Unicef seeks to raise $12m for child nutritional support


A UNITED Nations agency, Unicef, is seeking to raise $12 million to provide nutritional support for children in the country’s drought-stricken provinces.

Several provinces such as Manicaland, Matabeleland South and North, and Masvingo are facing acute food shortages amid reports some children have dropped out of school due to hunger and poverty.


In a statement yesterday, Unicef said the money would focus on health and nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene programmes, child protection and education sectors.

“Humanitarian Action for Children 2016 appeal for Zimbabwe aims to raise $12 million which will go towards children in drought-affected areas,” Unicef said.

The humanitarian agency said it would provide treatment for 20 400 children aged between six and 59 months affected by acute malnutrition; provide micronutrient supplementation to 105 000 children under five years, and support 25 000 children suffering from diarrhoearal diseases with life-saving curative interventions.

For the water, sanitation and hygiene programme, the target will be on 130 000 people affected by emergencies with access to safe water and 161 000 people affected by drought with critical information to prevent child illnesses, especially diarrhoea.

For child protection, Unicef aims to help 10 000 vulnerable boys, girls and adolescents and social protection mechanisms through social cash transfers to 73 000 vulnerable families, while 25 000 will be helped in terms of education.

“Funds raised by Unicef for Zimbabwe will also continue to support government-led co-ordination structures at national and sub-national level in preparedness for and response to drought.”

Last year, Unicef’s humanitarian response delivered critical life-saving support to millions of children in the country in many areas such as vaccination, malnutrition, vital psychological support and basic education.


  1. Thanks to unicef for trying to get resources to feed the hungry children in schools vana vayuwira nenzara muzvikoro.

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