Residents picket Chimene’s offices over acting town clerk

Mandiitawepi Chimene

MANICALAND Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene yesterday said there was organised crime at Mutare City Council following the appointment of the housing director as the acting town clerk after the resignation of Obert Muzawazi.


Over 50 residents picketed Chimene’s offices to protest the appointment of Stenard Mapurisa, whom they believe was part of the council management implicated in a damning investigative report by the government for irregular dealings.

Chimene told residents she also had queries on the appointment before proceeding to her offices where she addressed journalists on alleged corruption syndicates at council.

She said Mutare mayor Tatenda Nhamarare, some managers and councillors had “dirty hands”.

Mapurisa was last year arrested and sent on forced leave for allegedly double-selling a stand.

Chimene said Nhamarare should not have accepted Muzawazi’s resignation before an investigation was conducted.

“The mayor is the boss in council and for him to take such a decision in just a few hours after the town clerk has resigned raises eyebrows,” she said.

“I asked him why he took that decision and he said they had no suitable candidates. I asked him why he did not consult the Local Government ministry over the matter. Yes, you rule at council, but you can’t do it alone, you also need to consult.’’

She added: “Just imagine you are top management and then you accept your worker resigning who you know has a case to answer. Would you let him go? You can’t leave him go just like that.’’


Mutare councillors held a special full council meeting on Wednesday where they accepted the resignation of Muzawazi and appointing Mapurisa as the acting town clerk.

Chimene named several council executives as corrupt to the core and pleaded with Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere to act.

“I am pleading with the Local Government minister to intervene before everything crumbles. Mapurisa should just go because his hands are dirty and he should be ashamed to accept the position,” she said.

City engineer Donald Nyatoti, who has not been implicated in any underhand dealings, reportedly refused the offer to become acting town clerk.


  1. Hamuchaoni ndoo kutongaka uku Comrade Chimene. tanga tave kutoshamisika kuti mbavha ikaisa resignation zvinenge zvapera otonodya hake mari yake. Ngaasungwe. Fraud dzavakaita, misappropriation of funds, racketeering, hazvigoni kupedzwa nekuisa resignation letter

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