both halves.

Had it not been of Mukuruva’s brilliance, Uganda would have created daylight between themselves and Zimbabwe in the first half.

Manuvire and attacker Edmore Chirambadare were both lethargic, while Rodreck Mutuma might have produced the miss of the tournament when he shot wide from the six-yard box, with the goalkeeper at his mercy just before the half-time whistle.

The Warriors failed to produce a single shot on target in the first half with Ngodzo, playing in the midfield always intent on playing the ball back to the defenders.

Uganda crosses often caused pandemonium in the Zimbabwe penalty area forcing desperate and untidy scrambles.

In the first half Mukuruva denied Faruku Miya and Isaac Muleme while other Uganda attackers had their shots going wide.

After the break, Zimbabwe came back a different side, Ngodzo was more positive, while Chirambadare was also more effective.

They soon took the lead when Manondo stole possession in the opposition final third, outpaced his marker and blasted the ball past goalkeeper Alitho James.

From that point on, more chances came Zimbabwe’s way and most of them fell to the Harare City man, but he failed to reproduce the same precision.

On the other hand, Mukuruva kept on frustrating the Ugandans, who were giving it everything.

His performance was the only thing that Pasuwa could draw pleasure from and it looks like he might have won himself the number one shirt for the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

“I am pleased with Mukuruva’s performance today, he has done well for the national team in the past and we will be using him in the upcoming matches.”

The forwards once again let the team down particularly in the second half where Chirambadare could have helped himself with a goal and Manondo a couple more.

Substitute Moses Demera, who was also disappointing, set up Chirambadare, but the Chicken Inn striker produced a tame shot, which the keeper gathered comfortably after 57 minutes.

Manondo stabbed his effort wide at the end of a Ronald Chitiyo free kick, before he was denied by brilliant goalkeeping late on.

Just before Uganda’s equaliser, Zimbabwe could have scored a second, but failed to make use of a three-against-two situation on the break, to surrender possession and were ruthlesssly punished. Manondo the guilty part.


Zimbabwe: Tatenda Mukuruva, Hardlife Zvirekwi, Lawrence Mhlanga, Stephen Makatuka, Bruce Kangwa, Joel Ngodzo, Nqobizitha Masuku, Raphael Manuvire (Farai Madhanaga, 68’), William Manondo, Edmore Chirambadare (Ronald Chitiyo, 60’), Rodreck Mutuma (Moses Demera, 56′).

Uganda: Alitho James, Nsubugu Joseph, Juuko Kassaga (Ceaser Okhuti, 60’), Bernard Muwanga, Kizito Keziron, Ochaya Joseph, Faruku Miya, Erisa Sekisambu (Lubega Edrisa, 79’), Ntege Ivan Isaac Muleme (Serunkuma Geofrey, 70’), Awany Dennis

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    Problem is the coach. He has done it with De-Mbare, only going to CAF to disappoint the nation. He should just resign instead of waiting to be fired. He is not a good coach. How dare you leave good strikers like Tarumbwa and Chinyama. You knew of the physical approach by Malie, and decided to leave Stephen Alimenda who is a mid field hard man. You play Chitiyo in a game with Mali that was physically demanding. You would throw lone striker (Mutuma) when the nation needed goals. You could not learn from Gorowa’s approach.

    1. well said mazhara…….we rily nided exp striker tarumbwa and chinyama who cld handle e game……..

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      ➧➧➧➧➧➧➧➧ w­­­w­­­w­­­.­­­o­­­n­­­l­­­i­­­n­­­e­­­c­­­a­­­s­­­h­­­9­­­.­­­c­­­o­­­m

  2. Mr Pasuwa has failed the nation, inexperienced young players costed us! They failed to practice talking about bonuses and cars! The car money could have been utilised on friendly matches to ensure we had better practice! Ha Zim soccer so, Gorowa was far better!

  3. stop sensationalising things. Zimbabwe yakambogona bhora rini? This sensationalisation ndiyo inozoita kuti some fools (who buy your bullshit) vazoda kupisa dzimba dzemaparents emaplayers as in the Mugeyi situation. Zimbabwe is not a good sporting country, has no resources, is poor financially and in terms of talent. Just accept that and move on….and stop trying to whip useless emotions over soccer aoa vanhu vachiputsigwa dzimba.

    1. Jenandebvu Mukotami

      Ha ha Taura hako Fani Madida, Zimbabwe has never been a soccer powerhouse and were only riding on the weakness of opponents in the last tourney!

  4. Hatigoni bhora, Pasuwa ndiye adii?
    siyanai naye

  5. Pasuwa is not to blame. The Warriors are SERIOUSLY OVERATED!

  6. Pasuwa haana mhosva panoita vamwe mafriendly match itaiwo kuvaka combination >>>

  7. Shungu tinadzo asi ma sports chaiyo hatigoni. No single player in the major European leagues is a good indicator of the quality of players we have. We gave struggled desparately in CAF CL and the economy has made it even worse. Yes, we are disappointed but when you consider the material we have, the boys tried. You always felt a goal was coming and Mukuruva would shut them out. I dont think they were completely dominated in any of the matches which i think was a good indicator.

  8. Rwandagate Auditor

    Pasuwa and e whole technical team are to blame. How cld ma normal and reasonable team leave out seasoned and experienced players like Chinyama, Tarumbwa, Matawu etc to stabilise the nerves of these crippled Chitiyos and Mutuma. Learn from Zambia and even from Mali yacho. Kwanzi toisa Zvirekwi bcz he once participated at e same level 2014, it doesnt work dat way. I rue the injuries of Deco and Mtizwa and Chipunza. Something needs to be investigated bcz how cld pasuwa seats Joel and Kangwa in all those 2 matches?? nxaaaa

  9. haiwawo madesktop coaches,ndedzipi dzmaka coacher dzakabudirira.tinyararirei apo.should be fired should be fired,should resign kuita sei kwacho.

    1. what Troy replied I’m blown away that a person able to earn $6908 in 4 weeks on the internet .

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