‘Rags, condoms, foetuses common in Harare sewer systems’

RAGS, used condoms and foetuses are among the many objects being dumped into Harare’s sewer system and end up piling up at Crowborough Water Treatment Plant, NewsDay has established.


Harare City engineers told journalists recently during a familiarisation of the water treatment plant that floating condoms were a common sight within the sewer system.

Journalists could see the condoms floating in the waters while a pile of rubbish taken from the water showed that plastics and cloths were some of the many objects dumped into the system by residents.


“As you can see for yourself, there are lots of plastic material and rags,” Engineer Victor Musikavanhu said before his colleague jumped in to say others were dumbing foetuses.

Council spokesperson Michael Chideme urged residents not to throw solids and kitchen utensils into the system.

“It damages the infrastructure and increases costs on maintenance and purifying processes. It will make the job much easier for the local authority if they don’t dump things that they know are damaging,” Chideme said.

Crowborough Water Treatment Plant has the capacity to treat 54 megalitres a day. The treated water is used to irrigate council’s nearby livestock farms.

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  1. Please be specific that this is waste water/ sewage not drinking water

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