VIDEO: Demolition of Airport Road houses


WATCH VIDEO of the demolition of at least 15 houses built along Airport Road.


  1. I think they must play these videos especially when we are towards elections so that people will know where to put their votes . This cruel government must fall .

  2. The question people ask is where was Harare City Council when building where building. To answer this qn, one has to understand the dynamics, politics and contests behind. I dissect this in an article to be published this week. Keep watching.

    • Guys you don’t know what happens hear ask Shadreck he knows what they do as the dupe people to part with their money then they leave them at the ,mercy of authorities. City of Harare asks you to verify with them but many are hoodwinked by people who come with fake papers saying they are from City of Harare when they are not. Because these people are politically connected City of Harare waits for those politicians to say we are now drunk with cash destroy!

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  4. Haa ndarwadziwa zvangu. Gwara regutsaruzhinji. House for all by the year 2020. Inorwadza nyika yedu. Thanks Shepherd for showing us kuti murombo haarove chine nguwo chokwadi.

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  6. Destruction of houses like this is cruel, plain cruel. Those who sold the stand are likely well connected to City Council and Zanu-PF. Dai Mwari vatibvisira hutongi hwekudzvanyirirwa neVatema-biyedu.

  7. What our gvt is good at is lie on the people. Mugabe used to be a good person but when he continued the reign of presidency at an old and raveged age he is now a failure. Kasukuwere another shit in the making building a $4 million us dollar mansion and good at destroying $2000 dollar house from the people he is robbing to built houses mboko yemunhu. manje this time continue your actions and I tell you the truth God is not blind to see all you are doing sooner and very sooner you are going to receivge the punishment of what you are doing while you are hiding behind Harare city council fingers. tikukuonai zvedu

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