Shumba engages wife in new album

GOSPEL prodigy Blessing Shumba’s wife, Pauline will feature in his forthcoming eight-track album titled Calvary to which the latter contributed the lead vocals on two of the songs that make up the album.


The album, titled Calvary, will be Shumba’s fifth.

When Shumba started out in music, Pauline provided the backing vocals alongside gospel sensation Bethany Pasinawako-Ngolomi but after the latter’s departure to launch her own career, Pauline remained the sole backing vocalist.

Pauline led on the vocals for ZvaMwari Zvakesari and Ndinotenda while Shumba — now known as the Psalmist — did the backing.

blessing shumba

Shumba told NewsDay yesterday that the album that is set to be launched on March 8, in Mutare.

“It has always been my dream for my wife to have songs of her own on any album that I produce. She is a good singer and her voice is very distinct. Our mission is taking shape, the mission to spread the gospel to many souls. The other good thing is that the songs she did, she wrote herself,” Shumba said.

The Shumba family have joined other couples Charles and Olivia Charamba as well as Charles and Namatai Chipanga who worked as couples and enjoyed successful music careers.

Pauline said she will soon release her own album with the backing of her husband just like Olivia Charamba has done.

“There is time for everything, and this is how it has started. I have been a backing vocalist all along and the time is ripe for me to compose and sing some songs. I am in the process of recording my own album,” she said.

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