Songstress rises from debut heartbreak

A FORMER backing vocalist for Prince Musarurwa and PaChihera – whose hit song Ndirwo Rudo almost become a love anthem over the last two years – recently said she was now finalising her second album after her first solo effort failed to impress.


Shamiso Nduru is now finally set to release her second solo album soon after her earlier efforts had been crippled by financial constraints following the dismal failure of her debut, Kuchaya Mapoto.

Nduru told NewsDay she was expecting better prospects with the second nine-track offering produced by DJ Aliville of Ghetto Craft Entertainment in Bindura, because it was a fusion of Afro-pop and jazz.

“A lot of different people will like my music because I have a different kind of genre and everyone is looking for new music,” said the 22-year-old songstress.

Shamiso Nduru

“I will not change my sound, but due to maturity, as time goes on it will get better.”

She said every song on the album had its own unique message thus the album will appeal to people of different leanings and tastes.

The tracks include Sibongile, Kana Adhakwa, Toenda Tese, Siyana Neni, Padhuze, Zvauya Sei, Usandikanganwe, Chiroora and Reuben.

She said she was currently working on the videos for the album, which will be released next month.

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