Teacher assaults fellow teacher over bright pupils


A DAVID Livingstone Primary School teacher reportedly assaulted a fellow teacher in full view of the headmaster and pupils after she was reprimanded for poaching brighter pupils from other classes.

By Everson Mushava

The Grade Five teacher allegedly went berserk, accusing her colleagues of offloading dull students to her class.

Although the teacher (name withheld) yesterday said the two had fought, witnesses said she assaulted the fellow teacher, dragging her by the hair, knocking her against the wall and shoving her to the lawn outside her classroom, while the headmaster and pupils watched helplessly.

“I am at the police station now. We fought,” the teacher said when asked for comment.

The headmaster, Milton Ndlela, yesterday said he was not allowed to speak to the media.

But according to sources, the problem started when 19 parents withdrew their pupils from the assailant Grade Five teacher’s class, claiming her behaviour was not good for their children.

“She had a class of 53 when the schools open, but parents who know her untoward behaviour withdrew their children from her class. About 19 were withdrawn from her class,” a source at the school said.

The headmaster then decided to dissolve the class and establish another one for her. Hunyenye then started terrorising other grade 5 teachers accusing them of releasing dull pupils for her.”

Yesterday (Monday), the source said, Hunyenye in the company of the headmaster visited the victim’s class. The victim released pupils for her but before made the same allegations before leaving the class, threatening to deal with the victim is the pupils were dull. The victim remarked that she was going too far, and that’s when all hell broke loose.

“Hunyenye started shouting at her (victim), calling her all sort of names including calling her a woe. When the victim asked her why she was saying that, she dragged her by the hair, kicking her in the stomach, knocking her against the wall and pulled her out of her classroom by her hair until it rooted out, leaving her to fall to the lawn,” the source said.

Hunyenye then rushed to make a police report claiming she had been involved in a fight but the victim, now in the company of her husband also arrived before she could do that.

She was then detained and later released at around 7pm.

Hunyenye is reported to have many cases reported at the police station by her fellow teachers. On January 13, another insult report was made at the police by another fellow teacher. In 2007, she was involved in a fist fight with a general hand at the school.

Some parents who talked to NewsDay on condition of anonymity for fear of victimising their children said their children have always been complaining about the conduct of Hunyenye.

“She sells food items to our children. If pupils do not buy from her, they are punished by not being allowed to go out for lunch to eat the food they will have brought from home. We have raised the issue with the headmaster and the ministry, but nothing has changed,” an irate parent said.


  1. Although the teacher (name withheld) …………….
    Hunyenye then started terrorising other grade 5 teachers accusing them of releasing dull pupils for her.”

    wotoshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba sei…asi hakuna editor here…wamboi name with held dzokono wotaurazve zita racho….

  2. Taura hako. I was also lost with withholding of the name. But the article in general is just badly written. It’s like they asked a kid at that school to do it for them. And no one at News Day putting it up on line in its current state. Tinyareiwo!

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