Shut up, Zanu PF tells Mogae


THE Zanu PF youth league has come out guns blazing calling former Botswana President Festus Mogae to order in the wake of his comments on President Robert Mugabe early this week.


Mogae, who is Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko’s business partner in the Choppies Supermarket group currently spreading its tentacles in Zimbabwe, accused Mugabe and his Zanu PF administration of “thinking they are more important than his country”.

The ex-Botswana leader also took a pot shot at Mugabe’s well-known disdain for homosexuals, urging the Zimbabwean President to accept “second generation rights”.

But Zanu PF youth league leader Pupurai Togarepi said Mogae should concentrate on “gaps in Botswana politics and leave us alone”.

“Mogae was never at any stage President of Zimbabwe. We never as a people gave him a mandate to speak on our behalf. We do not need anybody, whatever their stature, to lecture us on how to handle our democracy,” an angry Togarepi said on Friday.

“Mugabe did not elect himself. Zanu PF sat down and agreed he would be our candidate in 2013 and we presented him to Zimbabweans and fortunately the majority of citizens agreed with our view. We were aware that he was old and Zimbabwe knew his age, but they elected him anyhow. For your own information, we dare anyone, including Mogae, because Mugabe will stand again in 2018”.

The Zanu PF politburo member for youth affairs said the ruling party and the league in particular were “fully behind Mugabe’s stance on homosexuality”.

“We will never, as a society or as a country, tolerate homosexuality. For that, we will not apologise. It is evil and ungodly. Homosexuality is an abominable act and a disgrace to the human race. Our culture and values will never tolerate such evil. It is unfortunate that we have leaders such as Mogae who when they arrive in America would want to appoint themselves continental spokespersons.”


  1. I heard that the first Zimbabwean president sodomised his aide. Isn’t that homosexuality? It was all over in state papers.

  2. whatever happened to him is another story, but the first president was still homosexual, and thats a fact. nevamwe maGay40 AZERE MUzanu. Musada kunyepera vanhu apa.

  3. The guilty are always afraid! Mogae did not specifically name President Mugabe so why are the youths responding? It was not a secret that Banana was bio-sexual so whats the big deal.? On elections it is a fact that Mugabe was not elected but rigged the elections in 2013 to stay in power. He is however failing to rig the economy hence Treasury is failing to pay civil servants monthly wages,pensions and annual bonuses. With him at the helm the Zimbabwe economy can only get worse!!

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