Violence mars AFM services as congregants block pastors transfer

VIOLENCE rocked three Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) assemblies in Harare yesterday, as congregants turned riotous and blocked the “forced” transfer of their pastors.


The affected churches were Southlea Park Central, El Shaddai in Zengeza and Budiriro North Assembly.

In Southlea Park, the fracas started when AFM Harare provincial secretary, Caesar Magwentshu announced the transfer of the local pastor, Johannes Nehanda.

This did not go down well with church members who immediately stormed the pulpit, describing the transfer as victimisation.

“I have come to tell you that it is the decision of the provincial board to relocate our wonderful Pastor Nehanda and his wife from this church,” Magwentshu announced.

Rowdy church members shouted obscenities at Magwentshu and provincial chairman, Amon Nyika Chinyemba, accusing them of destroying the church for “selfish gains”.

One of Nehanda’s sympathisers, identified as Eshwet Mawari, grabbed the microphone from Magwentshu, accusing the provincial leadership of fanning hatred in the church.

“We know you are fighting our pastor because he is a threat to the position of Chinyemba and your looting of church funds. Until and unless we as church members fire Nehanda, he is not going anywhere,” he said.

Magwentshu refused to take questions from the angry congregation, saying: “I have just been sent to deliver a message and, as such, I don’t have answers to your questions. The overseer, who is away on business, will come and answer.”

In Budiriro, AFM members rejected their new pastor, only identified as Machokoto.

AFM members at El Shaddai in Zengeza, Chitungwiza, also abandoned their Sunday church service yesterday after some youths allegedly disrupted a sermon addressed by guest preacher, Kefias Mujokeri.

This follows the expulsion of the resident pastor, Paymore Murefu, and closure of the assembly by AFM’s Chitungwiza East provincial chairman, Collen Dandure on New Year’s Eve.

But Murefu’s followers remain defiant and turned up for a service yesterday only to be confronted by youths believed to have been hired by Dandure.
Murefu and Mujokeri were fired from the church after demanding an audit of AFM financial books from 2003.

The two clergymen also accused AFM president, Asper Madziyire of corruption and violating the church’s constitution.

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  1. What is all this noise in the church?

  2. may government assist this church as many pastors seems to face victimization daily .

  3. Please iwe Chinyemba why are you doing this. Pastor Nehanda chaakanyatsokutadzira chii. Please iwe ita sa senior pastor manhi. We are aware busy looting. Isusu tavekuda seriousness in the church. For your information kudenga kuna mwari. If you are honest to yourself please leave this man alone.

    Imimiwo ana Madziyire makuvictimiser murefu just because ati ngatiitei audit. So its true murimbavha iwewe na Amon Madawo. Zvino gore rino tochapedzerana. This is just the start of the game ende hamuwhine.

  4. It shall be well with you brethren. We ask you to do everything with the love of GOD. All the best.

  5. Ko AFM waita seiko. ko chiiko ichi


  7. That is the problem when we peddle the Gospel of Jesus Christ, confusion reigns. people are now worshipping mammon. I liked that prophet who said no to tithes these have become source of peddling the Gospel.

  8. you see now, people thought AFM waterfalls congregants were just making noise. now look, these overseers and president are just after their own interests and are no longer concerned about winning souls. why dont you want audits, you are stealing church money in Jesus’ name. chinyemba and madziyire God is not a person that you should play with him. you shall reap what you have sown.

  9. By their fruits you shall know them….

  10. why do Christians resort to violence and confusion as means of resolving conflicts?.I thought prayer was their greatest weapon

  11. The church is exercising its authority by transferring these pastors. i am sure it is clear in their terms of service that transfers can be effected . It is very wrongful of any church congregants to block transfers of pastors because if they loved him for good works, the same should apply to the coming pastor. let him be transferred so that he other churches gets to benefit from him as well. If he is being victimsed, let God be the judge not us humans. Lets not do things that brings names of our churches into disrepute. Audits as a matter of principles must be done at regular intervals , they are not done to victimise certain targets and if thuis the case then the authorities must revisit the principles and regulations regarding church audits. it must be an annual thing or biannual depending on how money flows in the church organization.

  12. then i begin to wonder if salvation really exists from the head and followers.

    Church should be a place of divine order

  13. Satan Havana kuti uriPastor kana President ukasaswaga mwari nemwoyo inoita izvozvi.AfM henge akanaka iyi ,Satan aioneswa nhamo mhani Nana Pastor shumba mbiri, Pastor chiweshe, va mutemererwa va Gunda vamashumba ,vamgaya kwete magaya wemagic ba nevamwe vaiziva kususukidza vanhu kunamusiki.Mange ava ndevemari .ndivovakanzi muchavaona nezvibereko zvavo,tazviona church imwechete yakuita mapoka mapoka .

  14. Violence is necessary at any one time where we see people taking others for granted. Kudos to AFM members the war against suspect leadership continues.


    PASTORS MUST NOT STAY FOR A LONG AT ONE ASSEMBLY. The longer they stay at a given assembly, the more the problems are created. Why do pple fight for a Pastor??? The reason is that this Pastor anoita cover up hunhu hwavo husiri right. There must be a clear answer to issue of transfer of Pastors in our AFM Constitution. Zvavekuita seBusiness rekutsvaga mari manje….MAY GOD HELP MY BELOVED AFM

  16. wat does the constitution of AFM say wen it kumz to transfer of pastors?? church yedu iyi hameno kwatananga shuwa. we ask for wisdom and guidence from Him hwom we worship….

  17. ndozvatakabvira

    ndozvatakatiza izvi 2010 navaMakandiwa

  18. in accordance to he AFM Constitution, transfers are normal, there is nothing wrong with that.though i know Machokoto is a blessed Pastor he must exercise his right to be transfered, so that he must share the word of God with others in Budiriro. Regai kuti wisira pasi please.

  19. @Matunga. I dont see how audits can be made to victimise anyone unless there was some monkey business going on. How can a church fail to have an audit since 2003. I urge the powers that be at AFM to return to the basics of the gospel.

    1. Guys come what may, we will fight this AFM corrupt leadership within AFM we are not going to break away come what may. Pastor Nehanda, Murefu etc we are fully behind you.

  20. The doctrine of AFM is built on these four pillars
    1. Jesus Saves
    2. Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit
    3. Jesus Heals
    4. Jesus is coming back
    therefore I believe that any agenda outside this is just something else. AFM in Zimbabwe for Jesus
    AFM get to your knees and pray God is ready for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I wonder why church leaders would want to behave like politicians in trying to muzzle out the voice of reason. After all your coffers are full of money from these hungry souls’ tithing. AFM leadership can do a better job to manage this situation, surely.

  22. Problem 1 is the half backed doctrines in some churches. The power of prophesy is the opium of confusion. Zim kindly move by Faith. Some profits pastors gave 13 ten prophesy based on scientific finding KKKKk. Christian in Zim God bless you, my prayer to God to help Zimbabweans.

    I cant pray for the shameful so called pastors to receive their rewards. Zvirikufumuka. keep on praying

  23. Prophet Makandiwa was promoted this way. Pastors dont worry, God has a bigger plan bigger than the pastors there and all the other noise makers. Pamberi ne shoko, this train cant be stopped, you cant police the church of God!!

    1. my girlfriend got an awesome green Chevrolet Corvette Convertible just by working online.


  24. Matthew 24:15-16 “So when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.”

  25. AFM yese kubva kuna president wacho kwamagaya kudeliverance.

  26. AFM Waterfalls, AFM Zengeza East, Southlea Park assemblies problems are very much related. We can easily link up a group of people behind this chaos. The line could easily run from national downwards. It’s all bitterness. BUT God will fight for his church. To all the AFM assemblies know that church haisi yemunhu kana mhuri imwe. Stand united and God will see us through.

  27. But for those of us in the know, the real problem is T I Murefu. The ambitious Pastor was defeated in last year elections and could not stomach defeat. Its like end of road fo Murefu T I and his brothers. Paymore Murefu is just a Pawn, his brother is pulling the strings AFM needs deliverence from T I Murefu and his ego period.

  28. Tirikuzviona Hedu

    These are indeed the last days. I was born and bred in AFM.I have worked and served our President wa Madzyire. People like the so called Nyasha its either you are naive, new to AFM, brainwashed or braindead. If you cant see clear facts infront of you of how this wonderful ministry is failing then i guess you are not only blind but deaf to the tears and cries of the saints. A president for 12 years no progress. Look around you. This is not a family business my dear friend. our so called corrupt leader Dr Aspher Madzyire cant keep his words e.g in the last election i remember his words….if you are a true AFM member I need not remind you. How can we trust a man who forgets his own words or cant live by them? Makes you wonder whether he earned Doctorate through school or he bought it like is the trend. What are you afraid of? Unless you are part of the looters and your pay is being affected by Paymore Murefus plea of Auditors coming to do their job. Remember the GUILTY are afraid. I want the truth to come out so we can save the church and its people can heal.

  29. Mbava i mbava…ngadzibatwe. i agree with Tirikuzviona’s comments. I was at the 100 year celebration and i was appalled. Is that the best upon all the funds available to the church. Next time they should consult with others.
    Personally im sick and tired of going to Rufaro year after year to an incomplete structure. Asi chi nhai? Can you calculate how much has been collected pa appreciation. Had Madzyire not been greedy, our building would have been complete.

  30. 1 Samuel 24
    6 He said to his men, “The Lord forbid that I should do such a thing to my master, the Lord’s anointed, or lay my hand on him; for he is the anointed of the Lord.” 7 With these words David sharply rebuked his men and did not allow them to attack Saul. And Saul left the cave and went his way.

    I wish all could understand. I don’t know who is right or who is wrong. But touch ye NOT the anointed!!!.
    God is not a fool. lets not plan for the Lord. We cannot fight for our God but he is the one who fights for us.
    Why cant we wait for the Lord?

  31. after reading all these….I just wonder…..Will Jesus find faith when He returns?

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